The Latest and Greatest in Veterinary Technology

In the last few decades, veterinary care has made leaps and bounds in technological advances. Human interaction and sound education will always be the basis for great care, but there’s no denying that recent technology has made our jobs a little easier while giving our patients the best chance of a positive outcome. From animal care to research to record-keeping, here are some of the newest technologies used by veterinary professionals today. The best vets have knowledge of new technologies, but also knowledge that can only come from years of experience in the field. This is why programs for aspiring veterinarians and vet techs cover such a wide range of information throughout the course of the program. To read about 3D printing, practice management software, microfracture detection and molecular genetics for veterinarians, see my blog at
Published: March 05, 2019
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deborah y strauss
Veterinary Medicine
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