Create a Resume with Free Google Docs Resume Templates (+ Tips & Guide)

Free Google Docs Resume Templates
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Creating a resume is not easy. There are many common difficulties job applicants face when creating a resume such as not having enough work experience to put on the resume, using the incorrect resume format, having a large number of jobs in a short amount of time, making a resume for a career change, having big career gaps, or even being overqualified or underqualified. 

The above examples show that creating a good resume depends on your current job-seeking situation. It’s about turning negative events into positive stories. There are many resume builders and templates you can find online. For example, CakeResume has plenty of resume templates for applicants in different industries. 

Another popular approach to creating resumes is to utilize the free resume templates using Google Docs.

Why should you use Google resume templates? Anyone with a Google account can easily access Google Docs resume templates.  Using templates allows you to save time, increase the accuracy of resume format, and build an aesthetically-pleasing resume.  

Swiss - Google Docs Resume Template

Swiss Google Docs resume template
Swiss - Google Docs Resume Template

The Swiss Google Docs resume template offers distinctive borders that help readers easily differentiate resume sections. Additionally, the color font for the job title and contact information stand out from the rest of the information, making the job applicant’s identity unique. 


  • Different colors for the job title and contact information.
  • The two-column resume format is easily scannable by the recruiters. 


  • Too many white spaces on the left column, resulting in extra space without any purpose. 
  • The right column is too crowded. 

💡 3 tips for using this Google Docs resume template:

1. Increase more space on the right column. 

As mentioned in the above section, this Google Docs resume format is ideal, but it may not be aesthetically pleasing. 

2. Make use of the borders. 

Swiss is a simple resume template from Google Docs, which means that you can easily use the borders to strengthen different resume sections. 

3. Add your own photo or logo. 

Although having a photo or logo is not mandatory, it would be an effective tool to communicate an image of yourself to the recruiters.

Serif - Google Docs Resume Template

Serif Google Docs resume template
Serif - Google Docs Resume Template

Serif is easily the most popular Google Docs resume template due to its typography. In Google Docs resume builder, there are multiple typographies offered in their database. Serif template is easy to read and can be applied in large contexts. 


  • Uses a popular font that is easy to read. 
  • The simple format of Serif means that the template can be applied in a large context of job situations (e.g., freshers resume, experienced professional).


  • Lack of borders make it difficult to differentiate resume sections. 
  • The header font size is too small, so it is challenging to read.   

💡 3 tips for using this Google Docs resume template:

1. Add borders. 

You can easily add a resume outline in Google Docs using borders. Borders allow you to distinguish between sections of the resume. Additionally, you can strengthen different resume sections. 

2. Increase header font size.

As the current font size for each resume section is too small, it will not be easy for the recruiters or hiring managers to read through the resume. Worry not, Serif is an editable Google Docs resume template, and you can easily increase header font size. 

3. Add a resume objectives/summary section. 

Serif Google Doc resume template does not offer a specific resume summary section. Having a resume summary section can allow you to flaunt your qualifications and career experiences.

Coral - Google Docs Resume Template

Coral Google Docs resume template
Coral - Google Docs Resume Template

Coral exerts a casual style as a Google Docs resume template. It has a playful theme with warm orange headers. Additionally, there is extra space on the top right corner, where you can insert a professional resume photo. Coral is the best resume template from Google Docs for startup or casual jobs.


  • The warm orange color for the headers increase a playful impression.
  • Spacious resume layout which can be visually pleasant.


  • Very plain design.
  • The format does not allow space for additional resume sections.

💡 3 tips for using this Google Docs resume template:

1. Add lively characters to the resume. 

As Coral is a plain template, recruiters or hiring managers may find your resume boring. You can add lively characters by adding the borders and adding more colors in the texts. 

2. Change Google Docs resume format.

Although changing the format may change the resume style of Coral, it can give you additional space to add different resume sections. 

3. Add a professional picture.

Adding a resume picture can provide an overview of you. Even though some people may argue that pictures increase discrimination, but it is ultimately a good approach to show yourself to the recruiters. 

Spearmint - Google Docs Resume Template

Spearmint docs resume template
Spearmint - Google Docs Resume Template

In contrast with the casual style of Coral, Spearmint is a stylish counterpart. If you take a close look at Spearmint docs resume template, you’ll notice that it places the skills section and experience section at the beginning of the resume. The Spearmint template has a resume format that emphasizes your professional skills and strengths.


  • Bold green fonts are refreshing and stylish. 
  • The simple border on top adds simplicity and style. 


  • No distinct border between resume sections. 
  • The spacing of the resume layout gives very little room for information. 

💡 3 tips for using this Google Docs resume template:

1. Make it a functional resume.

If you are an experienced worker, you can consider adapting Spearmint as a functional resume template from Google Docs for free. A functional resume focuses on your professional skills and allows you to show your resume strengths. 

2. Only include relevant experiences.

As the spacing on Spearmint is very limited, only include relevant work experience that is fitting to the job description. 

3. Include borders. 

Include borders on your resume, so your resume sections can be distinguished by the recruiters. 

Modern Writer - Google Docs Resume Template

Modern Writer Google Docs resume templates
Modern Writer Google Docs resume templates

Modern Writer shows a different character compared to the previous Google Docs resume templates. It has a mix of different fonts and colors, and therefore it can quickly catch the recruiters’ attention. Modern Writer is the best resume template from Google Docs if you are applying for jobs in tech or design. 


  • Modern, fashionable, and eye-catching format. 
  • Puts an emphasis on skills and work experience. 


  • A mix of different fonts can be confusing.
  • Not enough space for other resume sections (e.g., projects, resume summary).

✅ 3 tips for using this Google Docs resume template:

1. Customize the template to your own needs.

With the modern design from Modern Writer, you can easily customize the resume sections to your own needs. For instance, instead of the awards section, you can change it to the projects section. 

2. Use consistent fonts.

Although Modern Writer is advantageous for its mixed fonts on the resume, it can easily confuse the readers if the fonts don’t create a good contrast. Fortunately, Modern Writer is an editable Google Docs resume template. You can modify the style easily. 

3. Tone down the colors for other professions. 

Although Modern Writer is a favorable design for tech and design jobs, it can be customized to other industries as well. Adjust the color palette to colder colors in the resume maker of Google Docs to give an earnest impression to the recruiters. 

How to Make a Resume Using Google Docs Resume Templates

1. Make sure you have a Google account.

The very first step of creating a resume using Google Docs is to sign up for an account on Google. 

2. Go to Google Docs, create a new blank document.

Once you’re in your Google account, go to Google Docs, and click on “Blank” to open a new Google document. 

3. Click “File”, “New”, then “From template”.

Go to “File” → “New” → “From template” to select a google document resume from Google’s existing database. 

4. Choose the Google Docs resume template of your choice.

Once you’re in the database, select a resume example from Google Docs that you desire. You can see that Google Docs offer a variety of templates you can choose from.

google docs resume templates
Google Docs Resume Templates Selection

5. Type in all your information in the provided sections.

Once you’re on the Google Docs resume, begin editing the resume using the guided sections from Google Docs. 

6. Download the file as Word or PDF.

Once you have completed the resume on Google Docs resume builder, go to “File” → “Download” → “PDF Document (.pdf)” to save the document as a PDF file. 

7. Share the document with recruiters.

If the hiring company requests a link to access your Google Docs resume, you can easily share the link using the “Share with others” setting. Click on “Anyone with the link can view” and “Copy link”. 

🔑 Key Takeaways:

In this article, you learned that: 

  • Using Google Docs resume template is a good option to learn how to build a good resume. 
  • Different advantages and disadvantages of using various styles Google Docs resumes.
  • A step by step guide of using Google Docs resume builder.

You may still wonder about “what resume template should I use on Google Docs?”. The answer is simple - you can use any of them. The importance is not the quality of the resume template, but rather the content you put on the resume. Customize the template to your own needs, and you will find yourself getting noticed by the companies.

--- Originally written by Diana Shih ---

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