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Apr 24th 2024

【2024 最新】馬來西亞工作簽證申請全攻略:前往大馬海外工作!

多 2 次 無法申請家屬准證並聘請傭人 四、馬來西亞工作簽證申請說明:專業人士通行准證 Professional Visit Pass(PVP) 專業人士通行准證 Professional Visit Pass(PVP)申請方法 專業人士通行准證(PVP)簽證效期 最長 1 年,不可續簽(飯店
Career Development
Mar 10th 2024

All About Work Permits in Malaysia: Types, How to Apply, & Renewal Process

be in a contract of employment with a maximum salary of just over $1000 USD (RM5000) per month and/or for a maximum of 2 years, although this can be extended yearly for up to 10 years. Professional Visit Pass (PVP) Purpose and Scope The Professional Visit Pass (PVP) acts as a temporary work permit Malaysia offers for professionals attending matters in Malaysia, such as business meetings, conferences, or short-term assignments like those for visiting lecturers, foreign media correspondents
Job Search Tips
Apr 24th 2024

【2024 最新】馬來西亞找工作懶人包:面試技巧、工作簽證、求職管道破解

簽 有薪資及學經歷要求 主要正職工作簽證,依照月薪等級分3個類別 專業人士通行准證 Professional Visit Pass(PVP) 最長 1 年,不可續簽 無薪資要求,有業種限制 適合短期工作或實習培訓 數位遊牧簽證 Digital Nomad Visa 最

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