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袁子琁 Spin Yuan 

My name is Spin(原子自旋), whose meaning is a form of angular momentum in physics, and I was born as 3C guy, which indicates creation, curiosity and critical thinking! From humanities, social science and international affairs, to astronomy, computer science and playing soft tennis, I am an omnivorous life  experiencer. Also, I do embrace new challenges as well as enjoy problem-solving process. 

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(886+) 9 8789-6300
Taipei, Taiwan


National Chengchi University (NCCU)

 ● Bachelor Degree, Department of History (2014-2018)

Career Plan


  My objective is to become an IT consultant, which seems ridiculous for a humanitas-major student. 

  Yet, with 2-year PR & Consulting experience, I know that the dream of becoming a consultant remain dwelling in my mind. Particularly, the intern in Jet-go Consulting Group (戰國策公關顧問公司), Taiwan's second largest PR & Consulting corporation, build my connection between academic research and consulting skill and furthermore, consolidates my willingness to explore this industry. Also, from tutoring and volunteering experiences, I find how fabulous assisting others, as a consultant, to make remarkable process is.

  But why IT consultant? Not only do I enjoy cooperating with people from science field, but I also fall for the splendidness of science itself. Most of my academic researches are highly-related to technology, including Wang-an(王安) and Taiwan's 1980 Technology Policies. To avoid out of touch, I also self-learn basic coding and proactively ask Jserv(黃敬群), one of the most famous Android contributor in Taiwan Open Source, for help. 

  Step by step, my intention is to apply Product Manager(PM) to technology company to accumulate practical experiences. Or keep struggling in consulting industry to make my objective come true.

PR & Consulting

Jet-Go Consulting Group / Summer Intern


- 3 Survey Projects, which not only Draw Supervisor's Attention but Gain Continued-intern Opportunity

- Writing Press Release for Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC)

- Coming up with Scripts of TV Advertise

Taipei Model United Nations 2016 (TMUN) / Director of Public Relations


- Activity Holding: 230+ Participants around Taiwan

- Fan Page Management: 3000+ Facebook Reach per Week, More 450+ Likes for Fan Page

- Sponsorship Solicitation & Lecturer Invitation

AIESEC NCCU / Partnership Manager of External Relations


- Activity Holding: 3+ Lectures, including P&G, Unilever, Adecco and EF 

- Partnership Development: Building Relations with Garena, Nanshanlife(南山人壽), TopAdmit

- Resource Searching & Consulting Skill

Versatile Experiences

International Relations

1. Youth Association of International Affairs Club / Director of Secretary Department (2015.6-2016.6) 

 2. Taipei Model United Nations (TMUN) / Delegate (2015.5) 

 3. Northeast Asia Student Round Table (SRT) / Planning Section & Delegate (2016.1-8) 

 4. Asian Future Political Leaders’Association (AFPLA) / Delegate (2016.8)


1. Project Plan 2016 / Ministry of Science and Technology (2016.2)

2. Project Plan 2017 / Ministry of Science and Technology (2017.2)

3. From Taiwan’s Technology Policies in 1980 to Future Industry Transformation / History Department NCCU 

4. Wang-an and Glorious Computer Kingdom / Jserv's EECS History Project

Social Concerns

1. General Coordinator of Rural Education Project / Siancao Elementary School in Tainan (2014.10-2016.02) 

2. Voluntary Service for Yunlin-Chiayi Alumni Association (2015.01-02) 

3. Volunteer Service Record Book(2016.4-Now)

4. Teenager Potential Development Project / Dwen-an (敦安) Welfare Foundation (2013-2014) 

Creation & Collaboration 

Academic Proposal

-Academic Research

-Problem-Solving Skill

-Interdisciplinary Collaboration with EECS Student

  Excluding humanitas and social science, I do enjoying approaching science field and out of expectation, my friend from EECS and I found a surprising common point in our individual researches-- How to make better decision by AI/ History. That's a turning point for us to cooperate on an academic proposal and visited Professor 項潔 of NTU to further clarify our topic. 



Culture Game Project

- 10+ Mentors from game industry

- 2 Formal and 10+ informal Pitches

- Only 2 groups from 9 Got Special Sharing for Humanistic Cultivation Project in NCKU

Earthshaking changes in game industry are foreseeable after the emergence of the concept of "Culture Game (文化遊戲)." This novel trend can be taken as humanitas-major students' opportunity. In this project it covers both creation and market analysis.    

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1. Mandarin Native

2. Taiwanese Fluent

3. English

 -TOEIC 725 

 -IELTS 6.5

4. French Basic

5. Japanese Basic


1. Word

2. Excel. Minitab 

3. Powerpoint. Prezi


1. Submission for Chiayi Youth Journal  -Prose: 2 Times 

 -Fiction: 2 Times 

 2. Academic Essay Writing


1. Tutor 

 -Junior High School Tutor (2011.6-7) 

 -Junior High School Tutor for Social Science (2014.9-12)

 - Junior High School Tutor for Math and Science (2016.3-5)

 - Junior High School Tutor for All Subjects (2017.2-Now)

2. Leadership for Club and Class Division Report

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