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Oct 19th 2023

Ultimate Freelancer Career Development Guide [+ Useful Resources]

rate yourself honestly using a numerical or ordinal scale. Take into consideration the feedback and opinions of former colleagues as well. Online tests are also available on the internet, if you are trying to assess more technical skills such as programming languages or your proficiency using softwares. This also gives a great idea where you compare to by a benchmark. As the market is continuously evolving, honing in-demand skills is tremendously advantageous to maintain a competitive advantage amongst other
Job Search Tips
Nov 23rd 2022

Seeking Jobs You Can Do from Home? Here’s All You Need to Know!

average annual salary for this position is $85K. Requirements : This is a position that is in great work-from-home demand. Candidates must have a bachelor's degree in computer science or related majors, with a vast knowledge of different programming languages like ASP.NET, JavaScript, C#, Python, etc. Where to find software developer positions : Online IT hiring platforms like Github, Turing, Krop, or general online hiring platforms like Indeed, Glassdoor, Upwork, etc. 3. Virtual Assistant Job duties : Typical duties

Programmer Resume: Example & Tips

5+ Experience Working with CAD/CAM Software Step 5: Craft a programmer resume summary . The summary of your programmer resume gives the recruiter an in-depth view of what experience, proficiencies, and attributes you possess that are compatible with the programming position. ✅ 3 tips for writing a compelling summary statement: Build your programmer resume summary by starting with a powerful adjective or your job title. There is a certain pattern to follow for creating a successful programmer resume summary

Mechanical Engineers: Resume Examples, Formats & Tips

that are valued across fields. Another option is to merge your soft skills into your resume summary/objective by describing what kind of person you are, instead of listing them in the skills section. Common hard skills for mechanical engineers: CAD skills Programming skills: Matlab, C++, Python Data Analysis Fluid Flow Analysis Production Planning Production Testing Prototyping Machining and Welding Computer Simulation and modeling Quality testing and troubleshooting Common soft skills for mechanical engineers: Problem-solving Communication Negotiation Detail-ori...
Career Development
Nov 5th 2023

What Skills Should I Enhance for A Successful Career?

of Skills for Enhancement Now that we’ve gone through the concept of skill enhancement, let’s go through skills which you can begin working on to help you develop in your career: Technical Skills Technical skills involve learning and adapting to new technologies. Some technical skills you can work on include: New software for sales or payroll Digital and creative software e.g. photoshop New data analysis techniques Programming languages These technical skills are important to learn as compani...

70+ Essential Skills for Resume [+ Pro Writing Tips You Shouldn't Miss]

stand out as a candidate. Refer to the list you created in Step 1, and always ask the question, “Are these skills relevant?” For example, a skills section for a software engineering job should focus heavily on the technologies and programming languages you’re proficient in, and not your MS Word knowledge. Step 3: Start writing and formatting After this prospecting and compiling is done, you’re well prepared to start writing your skills for resume now. How to List
Career Development
Nov 12th 2023

Python là gì? Học ở đâu? Và cơ hội việc làm

học ngôn ngữ lập trình Python thường không mang tính tương tác cao, và yêu cầu trả phí nếu muốn được đào tạo thực chiến. Coursera : Khóa học ngôn ngữ Python miễn phí, nổi tiếng nhất của Coursera là Python – Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) , hiện đang thu hút 850,000 học viên. Ngoài ra, bạn cũng sẽ tìm thấy nhiều khóa học ngôn ngữ lập trình Python không tính phí khác từ các trường đại học “top
Job Search Tips
Jan 14th 2021

從 HR 角度看工程師履歷-趨勢科技 Recruiter 分享工程師履歷怎麼寫

看出趨勢科技對於人才的高要求,也會發現他們對於人才的尊重。 趨勢科技的招募過程,會先經歷 Programming 的測試,確認有一定的技術能力基礎之後,再交由工程主管進行技術的評核。主管會藉由詢問專


Job Search Tips
Jun 21st 2023

想成為資料科學家?資料科學家(Data Scientist)薪水、工作內容、面試技巧整理

隨著大數據時代的開展,網路上充斥著許多資訊,而從眾多資料中分析並萃取見解,便是數位時代的關鍵能力之一,也就是資料科學家(Data Scientist)的核心工作內容。《哈佛商業評論》更在十年前指出資料科

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