OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security) cover image
Logo of OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security).
Logo of OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security).
OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security)
Logo of OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security).
OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security)
Logo of OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security).
OffSec (Previously known as Offensive Security)

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OffSec stands proudly as the world's most reputable and trailblazing provider of hands-on cybersecurity training and certification for both red and blue teams. Our relentless commitment to excellence is reflected in our industry-standard, rigorous training programs, sought-after certified alumni, and cutting-edge methodologies.

Infusing the "Try Hard" mindset into our courses, we equip students to attack like cunning hackers and defend like seasoned security professionals. Our curriculum encompasses immersive, real-world simulated lab environments featuring an array of challenging attack, defense machines, chains, and networks. As a result, we cater to esteemed customers from diverse vertical industries, governments, financial institutions, and esteemed educational establishments.

OffSec has garnered accolades for empowering corporate clients and individuals alike, enabling them to up-skill in both offensive and defensive capabilities, ultimately bolstering their cyber resilience.

At OffSec, we are driven by an audacious mission: to empower the world in its fight against cyber threats through the inspiration of the Try Harder mindset. This ethos permeates our organization, fostering a unique culture—one we are steadfastly devoted to safeguarding as we expand our horizons.

Embedded within our core, our values serve as the guiding principles that inform our interactions with one another and the broader world. With utmost sincerity, we hope you embrace these values and the behaviors that underpin them.

作為Kali Linux 的開創者和OSCP證書的發行者,OffSec 是全球最值得信賴的網路安全培訓和認證領導者,為紅隊和藍隊提供實戰訓練。我們嚴格的課程標準,卓越的校友認證,以及「更加努力」的心態,讓學生能像駭客一樣攻擊,像安全專家一樣防禦。透過真實模擬環境,幫助企業、政府、金融和教育機構提升防禦能力,協助個人在網路安全領域職涯更上一層樓。

OffSec 的使命:啟發「更加努力」的心態,賦予全球對抗網路威脅的能力,我們將堅守獨特文化,不斷保護。


Products or services




    1. PEN-200 (OSCP) : 使用Kali Linux進行滲透測試
    2. PEN-300 (OSEP) : 高級逃避技術與突破防禦措施
    3. WEB-200 (OSWA) : 使用Kali Linux進行基礎網頁應用程式評估
    4. WEB-300 (OSWE) : 高級網頁攻擊與利用技術
    5. EXP-301 (OSED) : Windows 使用者模式漏洞開發
    6. EXP-312 (OSMR) : 高級 macOS 控制繞過技術
    7. SOC-200 (OSDA) 

    驗證場(Proving Ground)-個人版,企業版分為:本地部署,和託管式服務

    Learn Enterprise:
    Attract, assess, develop, and retain

    是為滿足企業特定需求而創建的,通過持續的技能發展和知識獲取來解決網路安全人才缺口。吸引、評估、發展和保留您的資安人才儲備,完整全面的自選課程並結合多元化lab - OffSec Cyber Range

    Learn Enterprise 配套包含的服務內容:

    • 完整的 OffSec 學習資料庫內容、學習路徑、課程和實驗室
    • 每位使用者可自由登錄 OffSec Cyber Range (適用於企業的模擬真實網絡環境,包含常見的配置和弱點,定期更新最新的攻擊向量,供紅隊和藍隊使用)
    • 管理員面板提供即時使用情況和分析報告
    • 訂閱期間內可重新指派許可證分發。

    演示、展示需求,請咨詢:Cathy Huang at [email protected]


    Case Studies
    Discover how companies from around the world use OffSec to close the cyber skills gap and strengthen their security posture

    (1) 100% OSCP Certified Team: How PacketLabs Recruits Top Talent

    Recognising the intrinsic value of a strong and capable cybersecurity team, PacketLabs has been proactive in navigating the imminent skills shortage that plagues the industry. 

    They embarked on a meticulous search for an industry-recognized course and certification that would serve as a trusted and reliable hiring benchmark, ensuring a team of highly qualified practitioners equipped with the skills necessary to face the evolving cybersecurity landscape with confidence. 

    Furthermore, PacketLabs puts a large emphasis on the methodological approach and soft skills in pentesting, and this is also precisely what a vendor they would choose as the benchmark needed to have in its curriculum and teach those that take the certification. 

    Enter OffSec. Through their partnership with OffSec, PacketLabs has now established an “OSCP minimum” in their hiring process to ensure they are only hiring top talent. 

    Watch the full video case study to learn how PacketLabs is navigating the skills shortage and continues to hire top talent using OffSec certification as a benchmark.

    (2) How the University of Tulsa is Educating and Training the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals

    For more than two decades, the University of Tulsa has been at the forefront of cybersecurity research and education – as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education, it’s one of the first 14 institutions in the US awarded this distinction.

    Read our brand new case study in the Product Information Section of the Partner Portal to learn more about how the University of Tulsa is utilising our off-the-shelf “Pathways in a Box” to educate and train the next generation of cybersecurity professionals.

    {Download Case Study}

    (3) Students find cybersecurity career success after completing Offensive Security courses

    Pôle Formation Des Industries Technologiques is a French training center that specializes in high-level degrees in cybersecurity, among other fields. Students often take work-study courses under an apprenticeship with various companies. This allows them to obtain a recognized diploma while gaining professional experience.

    Pôle needed a partnership with a cybersecurity training provider that can equip its students for successful careers in cybersecurity. This included training that not only taught relevant technical skills but also cybersecurity methodologies and soft skills needed for a successful career in the field. Furthermore, industry-recognized certifications were required for students to advance their careers.

    Through a partnership with Offensive Security, Pôle students had the opportunity to enroll in the PEN-200 course and earn the coveted OSCP. Students who successfully completed the course were able to prove technical acumen and were given a merit salary increase and promotions across the board.

    Read the case study to learn more about how Pôle students found success in their cybersecurity careers.

    Work environment

    OffSec 招聘职位清单:



    Fill up the following link to grab on the discount:
    1 ~ 1 USD / month
    No requirement for relevant working experience
    No management responsibility

    Hi, Cybersecurity Training Creation and Development Leaders! Are you passionate about building and leading a talented cybersecurity team to create the world’s best and most effective cybersecurity ...
    Singapore, 台灣
    1 ~ 1 USD / year
    10 years of experience required
    Managing staff numbers: not specified