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Aug 30th 2022

How to Become a Journalist: Step-by-step Guide & Career Advice

our lives. Becoming a journalist means that you are committed to finding the truth and helping others to be well-informed of what has been happening in the world we live in. It’s a great yet rewarding responsibility. Consider getting into journalism? The very first thing is to decide on your journalism career path among 9 different types as shown below: Broadcast journalism Business journalism Entertainment journalism Investigative journalism Opinion journalism Photojournalism Political journalism Sports journalism Watchdog journalism Next
Career Development
Jan 30th 2023

How to Become a Successful Digital Marketer: A Guide

Created by CakeResume In this article, you’ll learn: What Is Digital Marketing? What You Need to Become a Digital Marketer Digital Marketing Skills How to Become a Digital Marketer with or without a Degree Tips for Getting into Digital Marketing With 71% of hiring managers struggling to find enough skilled professionals in digital marketing, there’s never been a better time to become a digital marketer. Not only can becoming a digital marketer ensure application success, it’s also

The Power of Resume Colors: Here are Things You Need to Know

make you forget about the actual content. It is also confusing as you may not know how many colors or what colors you should add to your resume. If you’ve got it wrong, you may lose the chance of getting to the next round. 10 creative career areas that can benefit from adding colors to CVs/resumes : Acting Advertising & Marketing Architecture Art Design Film & Video Photography Writing & Publishing Journalism Music 2. Formal Industries If you’re working in a
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Sep 24th 2023

10 Best Jobs for People with ADHD [+ Tips in Job Hunting]

differ on personal preference, but good jobs for people with ADHD generally feature: Dynamic and fast-paced settings People with ADHD often have trouble focusing for long periods of time, making a fast-paced environment a great way to avoid getting bogged down with one task. As this setting demands flexibility, and engagement with multiple tasks, fast-paced ADHD careers can actually be beneficial. These kinds of jobs for people with ADHD are also a great way to implement problem

Freelance Writer Resume Guide with Samples

can get yourself great tricks and writing advice. Step 4: Tailor your freelance writer resume for the job opening There are a variety of jobs to get your freelance writing career off to a great start such as content writer, journalist, travel/food reviewer, editor, and proofreader, etc. Hence, make sure to tailor your resume for writing jobs online for a specific job. Simply put, find what is most relevant to the job requirements and fill your freelance writer resume
Career Development
Apr 8th 2019

5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand

Further Reading: Looking for guidelines for guest blogging? Make sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging . 3. Host Guest Content on Your Site Like guest blogging on other sites exposes your personal brand to new potential contacts, letting an authority create quality content for your site is also beneficial. Your site becomes better balanced and a source for insightful information that will help drive traffic up, while the guest poster is likely to share their post through

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