Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College

There are plenty of reasons for students to get a job during their college years. It helps them pay their tuition fee, save some extra money for things they need, build various skills, and look more appealing to the employees once they graduate. But if you think that the only job you can find is a waiter or a nanny, think twice. These days students don’t have to settle for working a part-time job somewhere outside their college... Read more


How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College

So you have just graduated from college and are prepared to join the workforce to prove yourself as a productive member of society. Congratulations! You may be excited or even nervous as you get ready to start the job search, hoping that those four long years in school will finally pay off. Just one little problem - you have no work experience. Here’s the challenge – how do you write an effective resume with absolutely no work experience? If you have... Read more


Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job

these skills from any activity such as an internship, definitely list them on your resume. However, if you are a fresh graduate with no mentionable experience, you should read How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College ! Include Relevant Information Only One of the most common observations by hiring managers is that entry-level developers clutter their resume with unnecessary or unrelated facts. If you are an entry-level developer having trouble filling a one page... Read more


Your CV - Gearing Up for Grad School

of completion. It’s recommended not to include information of your GPA, standardized test scores and awards in this section. You should enlist them in separate sections. Academic Achievements List all your honors, awards and significant papers (e.g. your college thesis) in this section. You can mention both your published and unpublished works here. Make sure to include the year, name of the award and also a brief explanation for the criteria for the award. Teaching Experience Mention in... Read more



Email PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth Place of Birth Citizenship Visa Status Gender Additional Personal Information: Optional Marital Status Spouse’s Name Children Education and qualifications. You need to list the names of institutions and dates attended in reverse order; college comes before high school when listing. The schools listed here should be recognized institutions. If you took a free online course, or went to a seminar, those should usually not be included. Work experience. The typical style of employment... Read more


Top 6 Resume Mistakes for Recent Graduates

the books that influenced you the most. If you are an athlete, then specify what sports you are into. Make sure they see what kind of person you are. Unfortunately, most resumes for high school graduates a well as for college graduates do not include this section for the most part. As a result, they might fail to impress the employer and get the position. You need to be a real person so that both you and the company understand... Read more


7 Effective Tips for a Successful Engineering Resume

solid numbers to your accomplishments, it will help employers understand the significance of your work. However, if you’re a fresh graduate with no mentionable experience, you should read How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College Add a Project List If you have an engineering specialization and many years of experience, it’s very likely you can come up with a number of key projects that you've worked on over the years. These should... Read more


8 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

experiences. Synchronize LinkedIn with your resume If you don't already have a LinkedIn page, go make one. If you do have one, make sure information on LinkedIn runs in concordance with that of the resume. If you recently graduated college or earned a certificate, employers may worry about the legitimacy of such claims. Also, not synchronizing the two may cause you to appear unprepared. Avoid highly technical language Your CV should be readable to those who view it. Don... Read more


身為專業 HR 你必須知道的 2018 招募大數據

呼的名稱 – Wikipedia 將近80%的Y世代求職者會先看自己適不適合應徵公司的文化,再看公司發展的潛能 (Collegefeed 求職網站, March 2014) 2015 年有51%在職中的人仍繼續尋找新的職缺 (State of the American Workplace Report Gallup 蓋洛普美國職場報... Read more


Freelancers in 2020: Top 8 Most Lucrative Industries

you to capitalize on. Companies are tapping into the global market; therefore talented writers who’re good at English, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish will be welcomed everywhere they go. Further Reading: Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College Another niche for freelance writers is SEO specialists. Optimizing your website for Google search engine can direct more organic users (or potential customers) to your website. How? Target the right long-tailed keywords and before you know it, your... Read more


Qualities/Tips For a Successful Freelancer

I recommend that you rethink what made you consider becoming a freelancer in the first place. Ask yourself, "Will becoming a freelancer help me reach my ultimate goal?" In an upcoming article you’ll get to know the most up-to-date freelancing trends and how to utilize them for your benefit! So, stick with me as there’s still a long way to go. HANG IN THERE! Further reading: Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College... Read more


Cover Letter (cover letter samples, cover letter templates, application letters) - All-in-One Tutorial

name at the end of the letter cover letter format for INTERNSHIP Download Cover Letter Template for Internship Further Reading: Applying for Internships and Jobs at Startups Further Reading: How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College Further Reading: Top 6 Resume Mistakes for Recent Graduates Cover letter format for CAREER CHANGE : Contact Information full name, email address, mobile number, address links of professional personal websites (e.g. LinkedIn, CakeResume, Medium) Greeting greet the hiring manager... Read more


UI/UX 人才重要的特質——PicCollage拼貼趣 Product Designer 分享

長 UI / UX,目標是用設計改變世界的話,歡迎加入 PicCollage 一起為世界帶來趣味! PicCollage徵才頁面: https://www.cakeresume.com/companies/pic-collage 延伸閱讀: UI 設計師面試不 NG ー 看了半個月履歷後有感 職涯專訪》如何發展自己的海外職涯—— 西... Read more

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