面試技巧 – 自我介紹四招式,讓你完美落地第一問

說到英文面試,一堆人手腳冒冷汗,其實它沒有你想像中這麼難,你越害怕它,你就越容易失常,何不想換角度想想自己是ㄧ個「Personal Consultant」,你在幫助別人理解你,你也透過別人的問題,來釐清自己還缺失什... Read more


Using CakeResume as Your Distinctive Personal Brand

your resume look professional, CakeResume offers you with paid fonts such as Gotham, Archer, Sentinel and more. Another advantage of using CakeResume is that it is social media based. Following that, you can use it as your very own online self introduction that you can easily paste on your email footer, social media accounts and other social platforms. So that you have an idea who has seen your CakeResume, it also comes with visitor stats right on dashboard. It makes... Read more

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