CRM & Automation Marketing Specialist

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Job Description

Here at Playsee, we offer you not just the chance to be different, but also the chance to make a difference.

Here at Playsee, we are given greater freedom at work and positions are largely label-free. Of course, with great freedom comes great responsibilities. Some may think we are always hyped up on caffeine, but really, we are just a bunch of hard working out-of-the-box thinkers who share the same goal to bring our visions to life. As a company which aspires to get people to go out and explore, we collaborate in an open space, regardless of positions, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives; it's just not in our culture to categorize one another.

But here is our attempt at describing who you might be: As the CRM & Automation Marketing Specialist, you are the bridge between Playsee and our potential users and customers. Finding the right audiences and help them understand what Playsee can bring for them will be a daily challenge for you.

Here's what you'll be doing most of the time, if you're not too busy getting out of your comfort zone:

1. Build customer journey maps to create and deliver landing pages and associated campaigns accordingly
2. Identify and handle audience acquisition, curation, and customer information management
3. Execute a strong understanding of segmentation and personalization to effectively grow, nurture, and maintain audiences
4. Establish, maintain and improve strategy to ensure scalable processes and best practices
5. Study industry standard and determine KPIs, and drive campaign results to meet those objectives
6. Create reports, forms and forecasts to optimize user acquisition, revenue, conversion rates, etc.
7. Experiences in MailChimp, Salesforce and other automation/CRM platforms preferred

And if we were being technical, this is what you'd look like, not as a person, but on paper:

1. Bachelor Degree in Marketing, Computer Science or equivalent experiences in email marketing and CRM required
2. 1-2 years of experience in both B2C & B2B marketing.
3. Experience in global markets across multiple channels and languages.
4. Expert on strategic planning and execution of marketing automation programs
5. Excellent problem-solving skills, attention to detail, self-motivated with a growth mindset and ability to work under pressure.
6. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
7. Strong Microsoft Excel skills and experience with reporting and data analysis
8. Experience with HTML a plus

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About us


我們是一個融合社群媒體與全球探索的初創品牌。我們口中的“探索”,並不是在動態牆上漫無目的滑著那些過度編輯、光鮮亮麗的照片 - 我們希望用戶能夠穿越任意門,透過在地導遊與冒險家們的眼中來體會最真實的旅行經驗。
和用戶(我們稱他們為Playsee Guide)一起在巴黎街頭的咖啡廳享受下午茶,或是在冰島趨船前往觀賞鯨魚群游的美景,是我們的夢想。






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