Sr. Front-end Developer

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Job Description

About Rytass

Rytass provides consulting services and solutions for growing business among brand strategy, creative, software solutions and marketing. From ideas to products, our resilient and skilled team makes a solid pipeline for clients. By full engaged in every single projects, we are more likely to associate with clients to partners, and weave a powerful network.

Our Mission

For every pioneer business and bold ideas, we have an open approach to different expertise. “To reach the edge frontier,” exactly defines our daily life. More importantly: we deliver.



  • Develop websites with React and Typescript.
  • Collaborate with back-end developers, UI designers, UX designers and project managers.
  • Design reusable components and keep them reasonable.
  • Code reviews with your partners.


  • 3+ year experience in developing front-end websites.
  • Proficient in React/Angular/Vue and willing to use React in development.
  • Proficient in css-preprocessors (sass/scss).
  • Experience in Typescript or any other type checker for Javascript.
  • Experience in responsive web design.
  • Experience in RESTful API or GraphQL API.
  • Experience in web accessibilities or SEO optimization.
  • Package your project with self designed webpack/esbuild/swc configuration.
  • Be enthusiastic about user experiences.
  • Working with Macintosh OS and terminal.
  • Passionate about research.
  • Knowledge in web security.
  • Surfing in git commits ocean.

Bonus Qualification

  • Experience in a testing framework like Jest, mocha, cypress, etc.
  • Experience in web animation or 3D processing.
  • Experience in NodeJS or other programming languages.
  • Experience in CI/CD.
  • Experience in Linux.
  • Experience in payment service providers in Taiwan.
  • Developed at least one library-level projects.
  • Technical clubs founder or collaborators.
  • Participant with open source projects.

Interview process

Please send your resume or portfolio to [email protected] ,we will contact the appropriate candidates within 7 days.

1M ~ 1.6M TWD / year
Managing 1-5 staff
Optional Remote Work
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Logo of Rytass Co., Ltd..

Rytass Co., Ltd.

About us

Discovering the discovered. 

既然已知,又何須探索?透過傾聽與觀察這世界,將習以為常的環境,用想像力讓他變得更好。我們覺得這樣的自己,很浪漫。Rytass 就是如此一家公司,佈局全球、挑戰技術、高端大器、以人為本之類的,還真的都有符合,但認真寫出來就不好玩了,那實在有點中二,也蠻糗。都看到這裡了,現在想要問問你敢不敢,跟我們一起浪漫?


We Accelerate The Organization's Transition to The Future Period. 
Rytass was founded in 2013 by partners from different fields, of the kinds mentioned are computer science, communication, and creative design. This is why we embrace all ingenious ideas and are open to distinct approaches. We have successfully helped Taiwan’s largest consumer finance company to build a digital marketing platform in 2019. Meanwhile, we are the information technology and brand consultant of the National Theater and Concert Hall.

To Dedicate A Proposal for The Coming Era.
Starting from the human race, experiences, and sustainability, we would like to explore more frontiers. Our new open-source plan Rytass Research℠ includes UX/UI, open-source development tools, creative events, digital marketing tools, and business observation. By the end of 2021, we will launch at least three projects to the public. As the saying goes: Many hands can deliver powerful outcomes. The concentrated strength of the community can come up more, and fulfill a better world.

創立於 2013 年,Rytass 是由資訊工程、行銷與設計專業人員共同組成的團隊。開放的協作環境有益於更具整合性地完成任務。我們已成功為中國信託銀行建立線上自媒體平台,並為國家兩廳院在場館系統建置與品牌識別設計上提供專業服務。

以人類、體驗設計與永續性為出發點,我們渴望探索更多。新的開源研究計劃 Rytass Research℠ 將涵蓋使用者體驗與介面設計、資訊工程工具開發、創意活動、數位行銷工具及產業觀察。在 2021 年結束之前,將對公眾至少推出 3 項計畫成果。正如同諺語所說:廣徵博採,取眾之長。更多人的努力與智慧,將可能為世界帶來改變。


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