Freelancers in 2020: Top 8 Most Lucrative Industries

on. For a freelancer-to-be, suppose you’ve known the rosy and bumpy parts of the freelancing industry. Next, it’s time to fixate on the question of what, how and where: What are the top eight fastest-growing freelance industries in 2020? How much can you earn? Where to look for opportunities? Freelancers' Annual Salary Statistics Wanna scrounge up more details? Go back and read Freelancing 101 and Qualities/ Tips for a successful freelancer . Truth be told, you... Read more


6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2020

attract potential clients. Let’s get started. 6 Best Freelance Sites in 2020 6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2020 1. Freelancer.com Freelancer.com uses a milestone-based payment system that protects both buyers and freelancers. In fact, payment is only released once you finish all required milestones. Progress can be monitored by time spent working or set project milestones; the live chat function makes communication between both parties possible. Freelancers also have a downloadable... Read more


CakeResume for Freelancers: Boost Your Income with a Professional Resume

If you are a freelancer on Upworks or Freelancer.com , you should have a piece of CakeResume on your profile! This will enable you to highlight more of your skills and best assets, which will surely encourage potential employers or even other users to hire you and avail of whatever service you offer and provide. How CakeResume answers Freelancers’ quest for the best resumes? Better Readability CakeResume is focusing on content and leveraging the art of the typefaces as well... Read more



的信任?當初又是什麼樣的思維模式與分析,讓他決定轉換跑道,成為一名自由工作者? 自由工作者( Freelancer )是許多專業領域人才與創作者的職涯發展方向,經由 Rev 的經歷與體悟,這篇訪談或許可以提供... Read more


Qualities/Tips For a Successful Freelancer

easily achieved. Honestly, I can go on and on about all the qualities you need to have as a successful freelancer, but I believe these are the essentials that will aid you in wading through the murky waters of the freelance industry. If you get cold feet after reading this, I recommend that you rethink what made you consider becoming a freelancer in the first place. Ask yourself, "Will becoming a freelancer help me reach my ultimate goal?" In an... Read more


How to Boost Your CV with Freelance Work

fashion, blogging, business, marketing or whatever it is you’re interested in, you can be sure that one of these sites will have a writing job in that industry with your name on it. Create your Profile When applying for freelance jobs, the process is very similar to applying to a real-life job; it’s just a lot more refined and a lot faster. Whichever site you choose to use, you need to create a compelling and captivating profile... Read more


Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College

if you think that the only job you can find is a waiter or a nanny, think twice. These days students don’t have to settle for working a part-time job somewhere outside their college. Instead, they can choose freelance and enjoy all the perks of earning money online and saving more time for studies. Why should you consider freelance writing? Even if you decided that you want to try freelance , you might still struggle with choosing the right... Read more


想要成為自由工作者?別急,先花 5 分鐘了解優缺點和未來發展

此外,在某一職位獲得相當成就後轉往另一專業領域發展者,也被稱為斜槓青年。 成為自由工作者 (Freelancer) 的優缺點 成為自由工作者 (Freelancer) 的優缺點 成為自由工作者是許多被困在辦公室裡,度日如年的上... Read more


Working from Home Starter Pack: Freelancing 101

But it doesn’t mean freelancers are shut out of networking. Co-working space, Meetup, and CakeResume allow you to broaden network. This way, you can also develop more clients and find people to collaborate with. Takeaways From Being a Freelancer With all that said, freelancing sounds like an ebb and flow option. There sure is a lot to be gained by going freelance, but you should also take into account the whole kit and caboodle coming along with it... Read more


CakeResume for Developers

CakeResume is intended not just to job hunters or freelancers, but also to other enthusiast in different fields including developers. This will be a great opportunity for the developers to introduce not just his/her skills and capabilities but also his/her amazing developed works and projects. Developers are known to be great when it comes to navigating online tools, but not all the things that he/she can do. CakeResume is the best way for a developer to showcase... Read more


How to Work Remotely? 12 Efficient Ways to Find Remote Jobs Online

approach to creating your online profile, Monster can help you find your dream remote job. Once you sign up, the site will regularly e-mail you of notifications if there is a company that is interested in hiring your services. Freelancer.com. Contrary to claims by Elance, freelancer.com boldly states it is the world’s largest community for freelancers and remote workers. Freelancer has an interesting approach where you have to place a bid for the job you like... Read more



你該從何找起呢?以下分享幾個好用的國外網站! 常見遠端工作平台網站 Upwork 這是一家來自美國的freelancer網站,囊括網頁製作、設計、撰稿,甚至程式設計、行銷、會計等專業領域。在美國也是相當知名的線上... Read more


How to Write the Perfect Biodata that Maps Out Your Career Path (with Biodata Format Sample)

also lists your educational qualifications and prior job experiences in chronological order. Applications should take care not to add any information that can result in the data getting misused. You may also want to note that overseas clients hiring remote freelancers usually don’t ask for Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Most importantly, remember to keep the description short and restrict it to the length of a single page. While you can add references, the focus of this document is on... Read more


8 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

increase font size past 14 or 16. Find meaningful, relevant items you can include on your CV. Include times you volunteered for a cause or organization. Add any unpaid work you've done, such as maintaining personal blogs or performed freelance writing for others. Do not include instances of helping friends or family members with various tasks, as personal experiences are not valued as highly as professional experiences. Synchronize LinkedIn with your resume If you don't already have a... Read more


How to make a CV? 9 Basic Rules

5 Do not Leave Open Questions Any ambiguity or reticence causes the additional questions and doubts. Try to clear all the points that can cause issues. Don’t let your resume contain white spots. For example, if you were a freelancer for some time, do not miss this period and indicate what you were doing. Also, specify a time when you were volunteering or studying. One more thing: employers are always worried when they see that the applicant has worked... Read more

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