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Customer Success / Marketing Specialist / Account Executive / Operation / Community
Full-time freelancer
Avatar of fahrizal alvi.
Avatar of fahrizal alvi.
Sales Executive Corporate & SME @Fresh factory
2021 ~ Present
Customer Success / Marketing Specialist / Account Executive / Operation / Community
More than one year
fahrizal alvi A Qualified as a marketing with 8 years of experience as well as operational and external problem solving related to the smooth operation of the company Jakarta, Indonesia Pengalaman Kerja SeptemberPresent Sales Executive Corporate & SME Fresh factory take care of old & new customers Selling goods or services produced by the company to consumers. Explain product specifications sold to consumers. Provide a simulation of the calculation of costs that must be incurred and explain the benefits that will be obtained. Communicating with customers. JanuariDesember 2021 Operational Freelancer PT Way Point Port Service Crew Service Operational DesemberAgustus 2021 Deputy Operational Manager PT Kompas Indo Material purchasing and building maintenance DesemberDesember 2020 Supervisor Sales Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Responsible for ensuring all work is carried out properly. Prepare sales team strategy, plan actions to achieve specific sales goals. Measure, analyze and evaluate Team JuliJanuari 2017 Operational PT Indo Perdana Sejahtera Prepare Customs Documents for Administration of Import and Loading and Unloading Activities at the Port, Submitting and Controlling Activities Until Completed. Pendidikan Kursus Kepabeanan KepabeananSMK Siliwangi Field of study AprJan 2020 Skil Word Excel Event Planning Problem Solving Communication Reasoning Collaboration Bahasa Indonesian — Professional English — Dasar
Event Planning
Full-time / Interested in working remotely
6-10 years
Kursus Kepabeanan
Avatar of Nisa Meilana.
Avatar of Nisa Meilana.
Part Timer @Let's Talk English Club
2021 ~ Present
Customer Success / Marketing Specialist / Account Executive / Operation / Community
More than one year
Nisa Meilana Erwiarti, S.S Graduated from Bachelor of Arts, English Department, UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya. A highly determined individual, quick adapting, creative, and passionate fresh graduate. Experienced in teaching and tutoring English as Second Language, social media content-writing, and text editing. Success in evaluating student performance and grades through optimizing the learning system. Willing to learn new things, up to any challenges and career opportunities. Sidoarjo Regency, East Java, Indonesia Work Experience Part Timer • Let's Talk English Club NovemberPresent - Focusing on teaching English as a second language especially speaking skills up to 7 class per week. - Encourage students to optimize 30-45% of English language skills in preparing for the STAN, UTBK, and TOEFL tests. Freelance Tutor • Bimbel Lesin Aja! DecemberDecemberManaged additional academic tutoring in English (Elementary, Junior High, and Senior High School level) and all subjects in Elementary level 15 hours a week for more than 5 students periodically. - Success to evaluate student performance and grades from the optimization learning system. English Tutor • Private English Tutor NovemberDecemberConducted an additional 60 minutes to 90 minutes of academic tutoring each meeting of the week for more than 12 students on a regular basis. - Prepared more than 5 teaching materials for English subjects by adapting the applicable curriculum (K13 and Cambridge). - Completed to evaluate the performance and value of students as much as 70% through optimizing the learning system. Internship Marketing Communication • danaprospera FebruaryFebruaryLearned market research and the funding cycle process from investors to UMKM. - Planned to create, and executed 3 creative projects with an intern team of 10 people. - Support main projects of the company Marketing Communication. - Developed Instagram content and ideas to boost up 30% of the engagement audience for optimizing the plan of Marcom company. - Helped to build a relationship and visited with investors or clients during the internship. EducationUniversitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya English Literature emphasis in Linguistics, GPA 3.50/SMK Negeri 2 Buduran Office Administration Skills Passionate Creative Learning Text Editing Social Media Writing Problem Solving Hardworking Word PowerPoint Excel Translation Services Editing and Proofreading Languages English — Fluent Indonesian — Native or Bilingual
Full-time / Interested in working remotely
Less than 1 year
Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel Surabaya
English Literature emphasis in Linguistics, GPA 3.50/4.00

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