商務拓展經理 (Business Development/BD Manager)

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Job Description

BITGIN是台灣首家合規的加密貨幣交易所 ,致力於成為台幣進入加密貨幣世界的入口,打造台灣區塊鏈生態系;目前持續積極拓展2B商業合作及2C多元服務,我們歡迎擁有市場開發、區塊鏈產品經驗又渴望發揮商業頭腦的你加入!

1. 評估市場需求和生態狀況。
2. 協助構築產品發展策略與定位。
3. 開發客戶、通路,並進行前期行銷推廣、技術支援。
4. 即時回應產品狀況並進行調整。
5. 客戶關係維護並定期分析報告。
6. 產品相關知識性內容素材整理製作。


1. 對區塊鏈產業生態(Defi,Cefi)有深度認識、負有熱忱。
2. 流暢的英文口語溝通、簡報。
3. 三年以上相關工作經驗。

1. 我們期待你是個大方、獨立且充滿創意的人。
2. 具有說服力,善於將想法感染給他人。
3. 曾任職於區塊鏈/創投產業擔任BD/Sales/MKT角色。

Interview process

1. HR
2. CEO

3 years of experience required
50,000 ~ 100,000 TWD / month
Optional Remote Work
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Mid-Senior level
1M ~ 1.7M TWD / year
Logo of 畢竟科技股份有限公司.

About us



2017 年起,區塊鏈市場充斥著各種負面消息,讓區塊鏈市場蒙上一層陰影,我們希望利用高規格的 KYC 、教育市場、代理良好工具等配套措施,提供用戶更好的保障,建立更好的生態系,讓用戶能夠重拾信心。

畢竟科技股份有限公司 為一家科技新創公司,於2020 年 9 月設立,並於2021年成為台灣首家完成金管會認證及會計師複核之加密貨幣交易所。主要打造區塊鏈生態系,致力於成為台幣進入加密貨幣世界的入口,以最簡單的方式提供給用戶最需要的加密貨幣服務。現在我們持續拓展2B商業合作及2C多元服務,並即將於2023年啟動國際項目,歡迎對區塊鏈有共同理念、熱忱的你加入,一起探索未知領域,解放無限潛能!



● 扁平化管理:我們相信每位成員都能對公司的決策提供有價值的意見和建議,因此實行扁平化管理,讓每位成員都有參與公司相關決策的權利。

● 高效率運作:我們注重團隊成員的工作態度和效率,停止抱怨、懶惰、不進步,並且強調每位成員都對公司的效率有著至關重要的貢獻。

● 創新和挑戰:我們鼓勵團隊成員提供新想法和解決方案,並支持他們嘗試和冒險。我們相信只有勇於嘗試和不怕失敗的成員才能取得更大的成功。

● 強大向心力:我們的團隊來自不同的文化和背景,但致力於實現同一個目標。我們的團隊擁有強大的向心力,這使我們能夠相互支持和協作,並共同實現區塊鏈技術的普及和發展。


【Our mission】

"To make Cryptocurrency for public use."

Since 2017, the blockchain market has been plagued with negative news, casting a shadow over the industry. To help users regain their confidence, we provide high-standard KYC verification, educational resources, and reliable tools to build a better ecosystem and provide greater protection.

BITGIN Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology start-up established in September 2020. In 2021, we became the first cryptocurrency exchange in Taiwan certified by the Financial Supervisory Commission and the Review of Accountants. We aim to build a blockchain ecosystem. We want to provide the entrance for Taiwan dollars to enter the cryptocurrency world and give our users the most needed cryptocurrency services in the simplest way. Our team continues to expand 2B business cooperation and 2C multi-services and will soon launch international Defi projects in 2023.

We welcome anyone who shares our passion for blockchain to join us, explore uncharted territories, and unlock infinite potential!

【Our team】

After all, the team comprises professionals who love blockchain and come from Top worldwide universities. They value independent learning and self-investment.

Our main business philosophy:

  • Flat organization management: We believe that every member can provide valuable insights and suggestions for company decisions, so we practice flat management and give every member the right to participate in related decisions.
  • High-speed efficiency: We emphasize the work attitude and efficiency of team members, stop complaining, laziness, and lack of progress, and emphasize that each member has a crucial contribution to the company's efficiency.
  • Innovation and growth: As a learning organization with rapid development, we welcome members who dare to try and are not afraid of failure, pursue innovation and grow together.
  • Strong cohesion: Our team comes from different cultures and backgrounds but is committed to achieving the same goal. Our team has strong cohesion, which allows us to support and collaborate with each other and jointly promote the popularization and development of blockchain technology.


Entry level
33K ~ 40K TWD / month

Mid-Senior level
800K ~ 1.5M TWD / year

Mid-Senior level
1.2M ~ 2.2M TWD / year