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Mar 12th 2024

How to Write an Application Letter for University (+Sample Included)

enrolling in can help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Your university application letter can also include things that make the university stand out from the competition making it a more appealing choice! Above all, remember to keep your university application letter honest and genuine. A disingenuous letter can be easily sniffed out by an admissions officer! For example, here is an excerpt from a political science student’s university application letter: I am writing to formally express my
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Mar 6th 2024

Motivation Letter for University Admission | Writing Guideline + Examples

Academic motivation letters are not uncommon requirements for university students. You may have to write a motivation letter for admission to both undergraduate and graduate university programs. Academic motivation letters are also used for scholarship applications or for volunteer positions or research at your school. Motivation letters for university can be tough to write because they must strike a balance between personal and professional. Your challenge in writing a motivation letter for university admission is to stand out from the
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Apr 18th 2023

What are critical thinking skills, and how to improve them?

problem-solving in many aspects of life. From problem-solving to decision-making, critical thinking can be a valuable tool for success. Let’s look at some significant benefits of critical thinking in different areas: Benefits of critical thinking for students Students face many exams, presentations, and case studies during their education. Especially in university, students often have to figure things out independently. With a critical mind, students would do a better job at determining the question and also answering
Industry & Job Overview
Jun 13th 2024

15+ STEM Careers: Average Salary & Growth Predictions (2024)

further for information regarding a career in science and technology. STEM careers are amongst the safest and highest-paying jobs available. STEM, an acronym for Statistics, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is famous for its barrier of entry that weeds out university prospective students, thus creating a large amount of demand for people with STEM skills. As technology continues to advance in the world, the skill set of the average employee starts to adapt to those changes. It is becoming more
Feb 14th 2022

How to Make an Amazing Writing Portfolio (+ Examples)

don’t understand how to make a portfolio, have a look at these seven writer website examples for different writing services: Copywriting portfolio Creative writing portfolio Content writer portfolio Technical writer portfolio Screenwriting portfolio Script writer portfolio Writing portfolio for students/university ✍🏻 Copywriting portfolio Copywriting portfolio example by Kelsey O’Halloran Kelsey O’Halloran’s portfolio sets an excellent copywriter website example. She features her best writing project on her homepage. One of the best marketing strategies she
Career Development
Aug 23rd 2022

What Do I Major In? A Comprehensive Guide

Created by CakeResume In this article, we'll cover: What to Consider When Choosing a Major What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Major In What If You Still Don’t Know What to Major In? Reality Check If you’ve begun your academic career, you might be struggling to pick a major. It’s common for students to begin university without a clear idea of what to major in, and typically, students will change their major
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

Study in Taiwan: Universities and Scholarships for International Students

and technology. NTU is a popular option for learning Chinese in Taiwan, and many international students will come for a short-term study abroad. National Tsing Hua University National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) is a mostly science and technology-focused university in Taiwan, with many international students studying a masters or PhD there. The campus is nature filled, with its own lake and wildlife on a large campus. NTHU offers scholarships to international students as well. National Cheng Kung University
Career Planning
Jun 23rd 2022

Want to Study in Taiwan? Here’s What You Need to Know

you can pick from to study at in Taiwan, depending on your degree level and major. Here we have listed our top 10 for international students: 📍 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan National Taiwan University, Taiwan is the #1 ranked university in Taiwan. NTU has a huge green campus, located in a bustling student area in Taipei, and offers a wide range of degrees in many disciplines. 📍 National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan National Tsing Hua University is located
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Mar 6th 2024

A Guide to Writing Motivation Letters for Scholarships [Format, Tips, Templates]

Scholarships are highly sought after for their financial assistance, experiences, connections and accolades, which can give students an edge during their university studies. Although there are scholarships that are awarded purely through simple applications or based on academic merit, high-value awards often require scholarship motivation letters. As scholarships are highly competitive and limited in number, expressing your motivations for scholarships clearly and effectively is key to being considered. Along with discussing your desire for the award, application letters for
Career Development
Mar 6th 2024

Success Secrets 101: A Guide to Career Development for Students

Created by CakeResume Ever done the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) , also known as the 16 personalities? Well, did you know that it’s actually frequently used as a career development questionnaire for students? That’s because the MBTI is a personality indicator, and your personality and preferences have a direct influence on your career path. However, like most things, your personality can change and develop. From introvert to extrovert, you can gain new interests that refocus your future paths

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