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在半導體產業怎麼做招募? Recruitment Coordinator Ellen 的半導體人才招募心法 & 以人出發的職涯理念

半導體一直都是台灣重要的產業,近期無論是因為疫情或是國際局勢,這個產業受到關注的程度不言而喻。在本集的《科技職涯》中,很開心可以邀請到目前在全球知名半導體設備外商擔任 Recruitment Coordinator 的

前 TSMC 工程師如何在離職後邁向財富與心靈自由?在投資小宇宙發光的 Frank

台積電(TSMC,Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)在全球半導體產業中佔有一席之地,對於台灣自身的經濟與產業的影響力更是不容小覷。在肺炎疫情的影響下,生活幾乎不受影響的台灣使得 TSMC 在全球產業鏈中的重要性大
Career Development
Feb 21st 2024

How To Start Your Career In Taiwan As A Foreign Professional – 2024 Guide

order to work in Taiwan. From visas to job applications, working culture to interviews, we’re going to go through the top tips and advice for foreigners to work in Taiwan. Taiwan has strong and growing engineering, IT, healthcare and semiconductor industries, where many international companies have set up their own branches. Alongside this, Taiwan is heavily promoting and investing in startup companies, and has an exciting startup environment. Whether you are a junior or experienced professional, if you have

Unleash Your Career Potential at Google Taiwan: An Event Recap

is a strength. The team is committed to fostering equal opportunities for all. TAIPEI, 2023 — Taiwan, an island in the western Pacific Ocean, often leaves a lasting impression on those who have the opportunity to explore it. Renowned for the semiconductor industry's prowess and technological might, Taiwan's strategic location in the heart of Asia and its business-friendly regulatory environment make it an attractive hub for global enterprises tapping into the Asian market. With over 15 years of
Career Development
Oct 7th 2023

Making the Move: Factory Working in Taiwan

major sectors include: Chemical Industry Foreign factory workers in Taiwan’s chemical production industry can expect to work in factories producing a wide range of products, including plastics, chemicals, and specialty materials. Electronics and ICT Taiwan is renowned for its semiconductor manufacturing, with companies like TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) leading the global market. Factory workers in Taiwan often work within this field and work towards the production of consumer electronics, such as smartphones and laptops. Machinery Taiwan excels in
Career Development
Jun 23rd 2022

How to Work in Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide

high-tech sector Many foreigners work abroad in Taiwan because of the economic stability. Taiwan has a robust economy with a stable currency and steady growth in GDP. Taiwan is well-known for its technology sector. In fact, one Taiwanese semiconductor company makes the majority of the world’s computer chips. Many jobs in Taiwan are in science and technology. 💡 Good healthcare Expats are drawn to Taiwan job opportunities because their healthcare system is well-developed and easily accessible
Career Development
Sep 20th 2023

Study in Taiwan: Universities and Scholarships for International Students

with high standards for cleanliness and healthcare. Great opportunities in the Tech industry If you are a computer science , IT or engineering major, Taiwan has plenty of options for postgraduate roles. Taiwan is a world leader in technology, especially for semiconductors, microchips and electronic products, and tech professionals are constantly in demand. If you are studying one of these majors at a Taiwanese university, you will likely be able to find work after graduating. Offers many scholarships Taiwan offers many
Career Development
Oct 7th 2023

Taiwan Summer Programs for a Unique Study Abroad Experience

Career Opportunities If you want to spend your summer abroad in Taiwan working, you can consider English teaching for Taiwan’s summer camps or schools. Other opportunities might be available in industries related to your studies, such as in IT, semiconductors or AI. It’s important to note that foreigners on a student visa MUST gain a work permit, and foreigners on travel visas are NOT permitted to work during their stay in Taiwan. Companies in Taiwan must also abide
Job Search Channels
Aug 22nd 2022

A Guide to Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners

Created by CakeResume In this article, we’ll cover: Types of Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners Where to Look for Work in Taiwan Tips for Finding a Job in Taiwan Taiwan is a popular destination for expats for many reasons. Nearly a million foreigners work in Taiwan, and the country is rated high in expat satisfaction across different polls. Taiwan is a beautiful island known for its stunning scenery and friendly locals. The country also has some assets that appeal
Career Development
Jan 30th 2024

Average Salaries in Taiwan: From Entry-Level to Expert

Average Salaries in Taiwan Taiwan is enjoying a steadily growing economy, and the small island nation is perpetually voted one of the best countries for expats. It’s an excellent place to live and work for nationals and foreigners, owing to factors like safety, infrastructure, low cost of living, climate, and progressive politics. The flourishing Taiwanese market is creating jobs, and the average salary in Taiwan is enough to attract local and foreign professionals alike. In this article, we'll

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