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Apr 16th 2021

How to use LinkedIn? 5 tips to boost your career with LinkedIn

a professional space where people look for reliable and trustworthy professionals - you should at least look like one. Avoid goofy selfies, group photos, outdated photos and photos that simply don’t show your face clear enough. 3. Deliberately craft your LinkedIn headline. Other than your LinkedIn profile photo, your headline also shows up on a search results page. It also determines whether you show up in the search results. For example, if someone searches for “ social media ” and your headline
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Aug 30th 2022

Cara Membuat Summary LinkedIn yang Dilirik Perusahaan! [+Contoh]

namun ingatlah untuk tetap bersikap profesional. Dengan summary di Linkedin, perekrut bisa melihat siapa kamu, apa yang kamu minati, apa yang bisa kamu tawarkan ke perusahaan, dan apakah cara kerjamu cocok dengan budaya perusahaan. 3. Meningkatkan Peringkat di Hasil Pencarian LinkedIn LinkedIn menggunakan LinkedIn summary , gelar saat ini, LinkedIn headline, dan faktor lainnya dalam algoritma. Pastikan kamu menyertakan kata kunci dalam LinkedIn summary kamu. Istilah-istilah yang bisa kamu masukkan yaitu kata kunci yang berkaitan dengan keahlian, jabatan, dan industri

Chemist Resume: Templates, Examples & Essential Skills

grammatical errors. What to put on a chemistry resume? 1. Resume Profile (Personal Information) The first item on your chemistry resume profile should include your personal information, including: First and last name Phone number Email address Relevant personal websites, for example, LinkedIn profile 2. Chemist Resume Headline A catchy headline for your chemistry resume is crucial to attract recruiters. An example of a chemist resume headline would look something like this: Example of a chemist resume headline: Highly experienced chemi...

Kubernetes Resume: Templates & Formats [Skills, Objective, Summary]

achievements. What to put on a Kubernetes resume? 1. Start with a resume profile. List your contact details on the top of the Kubernetes resume, including: Full name Professional email Telephone number Location (optional) LinkedIn/Github URL 2. Write a headline for your Kubernetes resume. Next, add a headline that defines your professional role. It should align with the Kubernetes position you are applying for. Make it strong, short, and concise, like a news headline. Kubernetes resume headline example Kubernetes

Simple Resume Format for Freshers: Examples & Tips for Different Jobs

most freshers or any applicant who has some experience, such as a fresher teacher, bank job fresher, or HR fresher for their resume format. Personal Details [ Full name] [Primary phone number] [Email address] [Country and city you’re currently in] [LinkedIn, Github, or personal website] Resume Headline [ One-line title that describes your professional position.] Resume Objective or Summary [ 3-5 sentences that summarize your experience and goal. It should be concise, strong and relevant to the job position you

Designer Resume Writing Guide with Examples and Tips

delivering strong context in descriptions on your designer resume. You can prove your design skills in the portfolio. 1. Resume Profile (Personal Information) List your contact details on the top of the page, including: Name Email Phone Number Portfolio Website LinkedIn Profile (optional) Location (optional) 2. Resume Headline A resume headline is a short statement on top of the designer resume that announces your current or expected design position. Designer Resume Headline Example: Empathetic Product Designer with 6+ years experience

Finance Resume: Templates & Examples

key sections in a finance resume Resume Profile This is the first section of your finance resume. It provides the most basic information about you, such as your name, email address, phone number, and a link to your portfolio or Linkedin, if you have one. ❗Personal information such as religion, sexuality, ID/social security number, and current income should be avoided. Resume Headline A finance resume headline is a single sentence showcasing a major strength you possess from your career

25 Resume Profile Examples [+ Writing Tips]

Created by CakeResume A resume profile is a short statement at the top of your resume that summarizes your skills, work experience, achievements, etc. The profile section of a resume is often confused with a resume headline, but resume profiles contain more information to show off your best qualities and how they relate to a specific job opening. In this article, you will read about: What Is a Resume Profile? 25 Resume Profile Examples for Different Jobs What to Write

Controller Resume Examples: Templates & Examples

Created by CakeResume In this article, you will learn: Step 1: Create a professional layout for your controller resume. Step 2: Adopt the right controller resume format. Step 3: Provide essential contact information. Step 4: Write a powerful controller resume headline. Step 5: Boost your controller resume with a strong summary. Step 6: Feature collections skills that employers are seeking. Step 7: Showcase your work experience and accomplishments. Step 8: List educational qualifications and background. Step 9: Beef up your

Banking Resume : Step-by-Step Writing Guide (with Examples)

Created by CakeResume You'll learn: Step 1: Make your bank resume well-laid-out. Step 2: Pick the right bank resume format. Step 3: Provide basic personal details and contact information. Step 4: Title your banking resume with an intriguing headline. Step 5: Polish an impressive banking resume summary. Step 6: Include skills and abilities relevant to the banking job. Step 7: Showcase experience along with accomplishments. Step 8: List educational qualifications and background. Step 9: Add an extra

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