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Nov 23rd 2023

A Complete Guide to Taiwan’s Language & Places to Learn

main language in Taiwan that is widely spoken. People in Taiwan have a unique Taiwanese dialect that is slightly different from Mainland China. For this reason, it’s also common to address the language spoken by native Taiwanese people as Taiwanese Mandarin. It’s true that Taiwan language adopts a high level of diversity and cultural influences, but Mandarin still dominates almost every aspect of Taiwanese lives. Education: The Ministry of Education in Taiwan enforces schools to use Mandarin as
Career Development
Mar 2nd 2024

Practical Tips for a Seamless Work in Taiwan Journey 2024

Taipei without speaking any Mandarin, it is common knowledge that the more Mandarin you speak, the better your job prospects will be, so here are some tips for those of you struggling with language barriers in Taiwan. Tip 1: Learn Mandarin for career growth Understanding Mandarin is undoubtedly crucial for professional advancement in Taiwan. Employers often prioritize candidates with Mandarin skills, as it demonstrates your commitment to assimilating into the local culture and facilitates smoother communication in the workplace. Tip
Career Development
Oct 7th 2023

Taiwan Summer Programs for a Unique Study Abroad Experience

abroad. Why Choose Taiwan for Studying Abroad During the Summer? Taiwan can offer many unique opportunities through a summer study abroad program. Depending on your interests, you can consider Taiwan for its: Language Opportunities The official language of Taiwan is Mandarin Chinese, and is the only Mandarin-speaking country that uses Traditional Chinese characters instead of Simplified. If you want to learn to read and write Traditional Chinese characters , Taiwan’s summer language programs can offer you this opportunity. There
Career Development
Jun 23rd 2022

How to Work in Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide

and high-tech sector Many foreigners work abroad in Taiwan because of the economic stability. Taiwan has a robust economy with a stable currency and steady growth in GDP. Taiwan is well-known for its technology sector. In fact, one Taiwanese semiconductor company makes the majority of the world’s computer chips. Many jobs in Taiwan are in science and technology. 💡 Good healthcare Expats are drawn to Taiwan job opportunities because their healthcare system is well-developed and easily
Career Development
Feb 1st 2024

Cost of Living in Taiwan - a 2024 Guide for Foreigners

in Taiwan according to statistical data from National Immigration Agency . From vibrant festivals to historic landmarks, the island celebrates its heritage while embracing modernity, providing a melting pot for diverse cultural exchanges. Friendly and Welcoming People The warmth of the Taiwanese people is legendary. Known for their hospitality and friendliness, locals readily engage with foreigners, offering a sense of belonging that transcends geographical boundaries. Even without the ability to speak the local language, Mandarin Chinese, foreigners living in Taiwan shall
Career Development
Aug 18th 2020

Work Abroad in Singapore: First Step to Start Your Career at the Ideal Destination!

According to surveys, over 60% of Taiwanese young professionals are thrust to work oversea. In fact, working abroad seems to be a common dream among millennial throughout the world, what are their reasons? “I would like to broaden my horizons by living and working in different countries!” - Mary (23 y.o., fresh graduate) “Salaries in Taiwan are below average in the industry, when can I buy my own house with this pay” - Michael (26 y.o., front-end developer) “ It
Career Development
Sep 20th 2023

A Complete Guide to Taiwan Work Permits for Foreigners

Taiwan Working Visa Requirements Taiwan, officially named the Republic of China, is a small East Asian island nation. With a population exceeding 24 million, Taiwan’s vibrant economy is well-known for its high technology sector, manufacturing industries, and robust job market. Foreigners wishing to take part in Taiwan’s rich and growing economy must first obtain a Taiwan working visa and other relevant documentation prior to their first day of work in Taiwan . Are you thinking of taking the
Career Development
Jun 23rd 2022

Want to Study in Taiwan? Here’s What You Need to Know

Taiwan. 📍 National Cheng Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan National Cheng Chi University (NCCU), is located in Taipei. NCCU is an esteemed research university with a focus on humanities and social sciences. National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan, also has an established Mandarin language program, if you want to study Chinese in Taiwan. 📍 National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan is located in Hsinchu, and is one of the oldest universities in Taiwan. Chiao Tung is a

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