Job Description

我們是來自於台灣的新創公司,專注於結合 IoT 與 AI 的產品開發。我們團隊成員都有 10 年以上的深厚業界經歷,目前正在開發一款智慧型的寶寶攝影機 Cubo,透過 AI 強大的影像分析能力來判斷寶寶一些比較危險的情境,減少新生兒父母的擔憂。產品會在2018年五月於台灣嘖嘖平台上架並獲得相當好的成績,準備於2019年年中進入美國市場。

團隊運作方式透明、扁平,公司文化重視 User-centric design 以及 Lean Startup,擅長先從使用者訪談了解用戶痛點再設計產品,在產品開發過程中重視使用者聲音,透過早期驗證的方式,增加產品上市時的成功機率。

在這裡,你有機會學習到完整的 Lean Startup 產品開發經歷,從無到有、從台灣到國際市場的經歷,有機會一起參與打造世界一流產品。我們正在招募新成員,如果你有興趣歡迎一起加入我們。

Job Description

Cubo baby monitor is a product that incorporates cloud computing, edge computing, AI and mobile technologies. In this job, you will be responsible for the development of one of Cubo’s core components, the Cubo embedded system. You will be joining the team designed to make Cubo one of the best smart baby monitor in the world.

What you’ll do

* Cubo camera firmware system design and development, from system to application.

* Implement Machine Learning algorithms to provide innovative functions like the cry detection

* Integrate with P2P SDK to provide video and audio streaming functions

* Optimize the performance and writing unit tests to ensure the product quality


## Requirements
* 2+ years experience working in the embedded Linux
* Experiences with Linux system, boot loader, cross compiler and toolchain
* Solid C, C++ and shell scripts programming / debugging skills
* Experiences with git or gitlab software version control system

## Nice to have
* Understanding Machine Learning or A.I. techniques
* Experience with P2P Video and Audio transmission technologies


40K ~ 80K TWD/month



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Cubo AI寶寶攝影機 (雲云科技)


About us

我們是一個愛寶寶的台灣新創團隊,結合了 AI 菁英、行銷專家、及禾馨婦幼醫院小兒科副院長 - 葉勝雄醫師的力量,一起研發「 Cubo AI智慧成長型寶寶攝影機」。我們相信每個寶寶都是送子鳥的恩賜,應該被好好守護。歡迎你加入我們的行列,一起守護全台灣、全世界的每個寶寶!

雲云是一家非常注重「使用者體驗」,並以「精實創業(Lean Startup)」為核心的台灣新創公司,團隊成員來自AI、軟體、硬體、國際行銷,有平均超過15年的年資。並有多位連續創業家。「Cubo AI 智慧寶寶攝影機」是我們第一個誕生的產品,目前 Cubo 在市場上也已受到台灣爸媽高度關注與喜愛,加入 Cubo,你能真實參與新創公司「從0到1、從無到有」的刺激過程!


We’re a Taiwan startup and we love babies. We’re building the smart baby monitor “Cubo” with pioneers in AI technology, marketing, and in collaboration with the Pediatric associate dean, Dr. Yeh, from the renowned Dianthus MFM Clinic. Come join us and help us protect every baby in the world and keep them safe and sound!

At Yunyun Tech, we put user experience at the forefront and we live by the Lean Startup values in our DNA. We have world-class team members that have been working in AI, software, hardware, design, marketing, and building startups for over 15 years. Our smart baby monitor Cubo is loved by many new parents in Taiwan and we invite you to come along for the journey!

We’re also part of the batch #16 from AppWorks, the biggest startup accelerator in Taiwan, where you can learn and be part of the latest technology trend and work among the best of the best in Taiwan!

有興趣者加入我們的你,歡迎用CakeResume應徵,或直接將簡歷寄到 [email protected]

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