11 - 50 people
$60 Million
No. 168, Section ...

Internship Program 電子商務實習生

Oriente 提供有志朝網際網路、電子商務發展的同學長期實習機會。同學將與Marketing/customer service/Account manager團隊一起工作學習,並將被指派負責專案,以得到更多將理論應用到實際工作的機會! 特色一 ☞ 電子商務經營know-h...

Updated 4 days agoDaily TWD 1,000 ~ 1,000


Customer Service Coordinator 客戶支援服務專員

Job Description: Use e-mail, telephone and online chat real-time system to help customers solve problems and guide customers to operate c...

Updated 4 days agoMonthly TWD 28,000 ~ 35,000

Full-timeEntry level台北中山區捷運南京復興站

Marketing Manager

Utilize regional marketing strategy and insights to create a hyper-local marketing plan best suited for your unique challenges and opport...

Updated 23 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 90,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站

IT Manager

You will build and construct the information systems in the Multinational Corporation(Taiwan, mainland, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia bran...

Updated 27 days agoMonthly TWD 150,000 ~ 180,000



Setup, configure, maintain and performance tune database . Implement change request on database In-depth monitor database status and data...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站


The request is for a consultant to provide operations (DevOps) support (troubleshooting, executing changes, and request fulfilment) of ou...

Updated 25 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 100,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站

Regional Project Manager

· To oversee the planning, implementation, and tracking of a specific short-term project which has a beginning, an end and specified deli...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 120,000 ~ 160,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站

QA Automation Engineer (Junior/Senior)

This position is responsible for product development testing,Web & iOS & Android app, REST API test, mobile application. Join a world-cla...

Updated about 1 month agoMonthly TWD 80,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站

Backend Software Engineer (Junior/Senior)

Build and create new features API for our apps (customer-facing and internal). Take ownership of specific modules, maintain it and make r...

Updated 25 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站

Frontend Software Engineer (Junior/Senior)

We focus on cutting-edge front-end development technologies. We work closely with UI/UX designers and backend engineers and deliver high-...

Updated 25 days agoMonthly TWD 60,000 ~ 130,000

Full-timeMid-Senior level台北中山區捷運南京復興站

Account Manager (Sales)

Develop and maintain strategic business relationship with major accounts to promote brand awareness and profitable business relationship....

Updated 15 days agoMonthly TWD 30,000 ~ 60,000

Full-timeEntry level台北中山區捷運南京復興站