11 - 50 people
$60 Million
No. 168, Section ...

Oriente 香港商奧東有限公司台灣分公司


No. 168, Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491


我們是一個快速成長的新創公司,專注在數位金融領域。2018年,我們即將踏入東南亞新興市場(Philippine,Indonesia,Vietnam),解決上億人的數位金融習慣。 創辦人來自國際級的互聯網創業家,實業家,頂尖顧問咨詢,風險創投,再次聚集打造新的獨角獸。你將可以與Oriente 的頂尖團隊中,發揮您的熱情與專長。 如果你希望能夠與改變世界的夥伴一起工作。此刻,我們期待你的加入。 Oriente was founded in April 2016 address a multi-trillion-dollar problem in emerging markets – the lack of affordable credit, even for the salaried middle class. The company is creating the leading digital financial services marketplace in Emerging Asia by leveraging its proprietary technology and data science, paired with its strategic partners’ assets, to create an efficient, formal and fair financial infrastructure. Learn more at http://orienteexpress.com/ ------------------------------------ The global office has: Hong Kong (head office), Shanghai, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia. At Oriente, you can work happily and challenge anything.

Products or services

Salary Deduction Loan Our Salary Deduction product offers easy-to-access loans with competitive interest rates, through a digital marketplace. This assists employees who need to advance or extend their salary for tuition payments, aspirational purchases, or unexpected needs. Employers also benefit from the employee retention and camaraderie built by the digital social ecosystem.


Our digital financial services marketplace utilizes the latest technology to enable Filipinos to tap into loan facilities and wealth management products to bridge their ever-growing needs.

Employee benefits

工作配備: - macbook/Microsoft Surface Pro任你挑 -超耐坐頂級人體工學椅 -24吋大螢幕、IP Phone超棒 彈性生活: -彈性上下班時間,不必困在辦公室 -到職即享有特休12天福利 -國內外旅遊 -定期WorkShop邀請資深Coder、PM、異業交流 -頂級員工健診 學習福利: -吃不完的零食、放空專屬休憩區、隨時PK的XBOX -海外出差或派駐海外分公司交流(2 Week) -學習研習營、學習補助經費

Work environment

因為你的與眾不同,所以你值得我們待你與眾不同: 工作環境: -美國綠建築認證LEED鑽石級金融大樓辦公室暨捷運共構宅 -英國得獎室內設計的辦公環境 -互動白板隨你發揮