A Guide to Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners

Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners
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Taiwan is a popular destination for expats for many reasons. Nearly a million foreigners work in Taiwan, and the country is rated high in expat satisfaction across different polls. 

Taiwan is a beautiful island known for its stunning scenery and friendly locals. The country also has some assets that appeal specifically to foreigners looking for work in Taiwan. 

Working abroad in Taiwan is appealing because of the low cost of living, meaning that skilled professional foreigners are likely to see their salaries go a long way. With a stable, growing economy there are lots of opportunities for work in Taiwan. 

People also choose to work abroad in Taiwan for their excellent healthcare system and convenient transportation network. Expats may look for jobs in Taiwan because of their safety record and low rates of crime. Taiwan is a relaxing, safe, and prosperous place to live for many reasons. 

Types of Jobs in Taiwan for Foreigners

Although many companies are hiring in Taiwan, the government will only give work permits to professionals in certain sectors. Luckily, there is a variety of government-approved fields that accept foreigners. 

🔍 Teaching 

One of the most common fields for expats looking for work in Taiwan is teaching. Teaching salaries for foreigners tend to be high and there are many schools, both public and private.

  • English

Teaching English is one of the most common jobs in Taiwan for English speakers. Native speakers are in high demand, and you can easily find jobs in Taipei and other major cities, as well as smaller towns. 

Many people chose to teach English in Taiwan because of the high salary and abundance of opportunities to work in Taiwan. 

English as a second language is taught in both public and private schools, although their requirements for teachers can vary. Some schools insist that you have a TESL certificate, while some accept any native English speakers. Schools like HESS, Shane, and American Eagle are common choices for expats who want to teach English in Taiwan for the first time. 

  • Other educational positions

Outside of teaching English, a foreigner with a degree in education can teach in Taiwan at an international school. You can also find work at one of the many universities in Taiwan. Most teaching jobs are in Taipei, and prominent international schools in Taipei include Morrison Academy and Taipei American School.  

🔍 Prominent industries

Some foreigners don’t want to teach in Taiwan, but don’t know where else to look. If you have some professional experience or certifications, there are a variety of other industries that offer jobs in Taiwan for expats. 

  • IT

There are many jobs in Taiwan for foreigners in IT. Common IT jobs in Taiwan for expats include system analysts, managers, system support engineers, and jobs in quality assurance. 

  • Semiconductor

Taiwan plays a major role in global telecommunications, and they are a leader in the semiconductor industry. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) takes the lion’s share of the market, and they are always looking for experienced engineers in roles like design, research and development, and manufacturing. 

  • Electronics and microelectronics

There are jobs in Taiwan for foreigners at many prominent electronics companies. Computer companies like Acer, HTC, and Asus are Taiwanese brands, and hire foreigners in different departments.  

  • Biotech and pharmaceuticals

Because of Taiwan’s robust healthcare system, there is a high demand for jobs in life sciences. Jobs in Taiwan for expats with biotech experience could be related to research and clinical trials, development, quality assurance, and at universities. Prominent companies include PRA Health Sciences and Amgen. 

  • Finance

Taiwan has a stable and growing economy, so there are many finance jobs in Taiwan for foreigners. Common jobs in Taiwan for expats in finance include financial analyst, finance manager, and accounting. 

🔍 Developing industries

Taiwan is an emerging market with lots of opportunities in developing industries. Some of these industries in Taiwan are hiring skilled foreign workers.

  • Realty

Taiwan’s housing market has been growing steadily, with increases in both office lease space and residential properties. Many investors are foreign, so this industry presents a unique opportunity for an expat looking for work in Taiwan. 

  • Chemistry 

A substantial portion of Taiwan’s exports is in chemical products like petrochemicals, resin, and plastic. There are many jobs in Taiwan for foreigners with the right experience in chemical manufacturing. 

  • Renewable energy

Taiwan’s energy needs have expanded in the last decade and the government is looking to move away from nuclear energy. Taiwan plans to produce 20% of its energy needs with renewable energy, especially offshore wind. A skilled foreign worker could find work in Taiwan as an engineer, technician, supervisor, or manager. 

  • AI

Taiwan is looking to further develop its AI industry, and several government-backed initiatives are guiding companies. For example, Google is expanding its research and development branch on the island, so you may find important Taiwan jobs at Google in AI.   

  • Agriculture and forestry

Taiwan’s agriculture industry is experiencing growth, and many companies are utilizing both Smart and Precision Agriculture. There are also jobs in Taiwan for expats with forestry research experience. 

🔍 Shortage occupations

Some sectors in Taiwan are hiring because of a shortage of skilled labor, and in fact, the country is experiencing the third highest labor shortage in the world. Here are just two of the many industries that hire expats to work in Taiwan. 

  • Sales representatives

Sales representatives are in short supply across many different industries in Taiwan, like medical sales and IT. 

  • Skilled trade workers

Taiwan is in need of a variety of skilled trade workers, so much so that they have relaxed their immigration policies to allow for foreign talent to work in Taiwan more easily. 

Where to Look for Work in Taiwan

It's hard to know where to start looking for work in Taiwan. Luckily, most jobs advertise online and there are many different sites you can use to look for companies that are hiring in Taiwan. 

💡 CakeResume

CakeResume is a job search platform and resume builder with thousands of postings for work in Taiwan There are several benefits to using CakeResume to look for jobs in Taiwan for expats. 

  • Provides transparent salary information

While jobs posted on other job banks might not include pay, postings on CakeResume include salary ranges, making it easier to see which jobs in Taiwan will actually meet your income needs. 

  • AI-powered job search engine

CakeResume uses AI to bring you accurate results, more closely related to your job search keywords. 

  • Easy to apply with a CakeResume resume

Apart from a job bank with thousands of jobs in Taiwan, CakeResume is also a resume builder that allows you to customize your information and chose from a variety of templates with ease. 

Creating a resume with CakeResume is very straightforward and takes minutes, and the platform streamlines your job application process by using your CakeResume CV when you apply directly to jobs on the site.

  • Best jobs from international and local leading companies

CakeResume’s job bank is popular with local Taiwanese companies, and you’ll find postings for everything from teaching to engineering. 

Major international corporations also use CakeResume to post their jobs in Taiwan, and you’ll find posts from companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, Shopee, and TSMC.   

  • Multi-language interface

Unlike several popular sites for jobs in Taiwan, CakeResume offers services in seven different languages. Simply chose your language on the bottom of the screen to see postings in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and more. 

💡 Other ways to look for work in Taiwan

  • Social media

If a job bank is not for you, you can find posting for work in Taiwan on different social media platforms. Facebook is a common platform for sectors like Teaching English, and there are multiple different groups with many postings every day. LinkedIn is another popular social media site for jobs in Taiwan. 

  • Networking

If a cold application seems daunting to you, there is another way to look for work in Taiwan. Building your network is a great way to find work in Taiwan without first sending a resume. Go to networking events for international companies and join groups online for expats. 

People in your existing job network may know someone who has worked in Taiwan and could connect you with a hiring manager. Don’t be afraid to ask friends or coworkers about their international connections. 

Tips for Finding a Job in Taiwan

✅ Be aware of cultural differences

Working in Taiwan presents unique challenges, and their work culture may be different from what you are used to. Taiwanese people are known for their hard work and tireless dedication to their jobs. A polite, professional attitude will go a long way when looking for jobs in Taiwan. Taiwanese people can also be somewhat indirect when they communicate, so if you are very blunt or aggressive when you interact with hiring managers, you might struggle to find work in Taiwan.

✅ Tailor your resume for the job

As with any job you apply to, you should carefully craft your resume so it’s relevant to that specific job. When you are looking for work in Taiwan, you want to make sure that your qualifications meet the company’s needs. Make sure to highlight any experience you have working or studying abroad and make a language section if you have language skills to offer.  

✅ Try different platforms

Don’t limit yourself to one platform when you are looking for companies hiring in Taiwan. Some of these positions will be advertised on social media, while some organizations will use job banks. Vary your sources while you are looking for jobs in Taiwan, to find a wider variety. 

✅ Try a recruitment site

There are many Taiwanese recruitment agencies that tailor to foreigners looking for work in Taiwan. Agencies like Michael Page are used by skilled professionals while TeachAway supports ESL teachers looking for jobs in Taiwan. If you want to increase your chances of finding your optimum Taiwan work position, use a recruitment agency to help you. 

✅ Make connections

There are bound to be multiple applicants for any jobs in Taiwan, and your best chance is to stand out. Try finding the company online and looking for their staff information. Sites like LinkedIn can help you connect to hiring managers in your target companies, and it can’t hurt to send them a message and let them know about your qualifications. A little extra effort can really help you stand out while you are looking for jobs in Taiwan.  

🔑 Key Takeaways

There are many jobs in Taiwan for expats and most foreigners feel happy with their decision to relocate to the island. While teaching English in Taiwan is one of the most common positions, there are a variety of choices for expats seeking work in Taiwan.

There is ample opportunity in science and technology, while sectors like renewable energy and realty are just taking off. Try a few platforms like CakeResume to find the best jobs in Taiwan or use a recruitment agency. Taiwan is an amazing place to live and work, and well worth the effort of applying. 

With CakeResume, you can easily create a resume online, free download your resume’s PDF formats, and utilize ATS-compliant templates to create a resume. Land your dream job, create your resume online (free download) now!

--- Originally written by Tiffany Quinn ---

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