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2020 Jun 20th

How to Answer Salary Expectations? 3 Useful Tips for Salary Negotiation

"Salary expectation" is a practical problem that job seekers often encounter in the process of job search. Generally, everyone hopes to get a higher salary. However, in the process of job hunting, salary structure and welfare plans offered by each enterprise varies. As a job seeker, you might get into the bottleneck problem of "not knowing how to negotiate salary with HR" and "not being able to tell which offer is better.” During interview, how to negotiate a salary offer
Job Search Tips
2022 Jun 17th

3 Contoh Cara Membalas Email Diterima Kerja (Offering Letter) dengan Sopan!

tertera dalam surat penawaran. Seperti yang telah kita diskusikan, saya menerima gaji sebesar (nominal gaji) dan (tunjangan/poin penting lainnya). Saya bisa mulai bekerja pada (tanggal mulai yang disepakati) sesuai kesepakatan. I fully understand the terms of employment in the offer letter. As the offer letter displays what we discussed, I accept the starting salary of (offered salary) and (benefit/another critical point). As we have also discussed, I can start on (agreed start date). 5. Menyampaikan negosiasi jika diperlukan
Job Search Tips
2022 Mar 22nd

How to Decline a Job Offer: Tips, Email Samples & Phone Scripts

to Consider Before Turning Down a Job Offer How to Reject a Job Offer How to Decline a Job Offer over the Phone: Sample Script How to Politely Decline a Job Offer: Email Samples Tips for Turning Down a Job Offer Without Burning Bridges There will come a time in your job search when you receive a job offer that you have to reject. Some common reasons to decline job offers are salary expectations, company culture problems, commute issues, and
Job Search Tips
2020 Mar 3rd

For Freshers: Top 10 Most in Demand Jobs in 2020

which opportunities have presented themselves in our tech-dominated world? In this article, I've listed down 10 promising jobs in 2020 (and possibly beyond) to give you an overview of the highly sought-after industries along with the median salary of the positions being offered, irrespective of your work experience. So for the entry-level folks out there, fear not, you'll be able to find new paths to help you prepare for an unpredictable future. Top 10 in
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2022 Mar 8th

How to Accept a Job Offer [with 5+ Email Examples]

consider when writing a job offer acceptance letter. The job acceptance email is another precious chance to communicate with the hiring manager and know more about the company. Here are the details you should examine and discuss in the job offer acceptance letter with the hiring manager: Job title and responsibilities Salary Benefits package Working hours Start date Career advancement Company culture Commute ✅ Job title and responsibilities Needless to say, you need to know your duties, so your expectations
Job Search Tips
2022 Apr 8th

How to Successfully Negotiate Your Salary for a Job?

Created by CakeResume In this article, we will cover: Why You Should Negotiate Salary How to Negotiate Salary Tips on Negotiating Salary Salary Negotiating Email Samples Negotiating your salary is definitely not an easy task. Think about this scenario - you have just received a job offer from your dream company and now they are asking about salary expectations, yet you are not sure how to negotiate a salary that meets your expectations while not coming off as too demanding. You
Job Search Tips
2022 Mar 27th

Writing a Thank You Letter for a Job Offer: Template, Samples, Guide, Tips

to include in the thank you letter for the job offer, aside from thanks and appreciation for the opportunity. Accepting the job offer: If you are accepting the job offer, be sure to include the written acceptance of the job offer, the employment terms and conditions, including job title, salary, benefits, etc., as well as your employment starting date. Considering the job offer: If you need to further consider the job offer, you could consider explaining the reason why you
Interview Skills
2022 Apr 7th

How to Decline a Job Interview: Tips and Email Samples

interview for a new position, such as: 💡 Job responsibilities The job description is typically the first thing people notice when applying, since it tells them whether they meet the qualifications for that position or would find it appealing. 💡 Salary and benefits Salary is an obvious thing to think about when you consider rejecting an interview offer, as well as a benefits package. But there are several other things that contribute to a person’s job satisfaction that won
Career Development
2019 Apr 8th

5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand that Will Help You Out in Harsh Times

minds of customers that pops up at the mention of a person. An owner of a personal brand can: Raise prices for the services without compromising the business. Reduce advertising costs without compromising the flow of customers. Expect a higher salary and promotion if he is an employee. Who Needs a Personal Brand? Personal brand may help business coaches, consultants, psychologists, designers, doctors, photographers, marketers, lawyers, etc. – anyone who’s willing to promote his services. Very often, clients are not

Sales Representative Resume: Templates & Examples

methods (phone or email) will give information to the employers on ways to reach out to the candidates. “Slick” headline to #hashtag your professionality. An address might be crucial if one is working remotely. ❌ AVOID THESE: Current or expected salary should not appear on your resume. It is deemed as a sign of disrespect (it’s encouraged to negotiate the amount of salary in person during or after the interview, but certainly not in one’s resume) Insurance numbers

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