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Company summary

Trait enables people, businesses, and organizations to share, connect, and transact where they otherwise wouldn’t. We are developing a world class verification platform with the long term goal of creating the verified people graph.


Our ambition extends beyond ID verification. We're focused on authenticating attributes and claims (e.g. skills, experiences, professional credentials). This approach fosters trust, ensures certainty, and builds confidence. Our platform is built on a foundation of hundreds of millions of data points and advanced AI and ML, ensuring reliable verification at scale.


The internet was built without an identity layer. You don’t always know who you are talking to online. This limits what we trust and at worst, exposes us to danger. Every product today needs to be built with trust, authenticity and safety at its core. With authenticity, existing social networks and products focus on identity. e.g. is this a real person? Verifying identity is important, but verifying the underlying attributes about a person (eg. their success, achievements, membership of a specific community, claims) is higher value.


Founding members of our team have held product and engineering leadership roles at top Silicon Valley companies and have built & managed distributed teams in the US, Europe & Asia. We are a Silicon Valley based startup founded by ex-Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon, and Yahoo tech executives with offices in San Francisco, London and Taipei.

我們團隊的創始成員曾在矽谷頂尖公司擔任產品和工程領導職務,並在美國、歐洲和亞洲建立和管理分散式團隊。我們是一家總部位於矽谷的新創公司,由前 Facebook、Instagram、Airbnb、亞馬遜和雅虎科技高層創立,在舊金山、倫敦和台北設有辦公室。

We are lucky to be backed by amazing VCs and individuals who hold key leadership positions at some of silicon valley's biggest companies, and we are extremely thankful for their support and investment.

我們非常感謝在矽谷一些最大的公司中擔任關鍵領導職務的創投家的支持和投資 。

Our Cultural Principles:


Work hard, have fun, make history: Build products that benefit the world by working hard to create new ways to help people, while having fun doing it.


Proceed and be bold: Take action and be confident in your decisions and actions.


Embrace Wholeness: We believe in embracing all aspects of life in our work journey. We don't compartmentalize personal and professional lives; instead, we recognize that our holistic selves contribute to our success and growth.


Integrate Passion and Purpose: We encourage bringing your passions and personal values into your work. Finding purpose in what you do enhances motivation and fosters a more fulfilling work experience.


Live Authentically: Authenticity matters. We value team members who are genuine and bring their true selves to work, blurring the lines between personal and professional identities.


Dedication should be Rewarded: We recognize that the journey to success demands dedication and hard work. We offer competitive compensation that reflects the value of integrating personal and professional lives, while acknowledging that striving for excellence requires an investment of effort and time.


Products or services

Problems we're solving (我們正在解決的問題):

  1. Hiring and interviewing is broken: Companies have to rely on time consuming and costly talent acquisition processes to hire the best candidates招聘和面試機制不完善:公司必須依靠耗時和昂貴的人才獲取流程來找到好的候選人
  2. People with a successful track record are not identified for the jobs they deserve: Employees internal successes can’t easily be used externally 無法辨識擁有成功紀錄表現者是否能勝任他們得到的工作:員工內顯的成就無法被呈現出來
  3. Claims about success are unproven: There’s no way to verify (e.g. ratings, level) and share with the world 關於成功的說法未經證實:沒有經過驗證(例如評級、層級)且無法與世界分享

Solutions we're building (我們正在建構的解決方案):

  1. Eliminate time consuming sourcing and interviewing steps: Companies can hire previously ‘locked away’ verified high performers instantly 消除耗時的外包和面試步驟:公司可以立即僱用事前已經“鎖定”的高效能、已驗證人員
  2. Drastically reduce the time it takes to find an upleveled new role: Increase confidence in past successes. Allow them to be used to land opportunities anywhere, forever 大幅減少尋找更適合人員所需時間:增加對過往成就的信心,使人們往後在任何地方都能被重用
  3. Standardize and verify claims: Expose and verify previously hidden successes so they’re recognized industry wide 標準化和驗證機制:顯示和驗證以往隱含的成就,以便增加個人在產業中的辨識度

We’re also tapping into accelerating trends. Post-COVID more people are changing jobs and the need for people to adapt, reskill and assume new roles is greater than ever before.



Our mission is to verify the world, maximize trust

Employee benefits

🔥 Competitive compensation - Global pay 全球員工不再同工不同薪酬

🔥 Flexible vacations 優於勞基法,入職即擁有2 0天特休和制度

🔥 Work from other location offices sponsored by company 公司贊助倫敦和矽谷辦公室輪流工作

🔥 Work with VPs from Silicon Valley 直接和矽谷知名大公司資深高階主管一起工作

🔥 Health and labor insurance 健保與勞保

Work environment

✅ Challenging work opportunities that create meaningful consumer experiences through innovative solutions 提供不同個人化有意義創新挑戰

✅ Multicultural, experienced founding team. Our employees have worked for some of the top tech companies in the world (Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Amazon, etc.) and come from Europe, North America, and Asia 團隊成員多元化,能和矽谷高階主管一起工作

✅ A culture of authenticity, transparency, and empowerment. You’re given the freedom to contribute and make a difference 團隊成員有絕對的自由,這邊沒有服從,我們在乎的是你的想法

✅ Opportunities to travel between our international offices 提供成員在不同國際辦公室工作

💼 我們台北辦公室環境優美、輕鬆,是一個共享辦公空間

📢 之前我們公司叫Web3 Platforms,近期我們更名為 Trait,以更好地符合我們的使命

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 我們的工作氛圍不像傳統的辦公室,更像是一群努力工作、懂得享樂的好友. 我們喜歡真誠和開放的溝通.

🚀 因為我們正在建造一些以前沒有人建造過的東西.這意味著我們在公司做事的方式不同 。⚡如果我們想做一些以前沒有人做過的,這也意味著是個創新的事情

🙏 如果你更喜歡更傳統的環境和文化,那麼我們公司不適合你!


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Tech stack

Amazon Web Services








我們正在尋找經驗豐富的普通話導師加入我們的語言學習市場,專注於為成人學習者提供高質量的普通話教學,透過1對1的線上課堂環境進行。這個遠程職位提供了從世界任何地方工作的靈活性,非常適合熱衷於教授普通話且尋找方便的在家工作機會的人士。 主要職責: 在線上與成人學生進行1對1的普通話課程。 根據學生個別需求調整教學方法。 提供反饋和指導,幫助學生提高普通話語言技能。
960 ~ 1.5K TWD / hour
No requirement for relevant working experience
No management responsibility

The ideal candidate will have industry experience working on a range of recommendation, classification, and optimization problems. You will bring the ability to own the whole ML life cycle, define ...
200K ~ 400K TWD / month
5 years of experience required
No management responsibility