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Job Description

  • 對提供數據顧問服務、軟體開發之產業有基本的了解。
  • 建立市場目標和趨勢分析,定期進行產業競爭及市場調查報告。
  • 維繫良好顧客關係。
  • 定時監管業務績效並即時回報處理問題。
  • 針對不同類型的客戶訂製專屬企劃案。
  • 售前、售中、售後之客戶需求回應。
  • 分析趨勢開發新客戶。


  • 大學或研究所以上,有面對客戶、擔任顧問或 presale 相關經驗者尤佳。
  • 具備專案管理能力,有客戶經營經驗者佳。
  • 有參與產品開發、維運、設計相關經驗者尤佳。
  • 擅於團隊合作,良好的溝通能力,能快速學習跨領域知識,並不斷充實自我。
  • 具備問題分析解決,邏輯歸納能力、以及文字書寫能力。
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3 years of experience required
400,000 ~ 800,000 TWD / year
Optional Remote Work
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Entry level
32K ~ 41K TWD / month
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Mid-Senior level
70K ~ 90K TWD / month
Logo of 木刻思股份有限公司 iiNumbers.
木刻思股份有限公司 iiNumbers
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
11 - 50 people

About us

iiNumbers, the Leading AI Foundry, helps enterprises build their AI-oriented and data-oriented solution to continuously solve the most valuable previously unsolvable problem in a more systematic way. With new business model, service model and frontier AI technologies, iiNumbers will be the part of the revolution of specialization in AI industry, just like IC industry.

iiNumbers can help:

● Modeling as a Service: With private cloud deployed AI Foundry, iiNumbers help enterprises continuously create values with breakthrough of the most valuable and difficult problem step by step.

● pre-trained Model as a Service: With pre-trained AI models, iiNumbers' clients can start to challenge their bottleneck problems rapidly.

● Information Retention Auditing as a Service: With the understanding of the mathematical theory behind AI modeling, iiNumbers also created a framework to fathom how much information from training data will leave in AI model. It will become a part of services in AI Foundry in 2022 Q1. Enterprises can measure the safety of exchanging AI model in an easier way.

● Inference as a Service: With mature AI models, iiNumbers also provide inference APIs directly.

In the last 6 years, iiNumbers helped enterprises in

● Financial Industry (Banking, Insurance, Securities, Sports Betting and Fund Management) 🏦

● Retail and E-commerce 🛍️ 🛒

● Semiconductor and Manufacturing ⚡🏭

● Hospital and BioMed Tech 🏥 🧬

build their solutions:

● Automated Market Making 📈

● Personalized Interaction Services (Search, Recommendation and Innovative Interactions) 🔍

● Sales Forecasting 🤑

● Warehouse Management 📦

● Logistic Optimization

● Scheduling 📅

● Manufacturing Process & Environment Optimization 🌏 🌱 🌳

● Automated Testing and Defect Detections 🧪

● AI in Medical Images 📷

● AI in Security 🛡️



● 模型作為一種服務:憑藉私有雲部署的AI鑄造廠,iiNumbers幫助企業逐步突破最有價值和最困難的問題,持續創造價值。

● 預訓練模型作為一種服務:憑藉預訓練的AI模型,iiNumbers的客戶可以迅速開始挑戰他們的瓶頸問題。

● 信息保留審計作為一種服務:憑藉對AI建模背後的數學理論的理解,iiNumbers還創建了一個框架,以深入理解訓練數據在AI模型中會留下多少信息。這將在2022年第一季度成為AI鑄造廠服務的一部分。企業可以更容易地衡量交換AI模型的安全性。

● 推理作為一種服務:憑藉成熟的AI模型,iiNumbers也直接提供推理API。


● 金融業(銀行,保險,證券,體育賭博和基金管理)🏦

● 零售和電子商務 🛍️ 🛒

● 半導體和製造業 ⚡🏭

● 醫院和生物醫學技術 🏥 🧬


● 自動化市場製造 📈

● 個性化互動服務(搜索,推薦和創新互動)🔍

● 銷售預測 🤑

● 倉庫管理 📦

● 物流優化

● 排程 📅

● 製造過程和環境優化 🌏 🌱 🌳

● 自動化測試和缺陷檢測 🧪

● 醫療影像中的AI 📷

● 安全領域的AI 🛡️



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