Welly Lan (Wei-Ren,Lan)

A problem solving /self-motivated person and like to think a problem through multiple perspectives
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DeepWave, AI Engineer, Jul 2020 ~ Now

Deepwave is a startup spun from NTU. Played a role as a fast developer and AI engineer to start new project.

  • Construct an ID card recognition Proof of Concept from scratch in one month.

  • Coordinate and led the interns to do an AI project, from labeling the data to coding. 

  • Build a digital electrical meter recogonition solution from YOLOvˇ in few weeks and deploy it to a factory system.

  • Train and deploy a machine sound anomaly detection system to a factory system and negotiate with the engineers of the industrial customer.

  • Establish a Proof of Concept for the speaker anomaly detection.

  • Self learning about React.js to help develop video editor tool
  • keras/Yolov3/Kaldi/Docker/React.js

Unlimiterhear , Software Engineer, Jul 2018 ~ May 2020

Work in a company specialized in acoustic hearing/audio techonology. Act as a Software Engineer in a team of  20 people to build an acoustic application of deep learning from zero and hold a bluetooth earbuds project. Support hearing aids developing:

  • Build a gender and age recognition of human speech based on deep learning system and deploy it to the AWS with keras, speech processing modules of python, js, css, html and flask.

  • Launch a project about speech enhancement with deep learning, convince supervisor to invest resources, lead my colleague into deep learning and survey the latest method.

  • Lead my colleague to build a speaker recognition project with MFCC Features, GMM model.

  • Enforce a bluetooth headphone with Micro SD slot project, discuss the requirements with the customer and integrate the firmware of the Airoha(MediaTek) bluetooth chip with C.

  • Participate in hearing aids developing , concatenate the audio between Onsemi DSP & Airoha Bluetooth Chip  and evaluate the details of the Onsemi DSP, such as power consumption, background noise, FW Encryption mechanism.

  • Investigate  the latest acoustic, hearing aids, earbuds Industry and technology Information and report to the company owner.


  •  Git/C/Assembly/Python/Speech feature extraction/Data preprocessing /Keras /Tensorflow   

Internlens , Co-founder, Jan 2017 ~  July 2018

Internlens is the Galssdoor for the internship, which enables users to anonymously share their intern experience, so that applicants can know better about the company and the position before they get in, and will thus have a better chance of finding their ideal internship.

FB Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/internlens/


  • Assemble of a focused, self-driven team.

  • Run a fast growing and highly engaged FB group with 45,000+ members.

  • Accumulate 50000+ traffic and 10000+ users in 2 months.

  • Organize the resource to construct a website. https://internlens.com/
  • UX research(survey, interview, usability test, etc.) 

  • Do a research about comparing the policy of the Internship between some countries.

Our social impacts
  • Taiwan Legislator Su Qiaohui cited our report when she asked about politics about rights of interns.
    The videos about Su Qiaohui asking about politics about rights of interns. (
  • Media reports
    - 今周刊:拒絕「 汗」實習 政府如何補漏 ? https://pse.is/QMRU2
    - 風傳媒:你必看的2017學生實習懶人包 https://pse.is/PRFXQ
  • The report we had done. 『實習這件大事』(The big thing about intern)


NTU, Master of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics , 2013 ~ 2017

Thesis:  Endobronchial Ultrasound Image Diagnosis Using Convolutional Neural Network

NTU Net Impact Training Department (2014.01 ~ 2014.12)

  • Design and plan a 10-week social enterprise training courses for college students.

  • Organize a social innovation workshop for 50 people.

NCTU, bachelors of electronic engineering , 2009 ~ 2013

  • Courses: C / C++ / VLSI / Electronics / Digital circuit design / Computer Organization / Data structure / Analog circuit design / Digital signal processing

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