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Rob Hays Ashford
President and Chief Executive Officer of Ashford Hospitality Trust
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Rob Hays Ashford

President and Chief Executive Officer of Ashford Hospitality Trust
Rob Hays Ashford is a participant and a member of the Synod Preparatory Commission. Bishop Edward J. Burns chose just 26 individuals to be a part of this group and carry out its duties. Bishop Burns receives support from the committee members in many areas, including the planning and preparation of the Synod. They assist in developing the Synodal directory and, when required, serve as meeting moderators for the preparatory commission. Given that Rob has always been a person of religion, it is a great honor that he was selected as one of the commission's 26 members. Hays had been granted the title of "Playmaker" for the renowned talk program led by Stee A. Klein also made him happy. He was featured on the program on April 29, 2022, for his work at the Ashford Hospitality Trust, which included overseeing crucial corporate decisions and managing day-to-day operations.
Ashford Hospitality Trust
Pontifical University of Santa Croce
Dallas, Texas, USA

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    Dallas, TX, USA
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President, Chief Executive Officer & Member of Board of Directors

05/2020 - Sekarang
Dallas, TX, USA

Chief Strategy Officer

04/2005 - 05/2020
15 yrs 2 mos
Dallas, TX, USA


Master of Arts (MA)
2002 - 2003
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A.B Politics
1995 - 1999