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Hi!Tutor is a Taiwan-based online tutoring company.

We have more than 17 language courses, including English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Korean/Thai…and so on.

We are currently looking for teachers who are enthusiastic in teaching online.

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Hitutor, the Subsidiary of Dewey International Education Consultants Ltd., is Taiwan’s first and largest online multi-language learning organization.Established in 2009, Hitutor provides the highest quality online language learning service for learners in Taiwan and opens a new era of online education. Today, we offer beyond 50 themed professional and interesting courses with over 15 languages for more than 30,000 learners to learn online worldwide.


Ed Son



職缺內容: 【授課方式】線上授課系統 【授課地點】舒適的家中 【工作時間】24/7都可授課,時間由你決定! 【授課設備】電腦或筆電、耳麥、穩定的網路 【授課類型】一對一 【課堂長度】25/50分鐘 【教材】請自備教材
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職缺內容: 【授課方式】線上授課系統 【授課地點】舒適的家中 【工作時間】24/7都可授課,時間由你決定! 【授課設備】電腦或筆電、耳麥、穩定的有線或固定wifi網路 【授課類型】一對一 【課堂長度】25/50分鐘 【教材】HiTutor提供
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線上越南文老師Vietnamese Teacher Tutor

職缺內容: 【授課方式】線上授課系統 【授課地點】舒適的家中 【工作時間】24/7都可授課,時間由你決定! 【授課設備】電腦或筆電、耳麥、穩定的網路 【授課類型】一對一 【課堂長度】25/50分鐘 【教材】老師自備教材
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