Stanley Hsu

Customer Review Supervisor

  Taiwan Province, Taiwan

I'm Stanley, majored in International Tourism Management during university. From high school, I have many customer service experiences as I’ve worked in the retail industry as a salesman, W Hotel Taipei as a welcome ambassador and now, I'm KLOOK, as a customer review supervisor.

When I was working in the retail industry and hotel, I’ve learned how to interact with different customers from all over the world and I'm able to provide them a good experience as their expectation. To solve their problems independently. Also, I know how to cooperate/communicate with other departments. Through this experience, I have built up a solid foundation of my skill in customer service, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

After joining KLOOK, which is one of the rising stars of a start-up company, I've learned a lot and upskill ed myself. Starting from customer support, my performance was one of the top 3 agents, I'm able to support the customers efficiently and solve the issue as the soonest. After 6 months, I applied to transfer to the "Review Team", which is mainly focused on customer's reviews and serious complaint cases. As much as complicated as the cases are, I managed to figure out the problems and provided the suggestion to higher management based on customer's feedback. I understand better that the customer service isn't just customer service, it contains different team's efforts to make it perfect.

The team was small compare with others back then, I worked with my team leader to design several SOP, policies, workflows, and build up the team from scratch. With several ups and downs, the whole experience gave me a whole new perspective as a leader, especially when you're working in a start-up company.  Now, as a supervisor, I'm not only managing the team's daily operation, I also achieve many cross-department projects which improved the company's process. Learned how to analyze the data to provide a valid solution for current issues.

I’m an efficient person with a positive attitude to face new challenges, willing to learn and I’m good at adapting to the new environment. Wish my experience can get your attention and have a chance to contribute to your company. 

Sincerely, Stanley Hsu


Customer Review Supervisor

KLOOK 客路旅行

七月 2019 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

1. 二線客服人員主管,處理跟進客人於網站上或其他外部平台針對公司所留下評論。各國政府客訴案。緊急/危機案件處理跟進,分析案件內容並進一步加強公司內部流程之改善計畫。
2. 服務流程,SOP制定等,跨部門合作並時時更新以減少部門間溝通代溝。
3. 資料分析,利用google data studio所提供資料進行公司營運退款分析,賠償分析等以利進一步改善服務流程

Customer Review Specialist

KLOOK 客路旅行

六月 2018 - 六月 2019
Taipei, Taiwan


Customer support agent

KLOOK 客路旅行

十月 2017 - 五月 2018
Taipei, Taiwan


Concierge/Welcome Ambassador


七月 2016 - 九月 2016
Taipei, Taiwan

以專業、熱情的態度,迎接大廳的客人,協助check-in check-out行李及提供隨時隨需的服務以滿足每位客人的需求.
2014~2015 - Internship
2016 - Full time


National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism

International Tourism Management

2012 - 2016

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