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Sep 8th 2022

Profesi Game Developer Indonesia: Tugas, Gaji, Prospek, dll.! [+Contoh CV]

Berdasarkan bisnis.com , menurut Ketua Harian Asosiasi Game Indonesia, rata-rata pertumbuhan industri game nasional berkisar 20% hingga 30% per tahun. Pada tahun 2017 omzet industri game nasional berkisar US$800 juta, kemudian bertumbuh menjadi US$1,13 miliar pada tahun 2018. Berkarir di industri game sangat berprospek kedepannya. Mengapa? Karena industri gaming di Indonesia bertumbuh hingga 40%. Selain itu dengan adanya dorongan pemerintah Indonesia ke era 4G dan 5G, industri game online di Indonesia akan menjadi lebih maju. Tergiur untuk menjadi
Career Development
Aug 3rd 2022

Android Developer: Job Desk, Kualifikasi, Prospek Karir, Gaji

Terbaik! [Web Developer, Software Engineer, Dll.] Apa itu Android Developer ? Android Developer adalah orang yang bekerja untuk merancang aplikasi atau software lunak berbasis mobile dengan sistem operasi android. Aplikasi yang dirancang bisa dimulai dari aplikasi sederhana hingga aplikasi rumit seperti gaming . Mengapa Android Developer adalah pilihan karir yang tepat? 1. Lisensi Karakteristik platform android yang terbuka terbukti mengurangi biaya lisensi, yang juga berarti low investment dan memiliki ROI ( return on investement ) yang tinggi. Selain itu, android juga memiliki lingkungan yang

How to Create a Web Developer Portfolio

Ideas 1. Cory Hughart Full-stack Web Developer Portfolio by Cory Hughart Cory Hughart is an experienced full-stack developer with absolutely creative web developer portfolio projects. In his portfolio, you can see his unique character and passion for the gaming industry. 2. Bruno Simon Web Developer Portfolio by Bruno Simon Simon has fully adopted a game based portfolio to showcase his web developer portfolio projects. Although unconventional, Simon embraces his skills as a developer. 3. Brittany Chiang Web Developer

Federal Resume Guide with Examples

boost the quality of the objective on your federal government resume: ✅ Keep the hiring agency interested. While you want to have enough details for your federal resume objective, keep your objective less than 2-sentence long to refrain from rambling. The goal is to get the hiring agency hooked on reading the rest of your federal resume. ✅ Make the career goal on your federal resume relevant. The career goal that you state in the resume objective in your

How to Write a Game Designer Resume (& Example)

for Game Designer Resumes: Game design graduate with 2+ years of internship experience in creating prototypes for various video games. Eager to join RPG Co. as a game designer to provide more ideas and make a positive impact on the gaming industry. Video game designer passionate about game platforms and level-building. Seeking to join Upgrade’s game designer position to design more advanced levels for popular games. Passionate game designer experienced in scriptwriting and character design. Looking to join

精選英文履歷範本與模板!英文履歷 6 大基本格式、5 大撰寫技巧

行銷/寫手/小編 Blogging (部落格) 健身教練、運動用品產業 Sports (運動) 設計師 Art (美術) 遊戲開發工程師、遊戲產業 Gaming (遊戲) 旅遊產業 Traveling (旅遊) 保姆/教師、教育產業 Child Care (兒童照顧) 寵物產業 Pet Care (寵物照顧) 廚師、食品產業

Computer Technician Resume Example (Complete Guide with Cover Letter Tips)

or even freelance. Computer technician's responsibilities include: Diagnose and analyze computer hardware problems. Install software, demonstrate its usage, and troubleshoot when users encounter any problems. Update system software when necessary. Set up and resolve problems with computer network systems, cabling, and wireless networks. Configure email accounts through POP3, Outlook, and IMAP. Set up equipment for web conferences and other events using computers and their peripherals. Computer technicians are believed to be a competitive job market due to the high
Interview Skills
May 27th 2022

The Best Elevator Pitch: Samples and Template

an elevator pitch is that it can be delivered quickly and gives only pertinent information. When you are networking, a long elevator speech could result in your listener getting distracted or losing interest. 💡 Don’t mumble. Speak clearly and enunciate. An elevator speech should be an engaging pitch about yourself or your product. Mumbling will give the impression that you lack confidence, and really doesn’t compel people to listen. 💡 Be conversational. You might have issues if your ...

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