Best Housekeeping Cover Letter w/ Examples, Tips, and Templates [Cover Letter Writing Guidelines]

Housekeeping Cover Letter Writing Tips

Housekeeping staff are typically hired to work in personal cases to maintain and clean a home. Apart from working in homes, housekeeping can also work in the hospitality industry in places such as hotels. When applying for such a job, a well-written housekeeping cover letter is a great way to boost your resume and make your job application more attractive!

A housekeeping cover letter is an extra step that you can take to give the edge to your job application over others. Housekeeping is a career that relies heavily on personal characteristics as well as your skill set. An attractive housekeeping cover letter is important as it provides your employer with some key information about your personality that is not suitable to be included in a resume. 

Are you thinking of applying for a cleaning job position? A housekeeping cover letter is the way to go! In this article, we will take you through the steps to writing a clean housekeeping cover letter. We will provide all the tips, samples, and examples that you need to write a killer housekeeping cover letter that is sure to land you a job!

How to Write a Cover Letter for Housekeeping Job

A cover letter is a one-page document that is typically sent to an employer explaining your candidacy for a job by illustrating your skills, work experience, and other qualifications. A cover letter is a great addition to any job application as it provides space for you to explain parts of yourself that are unfit to be included in a resume. 

Let us begin by going over the steps and parts of a cover letter for a housekeeping position:

1. Tailor your housekeeping cover letter header

Begin your housekeeping cover letter the right way with a properly structured letterhead! Housekeeping cover letterheads follow the standard cover letter format and should include the contact information of yourself and the recipient. 

💡 Pro tip: Boost the appeal of your housekeeping cover letter by finding the exact contact information of the employer or hiring manager you are writing to. Many times, this information will be included in the job description. If not, a quick web search or phone call should do the trick!

2. Address the receiver directly

A great way to grab the attention of the employer or hiring manager reading your housekeeping cover letter is to address them directly. This shows your employer that you are meticulous and pay attention to little details, which is an invaluable skill to have as a cleaner!

The salutation of your housekeeping cover letter should be formal and maintain your professionalism. Here are some salutations that you can use in a housekeeping cover letter:

  • Dear [Mr./Ms./Mrs.] [Hiring Manager/Employer’s last name]
  • Dear [Mr./Ms./Mrs.] [Hiring Manager/Employer’s full name]

When you cannot find the personal information of the addressee, you can use these formal non-specific salutations instead:

  • Dear [Addressee’s job title]
  • Greetings

3. Introduce who you are and why you are applying

In the first paragraph of your housekeeping cover letter, introduce yourself and your reasons for applying to the job. Consider the type of housekeeping job you will be applying for and adjust your reason accordingly. For example, writing a private housekeeper cover letter will require a different motivation (and skill set) than a room attendant cover letter!

💡 Pro tip: Read the job description carefully before writing your housekeeping cover letter. Oftentimes, employers will include traits that they look for in successful candidates. Find these and use them to model your cover letter in the best way possible!

4. Explain your skills and/or experience

Moving on to the body section of your housekeeping cover letter! Spend this section explaining how your interests, skills, and qualifications align with the goals and values of the place you are applying to. Your housekeeping cover letter should not be a repetition of your resume; rather, use this space to form links between you and your employer by emphasizing your qualifications for the job!

💡 Pro tip: Wherever possible, use measurable metrics to quantify your achievements in your housekeeping cover letter. Numbers are attractive and draw the readers’ attention; this should be taken advantage of! Also, separate your key achievements into 2-3 bullet points. This also focuses the readers’ attention and helps greatly in emphasizing the things you want!

5. Show how your personality aligns with the business’ values

As previously mentioned, your housekeeping cover letter should aim to form a connection with your employer and show them that your personality aligns with their business values. A great way to elevate your housekeeper's cover letter in this context is to take advantage of the information provided in the job description.

Employers always include the qualities that they look for in a successful applicant. Analyze this and figure out which ones align with your personality, skill set, and experiences. Then, use them to bridge the gap in your housekeeping application letter for the best shot at forming a solid connection with your employer!

6. Close off the housekeeping cover letter with a strong CTA

You’re almost done. In the final section of your housekeeping cover letter, thank the employer for their time and evaluation of your application. Then, close off with a call to action, proactively re-expressing your interest in the position and moving to the next stage of the application process!

💡 Pro tip:  In this section of your housekeeping cover letter, it is important to restate your contact information. By now, the employer should have a sense of your potential fit for the job. Make it easier for them to contact you and follow up by including your availability and contact details at the end of your letter.

7. Sign-off professionally

The last step in a housekeeping cover letter is to sign off formally and professionally. Here are some good examples of professional sign-offs that you can use in your application for a housekeeping position: 

  • Sincerely
  • Respectfully
  • Best regards
  • Regards
  • Yours sincerely

Housekeeping Cover Letter Examples

Take a look at how the previous steps to writing a housekeeping cover letter can be applied in practice. These short housekeeping cover letter examples can be used as a guide to writing your own. 

Sample Cover Letter for a Housekeeping Job With No Experience

Dear Mr. Zapote,

As a recent graduate preparing to enter the hospitality market, I was ecstatic to find your job opportunity because the position, as described, perfectly aligns with my personal and professional objectives. I believe that my education and my broad-based skill set make me an ideal candidate for the Housekeeper position. 

I am a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina where I graduated at the top of my class with a Bachelor of Hospitality and Management. I am a dedicated individual that goes above and beyond in everything I set out to do. I have a solid academic background that is further supplemented by my double certification as a Certified Housekeeper Executive (CEH) and OSHA Housekeeping Certification. What I lack in hands-on experience, I make up for in a passionate drive to deliver the highest service possible. My exemplary time management, organization, and attention to detail are complemented by my extensive knowledge of hospitality and the technical components of housekeeping. I believe this will allow me to meet and exceed the obligations of this Housekeeping position. 

Please take a moment to review my resume. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time via my email at [email protected] or phone number 333-444-5555. Thank you for your evaluation and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon. 



Liam Ronald
[email protected] 

Sample Cover Letter For Housekeeping Job

Maria Cabon
1234 Exon Street
Saint Louis, MO 67226

October 30, 2022

Michelle Harper
3251 Choco Avenue
Denver, CO 73269

Dear Mrs. Harper, 

I am writing to express my interest in the housekeeping position at your family home. As an experienced professional in the hospitality industry for over 15 years, I believe that my skills and qualifications make me the ideal candidate for this position which aligns so perfectly with my current professional objectives. 

Throughout my career, I have developed and maintained the highest standard of professionalism and hospitality. Your job description indicates your desire for a candidate that can not only maintain the status of your home but work with your private chefs to develop menus for private events. I hold a Master’s Degree in Hospitality and I believe that my specialized skill set and results-driven work ethic will allow me to meet and exceed the demands of this position. To illustrate my candidacy, some of my key accomplishments include:

  • Knowledge of the chemical composition of cleaning chemicals, alongside allergy-free and natural substitutions in the event of allergies
  • Certification in Housekeeping Management, with accompanying knowledge of specialty cleaning equipment used in the industry
  • Managed a team of 10 to execute housekeeping for private clients and hotels in the Chicago area. 

My independent and adaptable personality coupled with my meticulous attention to detail are drivers of my consistent professional results. I believe that these key strengths and my decade of experience will allow me to fulfill the demands that this housekeeping position requires. 

Please take a moment of your time to review my resume, testimonials, and recommendations. Should further documentation or clarification be required, I can be contacted at any time via my email at [email protected] or phone number 302-440-0212. Thank you for your evaluation and consideration. 


Maria Cabon

Housekeeping Cover Letter Writing Tips

Let’s take your housekeeping cover letter one step further with these neat housekeeping cover letter writing tips.

💡 Emphasize your housekeeping skills

Demonstrating your ability to perform as a housekeeper is a key part of your housekeeping cover letter. A great way to do this is by listing some key hard and soft skills that make you a suitable candidate for the job. 

Remember, the skills you include in your housekeeping cover letter depend largely on the specific job you are applying to. Those writing a hotel housekeeping cover letter will require a different skill set than those writing a private housekeeper cover letter. 

Here are some examples of hard and soft skills that you can include in a housekeeping cover letter. 

Examples of Hard Skills to include in a housekeeping cover letter:

  • Knowledge of necessary cleaning equipment: depending on the job, you may be required to use specialty equipment; make sure that you know how to use them!
  • Knowledge of harmful chemicals: In some cases, clients may have allergies to chemicals found in cleaning supplies. Know which ones are in the supplies you use and the substitutions that may be necessary!
  • How to do things other than cleaning: Sometimes, housekeeping involves more than just cleaning. Knowing how to cook or other skills, for example, may help you greatly and can be leveraged for higher pay!
  • Laundry: Doing laundry is a seriously underrated skill and extends far beyond throwing clothes into a washing machine!

Examples of Soft Skills to include in a housekeeping cover letter:

  • Interpersonal communication: Whether it be communicating with your employers, colleagues, or clients, knowing how to do so professionally is essential.
  • Time management: Refers to how well you can compartmentalize and prioritize tasks in the time you have available to you.
  • Organizational skills: Refers to how well you can manage your tasks efficiently.
  • Discreetness and integrity: You may be working in someone’s home or personal space. Be respectful and appropriate at all times. 
  • Attention to detail: You are in a profession that demands picking up on the smallest of imperfections! Develop this skill and it will serve you well!
  • Management: For those working in the hospitality industry, the ability to manage people is key!

💡 Show how your skills can contribute to the job

Having the skill set needed to be a housekeeper is great, but connecting them to your capability to meet the demands of the job is completely different. In your housekeeping cover letter, endeavor to connect your skills to your capabilities. 

For example, when writing a hotel housekeeping cover letter, an important skill to have is time management, as you will need to clean many rooms within a limited time before new check-ins arrive. Here is how you can phrase this skill in a hotel housekeeping cover letter, “housekeeping skill X can be used when applying for a housekeeping job at a hotel, etc.”

💡 Emphasize hands-on, outside-of-workplace experience

Hands-on experience is a great addition to any housekeeping cover letter! That said, if you are trying to break into the hospitality industry, you will be lacking this professional experience. Not to worry! In this case, your housekeeping cover letter should lean heavily on informal housekeeping experiences and your technical knowledge of housekeeping-related matters!

💡 Format your housekeeping cover letter properly

Pay attention to details! We recommend formatting your housekeeping cover letter in line with that which we have discussed in this article! This ensures that you include all the essential information that you need in a well-balanced and complete housekeeping cover letter!

💡 Be brief and only include necessary details

While your housekeeping cover letter is a great place to include key information about yourself, be wary of overstuffing your letter with too much information! Your housekeeping cover letter should be contained within one page; this is both for the sake of brevity and conciseness. Including too much information dilutes the overall impact of your housekeeping cover letter and may distract the employer or hiring manager from the information you want them to focus on more. 

Housekeeping Cover Letter Template

It’s time for you to write your cover letter. Use this housekeeping cover letter template as a guide.

[Your name]
[Your job title/position] (if any)
[Your home address]
[Your email address] 
[Your telephone number]


[Name of Employer]
[Job title of Employer]
[Company name] (if applicable)
[Company/home address]

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mrs.][Employer’s last name],

I am writing to express my interest in the [position title] at [company (if applicable)]. [Include a brief reason for your candidacy]. This position, as described, is the perfect opportunity for my personal and professional development and I believe that my interests and qualifications make me the ideal candidate for this exciting opportunity.

Throughout my career, I have [elaborate on some important highlights of your career]. [Talk about your experience and professional qualifications and how it translates to your candidacy for the position you are applying to]. Some key accomplishments of my career include: [relate 2-3 personal achievements]. I believe that these skills and experiences have equipped me with the necessary qualifications that will allow me to excel and thrive in this position.

Please take a moment to review my [list the attached documents that were requested in the job description]. I can be contacted at any time through my [email and telephone information]. [Thank the employer for reading your letter]. [Include a call to action that expresses your excitement to hear from them]



[Your full name]


Cover letters for housekeeping jobs are not easy but are an essential part of a well-rounded job application. Here are some key takeaways that you should keep in mind when writing an impactful housekeeping cover letter:

  • Stick to the housekeeping cover letter format. Including all the essential information discussed in this article ensures that your cover letter has the desired effect on the employer!
  • Take the time to personally address your housekeeping cover letter by finding out the necessary contact information of the employer. Employers like being personally addressed, as it is indicative of your care and attention to detail.
  • Include your skills as a key component of your housekeeping cover letter. Your skills may be what separates you from your competition!

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