10 people

C/C++/Java/Hadoop 軟體工程師


*Product development of Big Data platform with system and machine knowledge.

*Dig into deep side of big data systems, Hadoop, Spark platforms and infrastructure core technologies.

*You will join a growing team of software engineering professionals
and have a real opportunity to have your software solutions embraced and
to demonstrate your coaching and mentoring skills.

*There is enormous potential for you to carve out a long term career
path within this market leading organization where you will have an
access to the latest kit and work in an established, happy and sizable
team of developers.

*This position would suit an experienced engineer with a positive and
people focused approach to tasks who can encourage and help lead other
engineers through development work and code reviews.

*An element of this position will involve interfacing with product management and solution architecture departments.




If you have most of the following, we would like to hear from you today: * Computer Science or related Bachelor or Master degree. * C/C++ * Enterprise Java * Hadoop * Hive * Hbase * Spark * Impala * Yarn * SQL/NoSQL DBs * Git/Maven/Ant * Enthusiastic about working in a growing startup company


月薪 TWD 40,000 ~ 150,000

WASAI Technology的其他職缺

Spark/Scala Engineer/DevOp

*Product development of Big Data platform with system and machine knowledge *Dig into deep side of big data Spark platforms and infrastructure core technologies. *You will joi...

Verilog/VHDL Design Senior Engineer

* Design and develop RTL for Big Data platform. * Defines and documents RTL changes required for emulation/FPGA. * Tests and debugs the emulation/FPGA model and collaterals. * D...

【實習】C/C++/Java/Hadoop 實習生

Study and Product development of Big Data platform   深入 Big Data 核心一探 Hadoop、Spark等Infrastructure & Platform技術內幕 薪資待遇:140~300/小時※依個人是否為本科專長、技術能力、最高學歷等面議※公司詳細介紹與員工福利詳見關於偉薩科技 

【實習】Verilog/VHDL Design 實習生

* Studying and developing RTL code using VHDL or Verilog to accelerator kernels for Big Data platforms * System debug & Validation of FPGA prototype systems * Performanc...


1. 學習並協助B2B技術行銷業務、企劃及協助日常行政 2. 協助業務開發 3. 負責客戶相關資料收集、分析、整理、建檔以及追蹤  4. 協助產品之客戶服務。 5. 完成主管其他交辦事項。 a. Conduct research of related industry, communities, events, publications...


1. 協助行銷業務開發之專案,瞭解客戶需求並完成分析設計規格、說明、計畫及相關報告等 2. 負責專案之規劃、執行、監控、管理與協調 3. 與客戶溝通協調,瞭解客戶需求,提供客戶建議 4. 與專案企劃合作,提出符合客戶需求的方案 5. 制定設計與技術方針、執行方法與標準 6. 與執行團隊溝通產品概念與技術需求 7. 隨時掌握專案進度 8...


EventXtra - 軟體工程師 (iOS/ Android)

工作內容 發展手機及網絡(如 iOS, Android, Web)的產品  分析及修正問題  編寫程式  與隊員決定產品特色及執行計劃  到展會現場觀察整個流程及發現問題 與設計師及後端工程師配合產出好維護的前端頁面 思考如何優化團隊的開發流程 了解並判斷是否要追逐最新的技術工作要求 熟悉 Xcode (iOS) 或Android Studio (An...

MAIPPLE - 工程師實習生 (iOS)

1. 參與 iOS APP之開發、設計及程式撰寫。 2. 規劃、執行與維護公司現有服務。 3. 對 iOS及企業應用的新技術進行學習與研究。 4. 若具備伺服端相關知識或經驗(則有加分) 5. 對現有系統及應用提出改進方案,並依需要改善及加強現有的工作流程和技術規範。 薪資:100~150元 /小時