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Jun 22nd 2023

5 Best Practices for Employee Promotion: The Benefits, Types, and Tips to Do

If these indicators are clear, should you just promote them right away? The answer is no, especially when promoting an employee to a management position. There're many considerations to be taken and many challenges to face. For example, employee promotions may invite negative company politics due to jealousy. Or are you sure promoting from within is better than an outside replacement? Another popular case is that internally-promoted employees may need more time to be ready for more responsibility
Hiring Tips
Dec 3rd 2023

How to Announce an Employee is Leaving [+Examples & Writing Tips]

Announcement? From an employer’s perspective, it is essential to inform other staff members and notify the team of an employee’s resignation. Here are some reasons why a staff departure announcement is important: 1. Allowing time to say goodbye Announcing an employee’s departure gives their colleagues time to arrange their farewells. Employees announcing their resignations typically do so to the administration first, meaning that their colleagues may not be aware. Announcing the employee’s resignation to the staff

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