Investment Banking Cover Letter [Examples, Template & Tips]

Investment Banking Cover Letter
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An investment banker or investment banking analyst’s major responsibilities include raising capital for businesses and individuals by issuing debt and selling equity, overseeing mergers, conducting research, and preparing legal and financial documents.

Want to get into investment banking? Well, you’re in for a fierce competition. To boost your application, make sure your investment banking cover letter pitches yourself effectively to future employers.

We’re going to guide you on how to craft a top-notch how to write a cover letter for investment banking jobs.

Investment Banking Cover Letter Examples

General investment banking cover letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Kellie Huang - a recent MBA graduate from National Taiwan University. I was introduced to your firm via Professor Kuo and was excited to see the junior investment analyst opening at your firm, Barclays. With my educational background and former Morgan Stanley internship experience, I believe that I would make an excellent fit for this role. 

During my previous internship and Morgan Stanley, my main tasks included preparing marketing materials for M&A and capital-raising engagements, conducting industry and company-specific research, maintaining accurate records on funding sources, and developing written materials, including offering memorandum and new business presentations. Through this internship program, I have gained strong modeling and analysis skills as well as the ability to work effectively either in a team or independently.  

Barclays is known in the industry for providing comprehensive financial, advisory, and capital-raising services, which makes me look forward to joining and contributing to your firm.

I have attached my resume for your further review of my qualifications. I would welcome an opportunity to further discuss how my skills and experience could help Barclays in an interview. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Kind regards,
Kellie Huang

[email protected]

Investment banking internship cover letter

Dear Mr. Steven,

My name is Nathan L. Reynolds - a final year student majoring in Finance at UT Austin. I’m writing in support of my application for the Investment Banking Summer Analyst Program at Cowen where I would love to pursue my dream and build my career.

My fascination with finance and banking started at an early age, which motivates me to enroll in UT Austin and enables me to complete the Insights Programme for first-year students at McKinsey. The program gave me exposure to the fundamentals of financial analysis and modeling, value interest, and equity research. I am also predicted to graduate with first-class honors since I have an excellent record of academic achievement, with 8 A* and 2 A grades at the GCSE level. 

Besides that, I'm an active participant in many clubs and organizations which demonstrates the team player skills you are looking for.

An opportunity to complete the internship at Cowen would be a dream come true for me. I would be happy to answer any questions you have in person or online, at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Nathan L. Reynolds

15 Live Oak Street, Austin, TX 78746
[email protected]

Goldman Sachs cover letter

Chaikerra Guice
21138 Chadbourne Trace Lane, Richmond, TX 77407
[email protected]

September 19, 2023

Dear Goldman Sachs Hiring Manager,

After reviewing on handshake your job description about the Summer Analyst opportunity at Goldman Sachs, it’s clear that you’re looking for a candidate who is extremely familiar with the responsibilities associated with the role and can perform them confidently. I am certain that I have the necessary skills to successfully do the job adeptly and perform above expectations.

During my academic career, I managed to gain five years of work experience for Kroger Co. as a sales representative in a fast-paced environment. I was trained in many departments and had the opportunity to shadow a Human Resource Manager. I also observed 100 different training programs they have to offer including, recruiting, training, Talent Acquisition, and compliance with rules and regulations. 

Moreover, I had the privilege of working for Baylor University’s Student Activities in a managerial role by helping with 10 different community service projects. I learned professional skills such as guiding, educating, supporting, and instructing students by building meaningful relationships with them. 

I look forward to elaborating on how my specific skills and abilities will benefit your organization. Please contact me at (281)220-9084 or via email at [email protected] to arrange a convenient meeting time for an interview.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Chaikerra Guice

Source: Chaikerra Guice’s Goldman Sachs Cover letter

JP Morgan cover letter

Yousuf Kadir
5832 Reba St.
Morton Grove, IL 60053

November 8th, 2023

J. P. Morgan
270 Park Ave., New York, NY, 10017

Dear Recruiter,

My name is Yousuf Kadir and I am currently a sophomore at Northwestern University studying Economics and Business. I was recently introduced to J.P. Morgan’s sophomore investment banking program via Ian Chan and was impressed with what I learned of J.P. Morgan’s competitive and collaborative culture. I am interested in pursuing an investment banking summer analyst position at your firm.

I have previously completed an internship at Aurora Investment Management, a hedge fund of funds in Chicago. Through this experience, I worked on managing projects and analyzing financial analyses. From this, I have learned skills including attention to detail and analytical skills, thus the relevant experience to pursue a career in banking.

Given my background at Aurora Investment Management and my attention to detail and analytical skills, I am particularly a good fit for the investment banking analyst position at your firm. I am impressed by the track record of J.P. Morgan, the responsibilities given to an investment banking summer analyst, and I look forward to joining and contributing to your firm.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you and learn more about J.P. Morgan at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at 847.486.1424 or via email at [email protected]. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yousuf A. Kadir

Source: Yousuf Kadir J.P. Morgan Cover Letter

Morgan Stanley cover letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Summer Analyst Programme as advertised on the TARGETjobs website. I am in the final year of my BSc in Electrical & Electronic Engineering course at the University of Nottingham with plans to begin an MSc in Finance in 2015. I am seeking my first internship towards a career in investment banking (M&A) and I feel, with my detail-oriented nature and my quantitative and technical background as an engineer, I am prepared for the highly quantitative and analytically demanding finance environment.

Like in engineering, investment banking, in particular M&A, is another way of creating synergy i.e. the interaction of elements (companies) that when combined are greater as a whole, than individually, and this is what draws me to this field. I am excited by the prospect of finding more cost-effective, efficient, and profitable ways for companies, by integrating, to operate and provide services. 

The experience on numerous projects during my education has developed my ability to think critically, conduct research, write reports and communicate effectively, for example prior to my enrollment in the university, I was part of a team that worked with Fairline Boats Ltd to develop a 3D storyboard and simulation for the advertising campaign of their new boat. I was exposed to different new and innovative technologies in which I had to assimilate quickly, identify issues and propose solutions.

I hope that, on consideration of my attached CV, you will feel that I have the skills and experience to succeed in your summer analyst programme and become a valued member of Morgan Stanley.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Source: Cover letter for an internship position at Morgan Stanley

How to Write an Investment Banking Cover Letter

Below you will find essential parts that make up a great investment analyst cover letter, including tips for writing each part.

✍🏻 Adopt a standard cover letter format.

The 6 sections that need to be included in a cover letter format for investment banking positions are: 

  1. Letter header - Provide the personal and contact info of the sender (you), date, and the recipient (recruiter, employer, or hiring manager).
  2. Salutation - Start with Dear, Hi, or Hello, and address the receiver directly.
  3. Introduction paragraph - Introduce who you are and mention which position you're applying for.
  4. Body paragraph(s) - Explain your motivation to apply and what makes you the best fit. 
  5. Closing paragraph - Remind the reader to review the attached files and express your gratitude.
  6. Signature - End the application letter with a proper sign-off and use your real name.

✍🏻 Express your interest in the role and your enthusiasm for investment banking.

This marks the difference between an investment analyst cover letter vs a resume. A resume only mentions your educational qualification and professional experience while an investment banking cover letter further explains your interest in the job. 

“Passion will get you the job.” This is especially true when you're writing an investment banking internship cover letter. Think carefully about what you are truly passionate about instead of what you think the hiring manager expects to read. In such an increasingly competitive market like investment banking, it’s passion and personality that help entry-level candidates and juniors get a leg up on the competition.

✍🏻 Explain why you are an ideal candidate. 

Here are a few tips:

  • Use quantified results to elaborate on your experiences and accomplishments, for example: “In the last role at LTA Inc, I’ve supported IPO initialization for 8 startups onto NYSE and Nasdaq.”
  • Insert positive words to describe yourself, such as: capable of, able to, dependable, energetic, flexible, etc. 
  • Mention what you can do to bring value to the firm. Check out the Goldman Sachs cover letter example: “With plenty of experience in foreign investment and finding funds for domestic startup capital, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your investment plans for the coming year at Goldman Sachs.”

✍🏻 Finish with a strong CTA.

In the final paragraph of your investment analyst cover letter, make sure you’ve inserted a strong CTA (call-to-action) to remind the employer to review your application and speak with you further regarding the job opportunity. By doing so, you can show them your motivation to apply and interest in the role, as well as give them a push to reach out to you for an interview.

✍🏻 Don’t forget to attach your resume/CV.

A cover letter is generally submitted as part of your job application (alongside your resume or CV). Hence, keep in mind to attach your documents to the email and make sure the files should be named consistently and properly.

Investment Banking Cover Letter Template

Not sure where to start? Here is a template that you can download for free and use for your own investment banking job application. 

[Your Full Name]
[Your Address]
[Your Email Address]
[Your Phone Number]

[Date written]

[Recipient’s Name]
[Recipient’s Job Title]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms./Mx. [Name]

I am writing this cover letter to apply for the [job role] position at [company name], as advertised on [website name]. I feel that I would be a valuable asset to your company as well as the [department/team] because of the following qualifications: 

During [number] years of experience in [area of expertise], I am responsible for [list at least 3 major job tasks]. The greatest accomplishments I've achieved in the former roles are [achievement 1] and [achievement 2]

My key skills include [soft skills] and [hard skills], which enable me to accomplish the achievements mentioned above. I’m also [personal traits]. That makes me strongly believe I am the right fit for the role and can bring more value to the [company name]’s growth. 

Please kindly find attached my resume. I thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

[Your Name]

Tips on How to Write a Cover Letter for Investment Banking

💡 Focus on your soft skills and personal traits. 

Here comes the two important factors that determine whether or not you're qualified for the role. To do so, you need to research the firm and make sure you can fit into the corporate culture. 

Here are some must-have soft skills for your investment banking cover letter:

  • Stay calm under pressure
  • Work well in a team 
  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Relationship building skills
  • Discipline

💡 Be brief but engaging.

As a general rule of thumb, your investment analyst cover letter should range between 200-350 words. If it's too short, the hiring manager may think that you didn't put much effort into it or don't have many things to show. On the other hand, a cover letter exceeding 400 words can seem too long and make recruiters miss important points. Be brief and direct with your point to keep their attention.

💡 Mention any referrals or mutual networks.

As networking is especially essential within financial services, you can get a leg up on the competition by including any referrals or mutual networks in your investment banking cover letter. 

Example of a successful cover letter for JP Morgan internship program, with a referral: 

“I was recently introduced to J.P. Morgan’s sophomore investment banking program via Ian Chan and was impressed with what I learned of J.P. Morgan’s competitive and collaborative culture.”

💡 Be confident, but do not over-exaggerate.

Confidence is key in job hunting and can be conveyed through your writing. To keep that positivity throughout your investment banking cover letter, here are a few tips without overdoing it:

  • Avoid overusing phrases like “excellent", “think outside of the box”, “strategic thinker", “expert", etc. 
  • Admit that you haven't gained plenty of work experience or significant achievements 
  • Willing to take on any challenges as a newbie

💡 Utilize bullet points. 

Consider using bullet points when writing your investment banking cover letter and resume. That will make it easy to read for employers and save a lot of space. 

When to use bullet points in a cover letter:

  • List out job responsibilities in previous roles 
  • Mention professional accomplishments in the field
  • Highlight hard and soft skills

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