1 - 10 people
$6 Million

國外業務/行銷專員 Regional Sales & Marketing Specialist

Job Description

[Sales Side]

1. Find potential clients ( via emails, site visits, cold calls, online tools) and markets to achieve sales goal

2. Responsible for foreign clients and process orders

3. Be able to offer quotations and present our products to various clients; be responsible for the payment transaction of these clients

4. Communicate company vision policies, activities and products to various clients

5. Provide continuous customer care service pre & post sales

6. Handle clients’ complaints

7. Maintain company and clients’ business relationship

8. Attend Trade shows and follow up business leads

9. Execute the director’s instructions

[Marketing Side]

1. Market analysis, competitors survey, business strategy planning, product line-up planning (this will require some project management skills)

2. Marketing direction planning
3. Channel strategy setting and management

4. Advertising and promotion strategy planning


1. 擁有顧客思維,瞭解使用者在想什麼 2. 對科技和儀器有興趣,喜歡主動學習 3. Self-driven motivation. Curiosity and Entrepreneurship are encouraged. 4. Fluency in speaking, writing, listening English is required. 5. Super smart that demonstrates fast learning abilities 這是一個有挑戰性的國外業務工作,Scarlet Tech是一間專注利用物聯網和新科技改善勞工安全和各項環境數據監控的新創公司,我們的客戶遍及全世界,包括Fortune 500公司、Emirates Airlines、ABB、Samsung、SAAB等,需要對國外客戶開發充滿熱忱的人才,溝通反應快,每年有二到三次的海外出差機會,我們用了大量的工具增加效率,公司採取美式溝通方式,需要聰明、可自主管理的人才。 We are agile, moving very fast and needs personnel who can react very quickly. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.


Monthly TWD 33,000 ~ 45,000



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