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Dec 9th 2020

Successful Career Change Guide: How to start a new career? [Ideas, Resume, Cover Letter]

In this article, we’ll dive into different phases of a career change: 3 surefire signs for a career change; pros and cons of a career change; career change ideas for nurses, teachers, and accountants; finally, a resume and cover letter for a career change.
Career Planning
Nov 3rd 2020

First job for freshers: Startups or Corporates? 3 differences

Graduating from college is a significant milestone to many, but it’s also terrifying. As a fresher, you should ponder carefully before picking your first job. Should I work at a startup or big company?
Resume & CV
Feb 25th 2021

How to write an internship resume? Pro Tips for Students

Call out to freshers in the 21st century, landing one or two internships during summers has become a critical cornerstone for a bright future. For starters, student internships help to explore your strengths, weaknesses, and preferences, and they’re precious opportunities to build some serious networking that might help you land on a desiring job after you graduate.
Job Search Tips
Aug 19th 2020

How to Find Jobs in India? 3 Best Ways for Job Hunting Online & Offline

For many, working abroad is one of the options, but for Indians, that’s probably due to the lack of job demands in India. Even though we’ve witnessed robust growth in India’s economy in the past few years, the declining availability of jobs isn’t a good outlook for many. Unemployment in India averaged 7.34% from 2018 to 2020.
Career Planning
Mar 3rd 2020

For Freshers: Top 10 Most in Demand Jobs in 2020

The first job right out of college is one of the major life decisions that freshers have to carefully ponder on before going all in. Navigating the future can be quite a daunting task, so let me first help you understand what the current landscape is. In this article, I've listed down 10 promising jobs in 2020 to give you an overview of the highly sought-after industries along with the median salary of the positions being offered.
Job Search Tips
Sep 9th 2020

For Freshers: Tips to Land Your Coveted Job

As a fresh graduate, finding a job can be a long and arduous journey, where you might doubt yourself in the process. This article provides 11 ultimate job-hunting tips for freshers. As long as you follow these tips, you will become an “experienced fresh grad” who has successfully escaped the trap of the Permission Paradox (you can’t find a job without experience but you also can’t get any experience without first getting a job).
Resume & CV
Mar 3rd 2020

5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume

A study conducted by Analytics India Magazine reveals that there are more than 78,000 job vacancies in the Machine Learning and Data Science fields in India, meaning that writing a perfect machine learning resume is very important. Resumes are much more than a collective hodgepodge of skills and experiences, so you should organize them accordingly in order to tell a persuasive story with you as the protagonist. Here are five tips to help you pique the HR managers’ interest and write the perfect
Job Search Tips
Jan 18th 2022

6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2022

Here are 6 freelance job sites you can consider. They are tailored to a diverse range of skill sets. Some have low-entry barriers while others require you to compete in order to bid for one project. Choose the two or three websites that best suit you.

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