Trent Alderman

Full Stack Software Engineer  •  Christiansburg, VA  •  [email protected]

I am a Team Captain in Production Support for Olive AI, currently utilizing JS/TS, AWS, and various Atlassian products to build and deploy solutions.  I also have 8+ years in the Telecommunications industry, involving Software Testing & Analysis, Technical Support, Training and Management.  I am a self-taught Full Stack Engineer, utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and Python.

Work Experience

Olive AI, Team Captain, Product Support, July 2021 ~ Present

  • Management, onboarding, and development of a team of 6-8 Product Support Software Engineers
  • Strategic planning around production support expansion
  • Olive is experiencing incredible growth, I along with my team collectively built the support structure we have today
  • Managing, directing and providing support for a product base that has grown over 300% in size in the past 12 months (over 2000 automation workflows)
  • High priority issue resolution and development work, direct communication with customers to meet SLA resolution timeframes.  "Toughest fixes" type of work involving JS/TS debugging and general programming logic issues that are unresolvable by build, product support, or solution engineering (occasionally).
  • Planned implementation of code updates/upgrades to meet deadlines for web, local EHR, and financial application changes

Olive AI, Software Engineer, Product Support, Oct 2020 ~ Jun 2021

  • Agile Full Stack development and real time software bug patching and resolution utilizing Node.js, TypeScript, and Selenium
  • Daily usage of AWS CodeCommit, S3 buckets, EC2s, and other AWS development tools
  • Heavy use of Git, Jenkins, and JIRA for Agile software development and deployment
  • Virtual Machine and VPN troubleshooting and maintenance to support software products
  • Data management and manipulation of NoSQL (JSON) databases through the power of JS/TS automation
  • Real time software bug diagnosis and patching of products in production; elements of software QA in review of in production software packages
  • When JS automations fail, we must work to patch and update software often within 12 hours to prevent lost work for customers.  Ticket generation, pulling down automation software, locating the source of failure, developing a patch and pushing to production master without PR or peer review in many cases (24/7 support) all within that ~12 hour window.  
  • Build, produce, test, and deploy JS/TS code real time to resolve issues with data mapping, web app updates, credential management, unhandled input structures, logical fallacies that create silent failures, and a variety of other bugs

Dish Network, Beta Software Tester/Analyst, Feb 2020 ~ Jun 2020

  • Problem Report and Bug Validation testing
  • Tested and resolved known and newly reported issues with beta software
  • Provided problem workarounds and assisted in developing fixes for various software bugs found in Set Top Box, Application, and OTT software (Sling TV/Dish Anywhere)
  • Tested new features and applications to identify issues prior to release to production.
  • Utilized Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Google Apps Script, various formulas to provide timekeeping for PR responses and Bug Validation duration to assist with determining extent of issues and measure efficiency in resolutions.

Dish Network, Technical Case Manager, Oct 2017 ~ Feb 2020

  • Provided 1on1 Technical Support to customers with a high number of technical calls, technician visits, or product replacements
  • Service Now, Freshdesk, Zinc, and custom case tools in Microsoft Access
  • Goals were to reach out to the customer via phone and email and establish a relationship with the customer to drive retention.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting the most complex technical issues reported by customers or internally
  • Worked with any levels of the organization necessary to ensure issue resolution
  • Remained in contact with the customer until all problems were solved and the customer was satisfied. With 1000+ cases managed in a year for extremely high risk customers, I maintained a churn rate of less than 4.5% annually.
  • Tasked with assisting the Dish NOC with Dish Network’s wireless build out project
  • Provisioned Cradlepoint endpoints, ran Python scripts in puTTy, troubleshot connectivity issues in MVDDS setups using CBNL radios/tools
  • Myself and 2-3 others led support on this for our teams and guided team members through setup, troubleshooting, and tool issues to ensure the overwhelming success of the project

Dish Network, Coach/Supervisor, Oct 2016 ~ Sep 2017

  • Managed teams of employees numbering ~15 people at any given time
  • Oversaw performance and providing training, development, and coaching to resolve areas of poor performance as well as drive company initiatives
  • Consistently maintained one of the top 8 performing teams in the site (~30 teams). Drastic turnaround as the team averaged in the bottom 10 prior to my my leadership. Success here was a result of bringing my knowledge of training and development to the role.
  • Developed tools for my team to use that targeted their specific areas of struggle, dedicated all of my time to 1on1 interaction with them both on calls and through coaching, and provided highly successful incentives to drive performance and upsell.

Dish Network, Classroom and On the Job Trainer, Oct 2014 ~ Sep 2016

  • On the Job Training (OJT) and Classroom Training for both new and existing employees.
  • OJT position involved 1on1 training on calls, in classroom training, coaching, new hire team management, metric based performance analysis and initiatives, and new hire retention. I received numerous awards both monthly and annually for my performance, initiative, and project completion in this role.
  • The Classroom Training position involved training 3-4 week classes on business policies, soft skills, tools, product line, technical troubleshooting, billing policy, de-escalation, and customer retention. 
  • Provided classroom training on business policy changes, de-escalation tactics, soft skills refreshers, new product and tool usage and troubleshooting, and company initiatives (upsell/promote, promoting the business, etc.).
  • Responsible for management of the team of OJTs at various points, driving performance, scheduling and staffing, and tool creation and project management. I developed multiple tools in this “OJT Team Lead” role that would go on to be used across the enterprise both in country and at sites abroad.
  • Traveled to corporate center in Denver, CO for 1 month and provided 1on1 training and mentorship to executives and corporate leaders regarding the Customer Experience roles they oversaw

Dish Network, Advanced Technical Support, Mar 2013 ~ Sep 2014

  • Utilizing company tools and problem solving skills, I found great success in efficiently walking customers through resolving technical issues with both Dish service and products, as well as a significant number of 3rd party devices, OTT services, Satellite Broadband, and Modem/Router/Gateway troubleshooting and provisioning.

Dish Network, Customer Service Representative, Nov 2012 ~ Mar 2013


Radford University, Bachelor of Science (BS), Social Sciences, 2010 ~ 2012

Received my Bachelor's in the field of Social Sciences, with coursework completed in U.S. and World History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, Law, African-American History and European Revolutionary History

Virginia Western Community College, Associate’s Degree, Social Sciences, 2008 ~ 2010

2 years of coursework to obtain an Associates Degree and achieve my goal of moving to a 4 year University.



Self-taught Engineer


HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby, Python


Visual Studio

Linux CLI

Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails (learning)





Strong leadership ability

Excellent problem solver

Creative solution developer

Significant 1on1 development exp.

Proven success improving perform.

Respected Team Member & Leader

Drive helps to motivate others


Teaching experience in both High and Middle Schools

Exp. training new and existing employees for large corporation

Excellent feedback on training strategies, consistently awarded for performance

1on1, group, classroom, and tutoring experience 

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