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Mar 22nd 2022

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions [+ Dos & Don’ts]

Created by CakeResume In this article, we will cover: What Is a Behavioral Question? How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Dos and Don’ts for Answering Behavioral Interview Questions Behavioral Interview Question Examples In addition to the questions about work experience, most interviewers will also ask you several behavioral interview questions (a.k.a BDI or BBI interviews). These behavior-based interviews are non-technical and focus on how you react and behave in a professional setting. Thus, hiring managers
Hiring Tips
Nov 21st 2023

人資與主管不可錯過的行為面試技巧!5 種行為面試問題一次告訴你

問技巧! 四、五種行為面試問題類別一次告訴你! 一、行為面試是什麼?為什麼要用行為面試? 行為面試(Behavioral Interview)是一種詢問求職者過往事蹟、經驗與個人特質的提問方式,以其回應預測求職者未來的工作
Interview Skills
Apr 26th 2022

A Guide to Google Interview Questions: 20 Examples and Tips

walk you through how to prepare for a Google interview. We'll cover coding and technical questions, common Google interview questions, behavioral questions and tips. Let's go! Google Coding and Technical Interview Questions Technical interview questions in a Google interview heavily focus on problem-solving skills. Some of the most prevalent topics are data structure, algorithms, recursions and dynamic programming. Be prepared to answer questions on all of these topics. 10 common coding and technical interview questions that you
Interview Skills
Aug 8th 2023

Open Interview: Nailing It and Getting Hired on the Spot

Created by CakeResume Before starting to prepare for a job interview, you need to know what type of interview it is so that you can be well-prepared. There are many types of interviews that serve different scenarios, depending on what employers are looking to assess such as behavioral interview, case interview, competency-based interview, group interview, panel interview, etc. In this article, we'll take a closer look at walk-in interviews, which are open to the public as
Interview Skills
Mar 22nd 2022

STAR Interview Method: Definition, Tips, and Examples

the STAR Method? Tips for Using the STAR Technique in a Job Interview Interview Questions and STAR Answers STAR Technique Template The STAR method, which stands for situation, task, action, and result, is the secret to acing your next job interview and landing the dream career. Think about the STAR technique as a way to provide a clear and concise response by using real-life examples. Hiring managers tend to ask behavioral interview questions, which can be easily answered with
Interview Skills
Oct 4th 2022

【外商面試流程大全】掌握一定要會的外商面試技巧,順利拿到外商 Offer

商面試、進入外商錄取流程! 文章大綱 外商面試流程一:筆試測驗 Online Assessment 外商面試流程二:電話面試 Phone Interview 外商面試流程三:行為面試 Behavioral Interview 外商面試流程四:個案面試 Case Interview 外商面試怎麼準備?先了解外商
Interview Skills
Oct 9th 2022

Competency-Based Interview Questions and Answers [+ Tips]

well-structured in a way that helps highlight your ability and behavior match to the position. In this article, we will equip you with useful answer tactics and examples for your next competency-based interview! What is a competency-based interview? Competency-based interviews or behavioral interviews include a group of questions aiming at evaluating how individuals perform certain tasks and handle specific situations related to real-life situations of the position. Questions in this type of interview will require
Interview Skills
Mar 24th 2022

Situational Interview Questions With Examples & Answers

defined choices, such as "yes/no" or multiple-choice questions. Behavioral questions: Behavioral interview questions are those that revolve around previous job experiences and scenarios you have experienced during your career. The difference between situational and behavioral interview questions: Situational interview questions are hypothetical questions about how would you respond to a possible scenario. In contrast, behavioral questions focus on professional experiences you had in the past. While you may use instances for a situational interview question, behavioral questions require
Interview Skills
Oct 26th 2022

15 Different Types of Interviews w/ Example Questions & Tips

is to determine whether you’re a great candidate for the job. Who is most likely to face a traditional interview: Candidates with extensive work experience in the field Candidates who apply for in-person work 2 examples of traditional interview questions: Why should we hire you? Tell me about a time when you showed strong teamwork skills. 🧑‍💻 Interview Type 2: Behavioral Interview This type of interview technique is generally associated with a specific situation in the past
Interview Skills
Apr 15th 2022

Nursing Interview Questions and How to Answer Them (+ Tips)

Created by CakeResume In this article, you'll learn: Nursing Interview Tips Nursing Interview Questions and Sample Answers Questions to Ask in a Nursing Interview Nurses can positively and directly impact other people’s lives. They are the primary patient care providers. Oftentimes, they are those who aid others during what’s possibly the worst times of their lives. For this reason, patience, teamwork, adaptability, communication skills, and resilience are qualities that will make a successful nursing career and that

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