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ASM is a leading, global supplier of semiconductor wafer processing equipment. Our smart and ambitious team is dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions to the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers. With over 2,200 employees based in 16 countries, including the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. Together we work to develop thin-film deposition technologies for our customers through epitaxy, ALD, PEALD, vertical furnaces and PECVD. Our goal is to remain an industry leader by being ahead of what’s next. Focusing on finding collaborative solutions to make integrated circuits, or chips, smaller, faster and even more powerful.

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Produits ou Services

◎ Advanced Packaging Solutions

◎ Advanced Fine Pitch Solutions

◎ Copper Bonding Solutions

◎ Encapsulation Solutions

◎ Image Sensor Applications

◎ Leadframe Solutions

◎ LED/Opto Solutions

◎ Low Pin Count & Discrete Applications

◎ Smart SMT Factory Solutions

◎ Stacked Die Solutions

◎ Display Solutions

◎ COB Solutions


Together – We have the POWER and agility to drive changes. We deliver the highest value and innovative solutions to our customers through products and solutions with advanced technologies and excellent quality. We aspire to make ASMPT a great work place, a great business partner and a great company built to last.

PASSION – to be the #1 “Go to Partner”

OWNERSHIP – of actions and behaviors

WIN – with our customers

EXCELLENCE – in all that we do

RESPECT – for one and all

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Offres d'Emploi

研發工程類-軟體研發工程師/主管 Software R&D Engineer/Supervisor

軟體研發工程師/主管 (多名) 研發工業4.0相關軟體及支援半導體設備自動化軟體開發 • 國立大學資科/資工/電控/電腦/軟體工程/數學/相關技術學系 (學士, 碩士或博士學位)。 • 熟練掌握C語言/C++/C#/Java 及Windows環境的程式設計。 • 擁有豐富的多執行緒程式設計、物件導向程式設計(OOP)及設計模式等領域的知識。 • 具深度學習,機器大數據,或影像處理等經驗者佳。...
Updated 2 mois ago

研發工程類-電腦視覺演算法工程師/主管 Computer Vision Engineer/Supervisor

• Degree or higher in Engineering or Science disciplines (or any degree with courses on pattern recognition and imaging processing) • Good logical thinking and analytical mind • Experience in C/C++...
Updated 2 mois ago

研發工程類-光學系統研發工程師 Optical R&D Engineer

運用幾何光學,物理光學相關知識 負責有關自動化設備的缺陷檢測和定位對準相關的光學技術研究與設計。 • Degree or above in Optical Engineering or relevant disciplines • Relevant knowledge or design experience in Geometrical Optics, Physical Optics or...
Updated 2 mois ago
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