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NLP Scientist/Sr. Software Engineer
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NLP Scientist/Sr. Software Engineer
NLP Scientist & Software Engineer •NLP Scientist/Engineer, Cognitive Psychologist/Neuroscientist. •Interested in Sentiment Analysis, Social Computing, and Social Network Analysis. •Team player and deep thinker, diligent and conscientious, friendly and enthusiastic.
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iKala 愛卡拉互動媒體股份有限公司
Taipei, Taiwan

Professional Background

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  • Profession
    Research / R&D
  • Fields
    Information Services
    Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Work experience
    6-10 years (4-6 years relevant)
  • Management
    I've had experience in managing 15+ people
  • Skills
    nlp machine learning
    AI & Machine Learning
    ELK stack
  • Highest level of education

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    Part-time freelancer

Work Experience

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Customer Engineer

Jun 2022 - Present
Taipei City, Taiwan
● Responsible for the customized project for product - CDP(Customer Data Platform). ● Planning, designing, implementing, and deploying for customized projects. ● Focus on data streaming, system architecture, and maintenance. ● Coordinating with different teams/companies to deal with and explore data. ● Provider technical consulting and technical assistance for internal and external. ● Since I joined the team, I played a key role in driving initiatives that resulted in a significant over 500% growth in both team performance and revenue. Additionally, by refactoring past technical debt, we achieved a smoother development process and a more stable product.

NLP Engineer/Software Engineer

Jun 2018 - May 2022
4 yrs 0 mos
Naturint., NLP Scientist/Sr. Software Engineer, June/2018 – Present •Introduced and optimized the NLU model for our virtual assistant. •Responsible for content design, NLU model, data analysis, and UX optimization. •Executed NTD 20 million AI solution, which is the first virtual assistant by ChatBot in the aviation industry in Taiwan and it was released in September 2019. •Performed analysis and in-depth reviews of virtual assistants to improve product and troubleshooting. •This AI solution deals with 250/day on average and around 1200/day customers for the peak season by 5 virtual assistants behind the customer service department, which could make at least NTD 1.5 million per month and reduce 20% customer complaints. •Worked with the management team to do market research, identify customer demand, product/solution landing, and finish 5 POC. •Responsible for ELK stack, back-end system, and pre-alert system for the new product. •Drove analysis data and visualize it for the dashboard and backstage management system for insight and impact.

Deputy Team Leader

Nov 2015 - Sep 2017
1 yr 11 mos
Deputy Team Leader, Covino Farms, Australia, Nov.2015-May./2017 •Fixing the relationship with customers and led 15-40 members to finish daily orders.

Research Assistant

May 2014 - Dec 2014
8 mos
Project: Using Motivation Approach to Enhance Low Achievers Science Learning Motivation and Thinking Ability. Responsible for data processing, statistical analysis, and to write academic reports.


Master of Science (MS)
2008 - 2012
Activities and societies
熱舞社 田徑隊
.The effect of death thoughts on deception, Master’s Thesis, Taiwan, 2018 This study uses mortality salience adopted from Terror Management Theory for treatment before people lying and rec-ord the physiological signals for data analysis.
Bachelor of Science (BS)
2006 - 2008
Activities and societies
心理系籃 營隊活動