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Logo of 存在音樂.
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Logo of 嘎老師音樂教育有限公司.
我是嘎老師 Miss Ga,是全台擁有最多粉絲的歌唱教學 YouTuber,我喜歡用簡單的方法讓每個人唱歌更好聽! 如果你也喜歡唱歌、喜歡音樂,歡迎加入我們的團隊!
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Logo of O.U Music.
O.U Music 創業精神 在過往我們透過線上課程與音樂製作服務,從 2018 年成立至今,並推出了一套超過市場規模的 600 堂數位音樂製作的線上課程,並搭配課後輔導與接案人培育計劃,學員涵蓋台灣、馬
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Logo of 河岸留言音樂製造有限公司.
河岸留言 河岸留言自2000年在公館成立以來,20年間陸續開辦了四家音樂相關子公司-音樂深造學苑、音樂製造有限公司、⻄門紅樓展演館、錄音室及團練彩排室,五個事業單位從教育培訓=>音樂展演
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Logo of 拯救音樂有限公司.
Our values 公司核心理念 : Kind &Passion 善良熱情 音樂是一種生活中不可缺少的元素,我們希望可以創造一個環境,讓更多音樂人可以無後顧之憂的去投身音樂市場,讓更多喜愛音樂的人可以踏入音樂的世界
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Logo of Wavv.
Wavv a Web3 Music Streaming Platform under the company Folks, Inc. Within the music industry, artists are facing unfair compensation due to the traditional processes and middlemen involved. Major music streaming platforms open artists to a wide range of consumers and fans, however, due to the nature of how revenue is determined within these companies, the time and money it takes for artists to reach consumers ultimately trickle down to artists profiting anywhere around 10-16%. To eliminate the middlemen
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855 Atlantic Ave fl 8, Boston, MA 02111, USA
Logo of Syncopate Innovations Co Ltd..
Syncopate Innovations are a sister firm of Soundmouse (UK). We work on the world leading Audio Recognition platform for broadcasts and content providers around the world, ensuring that Composers and Artists get paid for the music they create. Our team is multi-national, and we have experts in Machine Learning, Signal Processing and Infrastructure design. We're hiring!
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Futureward Central
Logo of BlastUp Arts.
This is BlastUp Arts Academy, a new bilingual music education brand in Tianmu, Taipei. Our mission is to create a joyful and unprecedented art experience for our students, connect to the world, and broaden their horizons through the arts. We are looking for music teachers to create an enjoyable learning environment to inspire students and help them grow in appreciation of music. join us and create a top-notch music education environment together!
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Taiwan, 台北市士林區忠誠路二段140巷18弄5號
Logo of 海恩藝能有限公司.
學唱歌介紹 海恩音樂學唱歌致力於歌唱教學訓練越過十年頭,秉持沒有先天條件的學唱歌而是找到對的歌唱教學經由後天努力訓練追求解決途徑且加上用經驗學習換取已流失的機會 │階
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Logo of 友善的狗文化活動股份有限公司.
1986~2004 「友善的狗」成立於 1986 年,當時是由兩位元優秀的音樂製作人沈光遠和羅紘武共同發起的團隊,躬逢其盛,有幸參與臺灣音樂史上的黃金年代。 1980~2000 年間,是臺灣音樂圈的輝煌年代,不論在音樂創
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台灣台北市中正區愛國東路48號3 樓