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Sep 6th 2021

15 Best Free Portfolio Websites (w/ Pros & Cons, Pricing, Key Features)

in the market for online portfolio makers or website builders for their portfolios. Now, making an online portfolio is no longer such a daunting task which requires coding or web design skills. There are various portfolio sites that offer various portfolio creator tools as well as different pricing ranges. Depending on what type of portfolio you will create - artist portfolio, graphic designer portfolio, web developer/designer portfolio, photography portfolio, etc. - you want to use a platform that suits your portfolio
Jul 16th 2024

Mastering 3D Artist Portfolio: Showcase Excellence with Style

Portfolio? 3D Artist Portfolio Websites to Create an Online 3D Artist Portfolio Tips for Creating the Best 3D Artist Portfolio 3D Artist Portfolio Examples When creating your very own portfolio , it’s a great idea to start by referencing fellow creators’ portfolios to understand what a 3D artist portfolio normally looks like. Below is a list of various 3D artist portfolio examples: Junior 3D Artist Portfolio 3D Environment Artist Portfolio 3D Generalist Portfolio CG Artist Portfolio 3D Character Artist Portfolio
Jun 11th 2024

15+ Contoh Portofolio Lamaran Kerja Menarik dan Cara Membuatnya!

untuk membuat portofolio lamaran kerja online Inilah 2 situs unggulan yang dapat kamu kunjungi untuk membuat portofolio lamaran kerja kamu. Cake : Cake merupakan situs untuk membuat portofolio lamaran kerja yang baik karena tampilan yang sederhana dan mudah untuk dioperasikan. Portofolio online Cake dapat dicantumkan di CV sebagai link. Selain itu, membuat portofolio lamaran kerja di Cake gratis dan tidak dibatasi loh! Behance : Behance merupakan salah satu platform yang paling banyak digunakan untuk membangun portfolio designer website, khususnya portfolio UX designer
Mar 3rd 2022

Are You a Freelancer? Let’s Build an Attractive Freelancer Portfolio

to be your boss, building an impressive freelance portfolio is the key to kickstarting a successful freelance business. Setting up a freelance portfolio is similar to setting up a business website, especially more so if you choose to have an online portfolio website with a unique domain. Building an online portfolio website is for clients to have a strong impression of your business, while showing off your niche, service, and testimonials. What Is a Freelance Portfolio? A freelance portfolio is
Jun 10th 2022

How to Create a Stunning Video Portfolio [Tips + Examples]

sites allow more flexibility, especially for freelancers who need to showcase their individuality. 🎬 Online portfolio Portfolio services such as Cake , Behance, and Carbonmade provide a great starting point for those who want less hustle in crafting their free video portfolio. 📝 Note : Online portfolio builders offer simplicity in documenting your video portfolio , they are the platform where you upload your videos. Meanwhile, a "portfolio website" is your personal website where you can also embed your video portfolio in. 🎬
May 10th 2023

Mẫu portfolio cho copywriter & content writer (kèm hướng dẫn A-Z)

e-portfolio là gì? Thay vì trình bày thông tin về bản thân và kinh nghiệm làm việc, sản phẩm thực tế,... trên “giấy trắng mực đen", bạn tạo một portfolio online dưới dạng slide thuyết trình, video, hoặc website portfolio cá nhân. Dưới đây là 5 portfolio online cho copywriter, content writer và content creator cực đỉnh! Divine Mae Pasinabo Portfolio content writer này được tạo bởi Cake - website tạo CV và portfolio miễn phí cực đơn giản. Các
May 9th 2024

Portfolio là gì? Thiết kế portfolio website với 10 nền tảng siêu “đỉnh"

nay với hàng trăm mẫu e-portfolio miễn phí. Với chức năng kéo thả, người dùng hoàn toàn dễ dàng đăng tải dữ liệu khi thiết kế portfolio. Ưu điểm: Liên tục hướng dẫn trong quá trình thiết kế e-portfolio Dễ dàng thêm app vào portfolio website Nhược điểm: Gói miễn phí không hỗ trợ tạo Không được sử dụng tên miền riêng Ít ứng dụng hỗ trợ portfolio web tạo bằng Wix Mẫu portfolio gia sư online trên
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Aug 4th 2021

Cara Membuat CV Online yang Menarik di Cake, 100% Gratis!

template CV yang bisa dipilih. Kebanyakan dari desain CV template memiliki desain sederhana yang elegan. Namun juga tersedia desain CV menarik yang bisa digunakan dengan menambahkan elemen multimedia seperti foto, video dan juga link tautan ke sosial media ataupun website portfolio online. Bagaimana cara membuat CV menarik? Menggunakan template CV online dari Cake bisa membuat CV yang tadinya polos dan tradisional menjadi menarik. Untuk membuat CV tampil berbeda dari yang lainnya, modifikasi dan mengedit CV sesuai dengan gaya personal. Yuk
Career Planning
Mar 6th 2024

Make Money With These 10 Side Hustle Ideas

Created by Cake If you’ve ever considered starting a side hustle for some extra cash, you’re not alone. Nearly 40% of Americans report they have a regular side hustle in addition to their full-time job . It’s a great way to pursue your interests and expand your skills, while putting some extra money in your pocket. If you’re uncertain about starting a side hustle, this article will cover some great tips as well as side hustle
Mar 17th 2022

How to Design a Portfolio for Students [+ Ideas & Tips]

In this article, you will learn about: 15 Best Creative Portfolio Ideas for Students Free Websites to Create a Student Portfolio Design 10 Tips to Make a Creative Student Portfolio Design The importance of putting together a comprehensive portfolio for students can’t be stressed enough. A powerful portfolio for application can help increase the chance of achieving your goal in such cases as: Building personal branding Looking for freelance or part-time jobs in creative fields (i.e, graphic

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