Steven Lai / 賴鴻義

Advisory Software Engineer

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

20+ years experienced software engineer adept in developing, testing, and maintaining software system. Proficient in various platforms and programming languages. Specialize in SWIFT FIN service and IBM Payment Solutions (WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Network and Financial Transaction Manager for SWIFT Services).



Consultant  •  IBM Malaysia, Contract

May 2021 - Dec 2021

Support Public Bank Berhad in the following areas:

  • support the migration project of the legacy payment system MERVA to FTM SWIFT.
  • review the plan of applying new SR2021 MT message validation standard in the production system.
  • support the design work of the new Cross-Border Payments and Report Plus system (SWIFT ISO 20022 Program). 
  • advise the system architecture and solution approach, help to determine the problems in UAT and the production systems.

Advisory Software Engineer  •  IBM Taiwan

Aug 2012 - Mar 2021

  • Technical advocate of IBM Payment solutions (WebSphere Business Integration for Financial Network, aka WBI-FN, and Financial Transaction Manager for SWIFT Services, aka FTM SWIFT) for IBM Great China Group clients.
  • Leaded the testing activities of FTM SWIFT.
  • Participated in designing the CI/CD process for team operation.
    • Setup a Jenkins server as the CI/CD engine.
    • Migrate the test runners to Docker containers.
    • Design the scheduled tasks of checking, downloading, and installing builds.
    • Adapt the test case projects for the Jenkins server to call.


  • Delivered the fix-pack of FTM SWIFT on schedule with assured quality every quarter.
  • Helped the Level-2 Support to investigate and resolve the customer’s problems.
  • Improve the efficiency of team operations
    • Automate the daily work routines.
    • Save the effort of managing and preparing the test environments.
    • Simplify the procedure of the regression test.

Staff Software Engineer  •  IBM Taiwan

Jun 2005 - Jul 2012

  • Participated in porting WBI-FN for z/OS to UNIX platform (AIX and Solaris).
    • Responsible for SWIFT FIN service which was implemented in C/C++.
    • Adapt the system call, subsystem API, and program logic according to the platform differences.
  • Participated in developing the test automation framework based on the testing support routines.
    • Automate the test cases as a Gradle project and triggered by JUnit.
    • Contains information about testing environments and provides the factory methods for testers to access the testing environments more easily.
    • Provides the GUI testing tools based on Selenium.
  • Coordinated the support/maintenance activities of WBI-FN.
  • The focal point of the laboratory-based service of WBI-FN in IBM Great China Group.


  • Resolved the platform dependent and incompatible issues, delivered the product on schedule with confident quality.
  • Received the award “Outstanding Technical Achievement in WBI-FN for SWIFT Net FIN” in 2006.
  • Practicing Scrum – an Agile software development process, improved the team collaboration by an efficient and flexible working model.
  • Flew in and supported Bank of China HongKong for a critical problem and had the CRISIT mitigated soon in 2006.
  • Engaged in the system migration project of Bank of China Beijing in 2007 and 2010. Received the award “Outstanding Technical Achievement in WBI-FN LBS for Bank of China Beijing Project” and “Unleash the Lab Award”.
  • Provided the technical support for a MEGA deal of Bank of China Beijing in 2011. Comforted the customer to secure the deal and won customer's highly appreciation.

Software Engineer  •  IBM Taiwan

Apr 2004 - May 2005

  • Joined the QA team of WBI-FN in 2004, designed and executed the test cases for each software development lifecycle.
  • The product testing is in the black-box approach basically, and covered the following areas:
    • Build Verification Test
    • Function Verification Test
    • System Verification Test, including non-functional, stress, performance, long-run, and system integration testing.
    • Regression Test
  • Developed the Testing Support Routines to support test automation.
    • Written in Java
    • Contains utilities for inputting the test data via IBM MQ message, DB2, text file, command line interface, and all other APIs provided by the product.
    • Contains the result validation tools for many kinds of output.


  • Catch up with the testing work and the understanding of the target product in a short time.
  • The capability of problem determination/troubleshooting was recognized by the development team.
  • Received the award “Outstanding Achievement in WBI-FN z/OS R2 Test” in 2005.

Software Engineer  •  網擎資訊軟體股份有限公司

Jun 1998 - Mar 2004

  • Participate in the development of Web-based services and search engine products.


  • Developed a web chatting system with good performance and capacity:
    • A front-end GUI client in Java applet.
    • A single threaded server with SELECT multiplexer, implemented in C++.
    • Networking communication was implemented by socket API.
  • Implemented a Chinese word segment program for search engine to improve the indexing function.
  • Implemented an adult content filtering program with good performance.


Aug 1993 - Jun 1995

元智工學院 Yuan-Ze Institute of Technology

Master's degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering

Aug 1988 - Jun 1993

東吳大學 Soochow University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science


Technical Skills

  • Agile development and software testing methodology
  • Programming Languages: C/C++, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Python, and SQL
  • UNIX system programming and Bourne shell programming
  • Familiar with z/OS, AIX, Solaris, and Linux
  • Familiar with IBM middle-wares, including DB2, IBM MQ, and IBM Integration Bus

Software Developing Tools

  • Version Control System: CVS, SVN, and Git
  • Build Tool: make, Ant, and Gradle
  • Testing framework: JUnit and Selenium
  • CI/CD Engine: Jenkins
  • Backend platform: IBM WebSphere Application Server and Node.js


  • Chinese
  • English
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