Your Wait Time in the Emergency Room

ByDr. John Webb
Chief Operations Officer (COO) @ MHB
Emergency medicine is an essential part of our public health system. In a medical emergency, timely access to quality care can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. When a person decides to make a trip to the emergency room instead of making an appointment with their primary care physician or visiting an urgent care center, it is because they believe they need immediate medical attention. However, it has almost become an expectation in our country that if you visit an emergency room, you should be prepared for a lengthy stay in the waiting room, followed by a long wait for medical attention. Not all states are equal when it comes to the average time patients spend waiting for emergency medical attention. Colorado and Utah are both known for having short ER wait times, averaging just 13 minutes. On the opposite end of the spectrum, residents in Maryland will wait 53 minutes on average. However, these averages are not always representative of an individual patient’s experience. There are some situations where a patient will be seen immediately, and others where they will be forced to wait for hours. Healthcare professionals pride themselves on providing the best care for all the patients who trust them with their health and wellness. It’s understandable for a patient to be frustrated when they are forced to sit in an ER waiting room while they watch other patients being admitted ahead of them, but it’s also important that we understand why this is the case. Read my full blog here:
Published: October 07, 2019
Dr. John Webb
emergency medicine
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