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Logo of PenguinSmart 啟兒寶.
Logo of PenguinSmart 啟兒寶.
PenguinSmart 啟兒寶
Logo of PenguinSmart 啟兒寶.
PenguinSmart 啟兒寶
Logo of PenguinSmart 啟兒寶.
PenguinSmart 啟兒寶

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PenguinSmart發起于美國矽谷,由麻省理工與哈佛校友聯合創辦,推動智慧型客製化復健支持服務,為病患家屬賦能,成為家人復健過程的重要參與者。現從影響全球1/6孩子的溝通力發育問題開始,圍繞家長關注的 “我孩子目前發育進度是否正常?” 和“若有發育落後的問題,我現在可以怎麼做?” 等問題,線上服務關注孩子發育的海內外華人家庭。其客製化資料平臺不僅有效實現 “以家庭為核心” 的早期療育模式,更8倍延展每一專業治療師的服務範圍與人群。至今,已與多家醫療與教育單位協作,共同服務廣大海內外華人家庭。由美國顛覆者日報評選為全球育兒類十大顛覆型企業,及入圍2021年“世界前百大醫療遠見獎”。近期更獲得全美第一之企業新創加速器Alchemist Accelerator 及國際加速器SparkLabs 背書,追求“為每個家庭釋出最大健康幸福潛力”的願景。

PenguinSmart is enabling intelligent, individualized rehab therapy for all, starting with online speech and language therapy support for children. Founded by Harvard & MIT alumni, our team combines the latest data sciences with expert insights to empower caregivers to become a key part of the rehab journey. We are first remotely serving the 1 in 6 families with developmentally delayed children while developing global solutions for other conditions. Our solutions speed up rehab progress and allow therapists to oversee more patients without sacrificing quality of care. PenguinSmart is backed by Alchemist Accelerator, was named one of the Top 10 Disruptive Parenting Companies by Disruptor Daily, and was recently chosen as one of the "Top 100 Healthcare Visionaries" in the US. (EN) | (CN)

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Our Vision

Ensure that every child can get the help they need to unleash their potential, no matter their starting point





Our Mission

Empower every parent to be their child's development coach

Enable every provider to work at the top of their license

Encourage every child to become the best they can be



Our Goals

Bring a life-changing experience to our users

Deliver reliable, trustworthy services to the families we work with

Establish consistent, impactful partnerships with top-tier healthcare organizations and providers


你是否想要加入全球化的新創團隊,支持解決世界上真正有意義的問題? PenguinSmart正在招募 教學營運與研發主管 幫助推動AI輔助線上復健支持服務,從而實現將優質有效的語言治療觸及到國內外更多需要的家庭。 【工作內容】 督導協助學員鍛鍊計劃的執行 協助教學課程研發 帶領團隊打造頂級的學員關懷實踐; 執行、衡量和持續優化流程,以確保學員滿意度 定期與學員溝通互動,提高其居家介入依從性,協...
40K ~ 51K TWD / month
3 years of experience required
Managing staff numbers: not specified