William (Wei-Jen) Tsai

Have 6+ years of experience in development, including web-based systems, mobile apps, backend, PaaS, AI/ML, and big-data-related research implementation. Applications covered O2O business, the financial industry, social matchmaking, and special education.

  Taipei City, Taiwan  

0912805068 / [email protected]

Skill Set

PL/Framework - Frontend

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • jQuery 
  • React / React Native

PL/Framework - Backend

  • Python (Flask)
  • Node.js (@ AWS Lambda)
  • PHP
  • C# (.Net Core)
  • SQL

PL/Framework - Applications

  • C/C++ (MS WinForm, Linux)
  • Visual Basic/Quick BASIC
  • Script
    • Bash
    • MS-DOS Batch


  • Linux Administration
    • nginx, apache, squid, nfs, ceph
  • Virtualization
    • VMWare, docker/cri-o, k8s, ingress
  • AWS
    • EC2, S3, Lambda (by node.js)


  • Machine Learning
    • SOM-NN
    • SVM
    • GA


  • Chinese
  • English


Manager III  •  Syscom Computer Engineering Co.

2019/01 - Present

Tech Stack: HTML/CSS/jQuery/Python/K8s/Docker/Ceph/gRPC/C++/OpenCV/websocket

As a technical project manager, hands-on 70% technical works including architecting the whole AI PaaS and some components within, detail described below:

Technical Contributions:

  • Enable an interface for supporting multiple media sources for object recognition, including RTSP streaming and HTTP upload. Also, images and videos were supported.
  • Develop a k8s-based job orchestrator of computing resource allocation.
  • Use Ceph to build storage for the k8s cluster.
  • Developing an AI worker boilerplate to support the aforementioned orchestrator with miscellaneous AI engine support, such as YOLO, ResNet, etc... The built-in SDK was developed to enable job status watching, progress reporting, and job control.
  • Developing an algorithm or the video condensing engine, to reduce the length of surveillance camera video.
  • Some specified YOLO-based recognition models were trained for verification of PaaS and related applications.
  • Developing the facial feature based person identification web service and derivative applications, including the below functions:
    • Person to person comparison.
    • Unknown person identification.
    • Person identification in the video file.
    • Use Nginx, WebSocket(Python Flask, Socket.io), FFmpeg, and reverse proxy (for fitting limited network configuration) to develop RTSP-streaming based real-time person identification.
  • Developing webcam-based real-time person identification by the following tech stack:
    • Microsoft Visual C++ CLR Winform Lib
    • Microsoft SQL Server Express
    • OpenCV
  • Developing crawler for social networks by Selenium

Leadership Contributions:

As a project manager, leading a team for AI applications development and PaaS from 0 to 1.

I am a believer in servant leadership, and I spent a lot of time listening to my squad members to understand their requirements. As a team leader, I am a bulldozer for eliminating any obstacles. However, not only as a servant - I also tried to be a mentor for my squad, considering they are laymen of employment (< 1y experience), my main task in management is teaching experience, including communication skills, logical thinking, and technical skills:

  • How to describe the problem/issue exactly
  • How to divide-and-conquer the complex problem
  • How to describe the situation for non-tech people
  • Principles of technical design

CTO & Co-founder  •  SPQ Inc.

2017/09 - 2018/12

Tech Stack: HTML/CSS/jQuery/React Native/node.js/websocket/AWS Lambda/AWS EC2

As co-founder, I recruited people in this career stage, shaping the team with multiple functions for developing the social-matchmaking product, including UI/UX specialist, marketing specialist, front-end engineer, and site reliability engineer (SRE). Martech and Fintech support were considered in development.

Technical Contributions:

Develop iOS and Android App by React Native. Using node.js with AWS Lambda to develop a backend.

  • Use WebSocket to implement SMS communication.
  • Use Kurento to implement streaming communication.
  • Connect Google Speech Recognition.
  • Facilitate SMS communication by Google translation.

IT Junior Manager  •  Yuanta Investment Consulting Inc.

2016/6 - 2017/9

Tech Stack: HTML/CSS/jQuery/.Net Core(C#)/MS SQL

Leading in-house development instead of outsourcing saved about 3M NTD per year.

Technical Contributions:

  • Implementation and analysis of an automated trading system.
  • - Financial data analysis for supporting equity research.
  • - Internal IT system development and maintenance, including the following items:
    • Research report distribution system
    • CRM
    • Web crawler
    • Financial data hubs, which are connected with big data sources such as Bloomberg, CMoney, etc.
  • Paper portfolio simulator
    • Collect daily stock prices for trading simulations.
    • Evaluate the portfolio from a timeframe-based perspective.
  • Official website development
    • The first paperless registration in Taiwan research website, co-operated with the compliance division to design the process.
    • Member management, deliver equity research reports, some typical stuff.

Software Engineer  •  Funnow.

2015/10 - 2016/3

Tech Stack: HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP/MySQL

Mainly as Web-frontend. Collaborate work with UI/UX/graphic designers.

Technical Contributions:

  • Design and build web-based merchant UI for product management in FunNow.
  • Involved backend architecture design & definition at an early stage.
  • Build the official website with RWD support, and enabled the payment function.

Engineer  •  Innooz Inc.

2015/1 - 2015/6

Tech Stack: Swift/HTML/CSS/jQuery/PHP/MySQL

Mainly as iOS frontend. 


National Cheng Kung University

Ph.D., Manufacturing Information & Systems

2010 - 2021

Ph.D. Thesis: Research on Methodology of Facial-Feature Based Emotion Transition Recognition and Regulation

Publication (Journal):

1. Hui-Chuan Chu, William W.-J. Tsai, Min-Ju Liao, Yuh-Min Chen (2017), Facial Emotion Recognition with Transition Detection for Students with High Functioning Autism in Adaptive e-Learning, Soft Computing (Online) (SCI IF=1.63, 56/130) doi:10.1007/s00500-017-2549-z.

2 .Chu, H.-C., Tsai, W. W.-J., Liao, M.-J., Chen, Y.-M., Chen, J.-Y. (2020). Supporting E-Learning with Emotion Regulation for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Educational Technology & Society, 23 (4), 124–146. (SCI IF=2.086, 88/263, 5y SCI IF=2.720 @2019) 

Publication (Conf.):

 1. Chu, H.C., Tsai, W.W.J., Liao, M.J., Cheng, W.K., Chen, Y.M. & Wang, S.C. (2013). Facial Expression Based Real-Time Emotion Recognition Mechanism for Students with High-Functioning Autism. In J. Herrington, A. Couros & V. Irvine (Eds.), Proceedings of EdMedia: World Conference on Educational Media and Technology 2013 (pp. 1165-1173). Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE). 

2. Hui-Chuan Chu, Min-Ju Liao, Wei-Kai Cheng, William W.-J. Tsai, Yuh-Min Chen (2012), Emotion Classification for Students with Autism in Mathematics e-learning using Physiological and Facial Expression Measures, WASET 2012, Paris, France (EI).

National Cheng Kung University

MSc, Manufacturing Information & Systems

2008 - 2010

National Taitung University

BSc, Information Science & Management Systems

2004 - 2008

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