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Search thousands of job seekers’ resumes, and reach out to job seekers directly.

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Direct Access

Reach out to job seekers directly on Cake to speed up the recruiting process.

Latest Status

Find job seekers who are actively seeking opportunities by their job search status.

Powerful Filters

Use advanced search features (keywords, experience, location, skills, etc.) to find resumes.

Find Resumes

Search hundreds of thousands of job seekers’ resumes.

Contact Directly

Reach out to the right candidate directly with an interview invitation.

Easily Manage and Share Resumes

Sort your favorite resumes in folders. Download and share folders with colleagues.

Talent Search

Hire Better Talent with Less Effort

Actively search and contact prospective candidates to increase recruitment efficiency.

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FAQs about Cake Talent Search

What is the Cake Talent Search Pricing?

Cake offers 2 subscription plans for employers to choose from. After the upgrade, you will be able to find all resumes on Cake (restricted ones excepted) utilizing search box & filters. Learn more about Cake Talent Search Pricing.

What kind of talent can I find on Cake?

Digital & Tech Talent is the major proportion of Cake Talent Pool, including 30% of software development professionals, and talents in the fields of design (22.3%), marketing (13.4%), business development (19.6%), and etc.

How to learn if the candidate is seeking opportunities?

By checking “Current Status” on the search results page, you’ll be able to find out whether the person is looking for a job or currently employed. You can also identify active job seekers by how recently the resume was updated and when he/she was last online.

How can I reach out to job seekers on Cake?

You can contact job seekers directly via Cake’s onsite messenger or public emails/phone numbers provided by them. You can also invite candidates directly to apply for specific jobs

How to make the most of Cake Talent Search?

Cake has put together a User Manual for you