The 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore You Need to Know in 2024

10 Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore You Need to Know in 2024

Singapore's economic landscape is characterized by stability, innovation, and rapid growth. It has established itself as a global financial and technological hub, attracting multinational corporations due to its strategic location, robust infrastructure, and business-friendly policies. The job market in Singapore is highly diverse, spanning industries such as finance, healthcare, technology, and engineering, to name a few. The highest-paying jobs in Singapore are not just financially rewarding but also drive the nation's competitiveness and growth. These professions attract top talent, fueling innovation and excellence across sectors. 

Are you looking to make the move to one of the world's most innovative social and technological hubs? This article will explore high-paying jobs in Singapore and the factors contributing to their attractive salaries. Whether you are a job seeker, career planner, or simply interested in Singapore's economic dynamics, this article gives insights into high-paying jobs shaping the market.

In the evolution of the modern workplace, advancements in technology and changes in global trends heavily influence the types of high-demand jobs that exist. Like all countries which base their workforce on the latest trends and innovations, the highest-paying jobs in Singapore have been created through the rising prominence of critical job sectors. In this section, we will cover some of the sectors that the highest-paying jobs in Singapore are a part of.

Technological Advancements

Technological advancements are the driving force of our modern world. Professionals in high-paying technology-based roles in Singapore contribute to the development of cutting-edge technical and mechanical innovations, propelling humanity to new heights!

Automation and AI

The advent and popularization of AI and the automation of processes have brought many high-paying jobs to Singapore. The nation’s focus on becoming a regional and global hub for innovation in the artificial intelligence space has spelt great opportunities for professionals looking to take the move to the city-state.  

Technology-Driven Industries

Through the digitalization of trade and financial services, the development of infrastructure and technology to support the growing fintech industry and digital trade mechanisms have never been as important as they are today. Some of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore are positioned to take advantage of this trend and propel the country to the forefront of fintech and digital trade technology. 

Digital Literacy

Singapore lacks the geographical resources that other countries enjoy but makes up for it through its focus on developing the intellectual literacy of its population. As the world goes digital, investment in digital literacy and its focus on the development of technology-driven industries has brought many high-paying jobs to Singapore. 

Sustainability and Green Jobs

Climate change and mounting environmental challenges have centered on the importance of transitioning to greener and more sustainable infrastructure and technology to support humanity’s development. Many high-paying jobs in Singapore capitalize on this trend by focusing their work on the development of newer and greener technology to assist in this trend to carbon net zero. 

Growth Sectors

The companies that offer the highest paying jobs in Singapore are always looking for promising emerging markets and sectors to branch investment into. Many of the best-paying jobs in Singapore are those that have early and astute market engagement. 

Top 10 Highest-Paying Jobs in Singapore


Moving forward, we will now go deeper into the specific roles that the high-paying jobs in Singapore can assume. This section will not only brief you on the best jobs in Singapore but will also let you know how much you can stand to earn and the exact responsibilities that each position can come with.

1. Medical Specialists

The medical field is wide and the precise responsibilities of each professional reflect this scope. That said, those working in medicine enjoy one of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore. Medical specialists typically undergo post-medical degree specializations and are consequently much more qualified in their field. The highest-paying jobs in medicine in Singapore are generally surgeons in the neurosurgical and cardiology fields, the average annual salary being in the range of S$148,065 to S$388,564. 

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2. Investment Bankers

The financial market and investment banker profession yield one of the highest paying jobs in Singapore. While public sector positions are also competitive, the highest-paying finance jobs in Singapore are found in the private sector. The responsibilities of a private investment banker, depending on the level, can range from maintaining client relationships and providing consultation services to overseeing the activities and transactions made by well-endowed clients and companies. The average annual salary for investment bankers in Singapore can range between S$320,000 to S$415,000. 

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3. Legal Professionals

The legal professions are almost universally well-paid throughout the world. Similarly, some of the best jobs in Singapore are found in the legal professions and services. The responsibilities of positions within this field range from arbitration and litigation to private consulting and legal document drafting. Legal professionals in Singapore are well-respected and their services are in a perpetual state of demand! If you are a professional in the legal field, you can expect a salary within the range of S106,000 to S$200,000. 

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4. Chief Technology Officer

The C-suite of positions within any company is notorious for being very well paid. While many of the best-paid jobs in Singapore are within the C-suite positions, Chief Technology Officers are especially well-compensated. Singapore’s focus on technological developments and innovation means that experienced professionals to manage and oversee processes are crucial. CTOs create, implement, and guide the execution of technology strategies that companies employ in their day-to-day operations. Average CTO annual salaries vary widely, and can typically fall within the S$250,000 to S$350,000

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5. Engineering Managers

Another of the best-paid jobs in Singapore is the Engineering Manager. These professionals are tasked with overseeing, managing, and implementing a company’s engineering department. Engineering managers set and manage deadlines and handle typical project management tasks to ensure operations run smoothly. Typically, as with most of the high-paying jobs in Singapore, Engineering Managers can expect an annual salary exceeding S$100,000, typically within the range of S$150,000 and S$212,000.

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6. Aviation Professionals

The national Singaporean airline, Singapore Airlines, is one of the best in the world. Singapore's aviation industry is booming, and aviation professionals in the city-state are well compensated for their work. Most commonly, the best-paying aviation jobs in Singapore are pilot positions, with annual salaries going as high as S$200,000

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7. Management Consultants

Management consultants are tasked with aiding organizations and companies in managing challenges in growth, development, and business performance. Management consultants play an integral part in ensuring the day-to-day operations of many businesses and are crucial in ensuring that the short and long-term goals of a company are met. Management consultants are highly valued in Singapore, as the city-state houses offices of many of the world's largest organizations and financial institutions. Some of the highest-paying management consultants jobs in Singapore can earn upwards of S$250,000. 

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8. IT Cyber Security Manager

In a country that prioritizes technology innovation and development, IT cybersecurity managers are amongst the highest-paying IT jobs in Singapore. Cybersecurity managers are responsible for ensuring that a company’s digital data, assets and digital intellectual property are protected against malicious cyber-attacks and that the security of the company’s digital presence is robust. As thousands of cyber hacks occur daily, cybersecurity managers are a required part of any medium to large-scale company. Cybersecurity specialists are one of the highest-paying IT jobs in Singapore, with an average annual salary of S$101,640 to S$245,640.

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9. DevOps

Development and Operations professionals (DevOps) are at the center of any technology/IT company. DevOps are tasked with building out, testing, and maintaining the digital infrastructure of a company. They are usually also responsible for developing new and more efficient software that can support their company’s continued growth and expansion. As one of the most critical positions in a company and the highest-paying IT jobs in Singapore, DevOps enjoy a substantial compensation package, with an annual salary range of S$130,000 to S$200,000.

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10. Marketing Directors

Marketing directors have a wide range of responsibilities, including developing marketing budgets, designing and executing marketing campaigns and strategies, and conducting market research to identify areas of entry and competition, to name a few. The position is intensive and relies heavily on prior education and experience. That said, the position is highly rewarding as the marketing director position is one of the highest-paying jobs in Singapore. The average marketing director can expect a compensation package with an annual salary of around S$270,000.

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Guide to Prepare for a High-Paying Job

Preparing for a high-paying job in Singapore means conducting significant market research to identify emerging trends and demands for jobs. The best-paid jobs in Singapore and the world are those that are geared to solve future problems and are difficult to replace or automate. For example, with the rise of AI development and Singapore’s vocal commitment to be a trailblazer in AI with Asia and ASEAN, a career in AI development is just one of the many promising career prospects you can consider when aiming for high-paying jobs in Singapore. 

Here are some tips that can help you fully prepare for applying for a high-paying job in Singapore!

Tip 1: The crucial role of education

Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world, with a literacy rate of over 97% in 2021 and with over 40% of the population possessing a university degree or higher. This means that education and being highly educated will be a pivotal part of securing a high-paying job in Singapore. Conduct thorough market research well before making a move, and ensure your educational qualifications stand out against the domestic competition!

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Tip 2: Elevate your career with certifications

Advanced training and certifications are a great way to give yourself an edge against your competition in the job application process. High-paying jobs in Singapore look for more than just a degree; supplemental experience, certifications, and more specialized degrees will make a much more compelling and attractive job application package. Remember that many of the world’s best and brightest aim for careers in Singapore, so competition will be fierce! 

Tip 3: Skill development for professional growth

One of the best (and cheapest) ways to invest in your professional and self-development is through online workshops, seminars, and courses. There are a plethora of online education platforms for professionals seeking to deepen their technical knowledge and skill sets. Courses offered span multiple disciplines and professions, and teach everything from legal studies and AI development to Microsoft Office skills and accounting!

Tip 4: The power of networking and internships

Internships are a great way for students and recent graduates to build work experience without the pressure of being fully in the job market. Networking is a skill that either comes naturally or with lots of practice! That said, it is an invaluable skill to have and opens doors at every level of experience! Whether it be attending professional networking events and mixers, or connecting online through professional services such as CakeResume, networking is a skill best learned early on. 

💡Pro tip: For college students, check out this article on why networking is a key to early success in university.

Tip 5: Staying updated with industry changes

The importance of staying up-to-date with industry trends and changes to remain competitive in high-paying fields cannot be understated. The best jobs in Singapore and the world capitalize on these trends to offer lucrative positions for up-and-coming professionals who have the technical qualifications for the job. Make sure you are ahead of the market curve by conducting your due research before deciding on your college major and/or specialization! you may save lots of time and money further down the line!


Singapore's busy and thriving job market has spelled great success for many professionals who have made the move to the small city-state. The best jobs in Singapore are those that are future-proofed against automation and include positions in the medical, legal, engineering, and technology fields. If you're a professional looking to take the next leap in your career and experience a vibrant work culture, consider Singapore as the next step in the right direction!

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