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An internship in finance is a critical stepping stone in the professional development of any aspirant individual in the field since such an opportunity offers invaluable training that one will later benefit from in their career. If you are in the process of applying for a finance internship, here are some professional responsibilities that you can expect from the position:

  • Analytical assignment of support work
  • Assistance with the preparation of monthly reports, billing and accounting reports
  • Development or application of spreadsheets and professional documents
  • Data entry and other duties of operation maintenance

With early exposure to the real-world working environment in finance, interns can learn technical skills that are relevant and desirable in the industry. Moreover, the transferable skills that one will learn from real-world working dynamics will increase the intern’s employability in the long run.

Your cover letter for a finance internship is a powerful tool for an internship application because it helps introduce your skills and experience along with your resume. As an applicant for a finance internship, you want to clearly articulate your strengths and relevant experience to catch the recruiter’s eye; your ability to write a good cover letter for the role is thus of great importance.

In this article, we’ve put together a detailed guide to help you write a perfect cover letter for a finance internship.

Finance Internship Cover Letter Examples

The following sample cover letters are ideal examples for applicants to use as references when they are composing their own cover letters for finance internships. The first cover letter is written for an internship position in finance, while the second one is a cover letter for a finance analyst internship.

💼 Finance Internship Cover Letter

Sophia Brown
[email protected]           

February 16th, 2022

Susan Baker
Human Resource Manager
Smart Analytics Inc.
7584 Lilac Ave.
Aberdeen, SD 57401                       

Dear Ms. Baker,

After learning about the opening for Finance Intern at your institution from CakeResume, my immediate application to the position was galvanized by my interest in it.  It aligns with not only my professional aspiration but my educational objective.

Throughout my academic career, I have acquired extensive knowledge that is quintessential in the field of finance. The rigorous training in statistics, macroeconomics, and financial management from my undergraduate years has sufficiently equipped me with the quantitative and analytical skills that the job entails. 

Being a meticulous and communicative student myself, I had the honor to work as a teaching assistant for a financial statistics course, and such experience has also inspired me to earn professional certificates like CFA. The internship experience at your institution will be the perfect opportunity for me to further polish my professional understanding.

I believe my skill set and knowledge will be an efficacious addition to your institution, and I hope to have the chance to discuss further what I have to offer with your company. I will be happy to receive your contact for any questions or information. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sophia Brown

💼 Financial Analyst Intern Cover Letter

Jason Hall
[email protected]           

March 25th, 2021

Emma Wallace
Human Resource Director
Vision Analytics Inc.
608 1st Avenue
Cedar Falls, IA 50613                       

Dear Ms. Wallace,

I am thrilled to learn about the opening for Financial Analytic Intern at Vision Analytics. As the position entails a set of technical skills that align with my portfolio and developmental objective as an aspiring professional, I am confident that I can make additional contributions to your existing operation. 

During my undergraduate years, I had the honor to be part of the student workshop program as the student ambassador at Future Analytical Inc. My responsibilities entailed FP&A and data visualization using Tableau to provide the stakeholders with constructive insights into their investment valuation and risk management. 

The experience not only helped refine my technical skills in data visualization and mining, but it offered me a glimpse into the intricate eco-system of the world of financial analytics, as it required constant interdepartmental collaboration and scrupulous collection of data in communication with the stakeholder’s objective. 

The opening position describes a professional opportunity that not only am I aspired to partake in but aligns with my career objective. I would love to discuss further what I can further contribute to the success of your firm. Please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jason Hall

How to Write a Finance Internship Cover Letter

To maximize the effect of your cover letter, you ought to pay attention to the structure and little details that a successful finance internship cover letter usually consists of. Formalism plays a big part in the success of a finance intern cover letter, as it speaks to your attention to detail and the ability to report and articulate professionally and scrupulously.

We have collected six key elements that are essential that applicants can include in their finance internship cover letters.

✅ A Clear Subject Line (for Application via Emails)

A succinct subject line is always of great importance when it comes to sending a resume and a cover letter for a finance internship via email. Remember to keep it professional by following the right format and capitalization.

✅ Greeting

Next, start off your finance internship cover letter with a greeting that addresses the recipient’s pronouns or title properly.

✅ Body Paragraph(s)

This is the part of your finance internship cover letter where you should go into greater detail on your experience and skills without being discursive. Since the hiring manager might need to review multiple resumes for just one position, a lengthy letter might not be ideal.

✅ Closing

Upon the completion of the body paragraphs in your finance internship cover letter be sure to leave a strong impression at the end. This is the part where candidates can highlight some keywords or information that they want the readers to remember about them.

✅ Sign-off

No letters are completed without a proper sign-off, and your finance internship cover letter should not be exempt from this rule either. Make sure to only use professional sign-offs such as Sincerely, With Gratitude, Best Regards, etc.

✅ Contact Information (for Application via Emails) 

When applying through emails, make sure to include your personal contact in a line below your name. It is a good practice to help the hiring manager to contact you easily.

Tips on Writing a Good Finance Internship Cover Letter

In addition to the format that a successful finance internship cover letter should follow, the content of your letter is just as crucial. To help you compose a more professional cover letter for internships in finance, we have concluded five takeaways that you can implement in your finance internship cover letter:

💡 Customize Your Cover Letter for Different Companies 

The customization of your finance internship cover letter suggests that you are truly passionate about and interested in the position. Not only does the gesture show respect to the company but it reflects your initiative.

💡 Highlight Relevant Skills

Relevance should be your top priority when composing the body paragraph. Failing to keep relevant skills and experience in your cover letter for an internship in finance might generate unwanted impressions from the hiring manager. 

Therefore, to compose a successful finance internship cover letter, candidates need to pay close attention to the skills that they include in their cover letter. Apart from the hard skills in the technical specification, candidates can also include other relevant soft skills to let the reader understand the true scale of their professional aptitude. 

Here are ten common skills that an internship in finance often requires:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Problem-Solving
  • Financial Literacy
  • Technological Literacy
  • Attention to Detail
  • Accounting Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills

💡 End with a Compelling Call to Action

At the end of your finance internship cover letter, remind the hiring manager what makes you the ideal candidate for the position by restating the motivation behind your application. Very briefly explain what you have to offer to the company.

💡 Proofread Your Cover Letter 

Attention to detail is one of the most crucial traits that is shared by many financial professionals. Any mistakes in your finance internship cover letter might be an indicator to your heedlessness.

💡 Be Timely 

The finance industry is a time-sensitive field where a one-second delay can result in disastrous consequences. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that applicants should always keep track of the submission time of their finance internship cover letter and be sure to respond in a timely manner if requested.

Finance Internship Cover Letter Template

While applicants for a finance internship should pay attention to the content and its relevance in the cover letter, the cover letter format can be easily perfected by using a template as the reference, and thus we included a cover letter template written for a finance internship for our readers:

[Full Name]
[Phone Number]
[Website, LinkedIn] 


[Hiring Manager’s Name]
[Hiring Manager’s Job Title]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]                       

Dear [Hiring Manager],

The opening of a finance internship at your company coincides with the expertise that I have developed over the years of my academic training as a finance major. I believe my skill sets and experience can add more value to your operation.

During my university years, I acquired knowledge and skills that prepared me for a career in finance. I gained considerable knowledge in finance, having taken courses on macroeconomics, microeconomics, personal finance, project management, etc. My experience in the student council also gave me the chance to hone my interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills.  

Not only do I believe I have the capacity to fulfill the duties of the position, but I also believe in your company’s business model. I’d be glad to have a further discussion on how I can contribute to your firm. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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