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Veterinary assistants play a crucial role in our beloved animals and pets. Their duties involve communication with colleagues and pet owners, as well as treatment of these creatures many of us are fond of. 

It is important to learn the difference between vet assistants and vet technicians. Vet technicians are trained to undertake more complex clinical jobs such as diagnosing and treating animals and taking medical histories under the supervision of a veterinarian, whilst vet assistants may undertake administrative duties such as keeping the veterinary office and instruments clean. They are also responsible for soothing and/or restraining animals during examinations and having a high standard in sterilizing equipment and examination rooms.

When it comes to job hunting for a vet assistant position, a vet assistant resume has to be impeccable. This article will help you in all ways to polish that well-rounded veterinary assistant resume.

How to write a veterinary assistant resume?

A vet assistant resume can be made in no time, but there are some things to know beforehand.

First, it is important to understand the differences between a vet assistant CV and a vet assistant resume. In several parts of Australia, North America, and Asia, a vet assistant CV is used for job hunting for research positions. A CV can be composed of many pages talking about your professional life in detail. As for a vet assistant resume, it is the most common choice for general job applications.

Here are some elements to know when writing your veterinary assistant resume:

✅ Write a vet assistant resume for the job description.

A veterinary assistant resume that is tailored to a specific job vacancy has higher chances to be read. By using relevant information from the job post, your vet assistant resume will better catch the employer’s attention.

✅ Write a vet assistant resume that passes the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software tool that recruiters use to scan job applications. A vet assistant resume that is not ATS-friendly will not go through the system, hence it will be cast aside.

✅ Search for vet assistant resume templates and examples on the web.

Lookup for online veterinary assistant resume samples and adopt helpful elements into your resume.

✅ Add an extra section.

You can include any specializations or research you were involved in the veterinary field if it is relevant to the job position.

✅ Quantify Results.

Numbers and percentages in your veterinary assistant resume show you are capable of delivering outstanding results.

What makes a good veterinary assistant resume objective?

A resume objective is a short paragraph that shows your career goals and the skills or qualifications you possess. Making a veterinary assistant resume objective can show your passion for the veterinary field. This section is suitable for career changers or freshers with little to no experience.

1. Include the organization’s name.

It is highly recommended to include the organization's name when writing your veterinary assistant resume objective since it shows you modified your resume specifically for that position.

2. Keep it concise.

Stick to no more than 4 lines when writing your veterinary assistant resume objective. You want employers to quickly grasp who you are and later take a closer look at the other sections of your vet assistant resume.

3. Include key skills.

Skills should be your focus for a veterinary assistant resume objective, as this will compensate for any lack of experience.

Vet Assistant Resume Objective Example #1

Vet assistant with 4 years of experience in animal pathology, including feed analysis, diet, immunology and disease surveillance, screening, and surgical procedures. Seeking a position at Paws Clinic to give patients the best treatment and care possible.

Vet Assistant Resume Objective Example #2

Vet assistant with 3 years of experience in large-animal medicine, anesthesia, equine/zoo care, surgery, veterinary technician, or similar experience helpful. Strong knowledge of veterinary equipment and other medical instruments. Aiming for the vet assistant position at PSI Animal Center to serve and look after patients, from start to end of their treatments.

How to write a professional resume summary for a vet assistant job?

A veterinary assistant resume summary is a paragraph that goes on top of your resume which seeks to draw the employer’s attention to look further into your experience. Take a closer look at the following elements to consider when writing a veterinary assistant resume summary.

1. Highlight key skills.

Based on your qualifications and the job requirements, display the top skills you consider the most relevant in your vet assistant resume summary, such as animal treatment practices in the veterinary field.

2. Mention your level of experience.

Based on your previous jobs, talk about your experience when it comes to treating animals and your proficiency in duties related to veterinary.

3. Emphasize previous job achievements.

Give details about your past positions and what type of duties you did before in your vet assistant resume summary. Make sure you highlight impressive accomplishments if you have any.

Veterinary assistant resume summary examples:

  • “Experienced veterinary assistant with 10 years of experience in the veterinary field. Well-versed in monitoring animal recovery and responding to any unexpected changes. Strong communication skills with colleagues and veterinarians.”
  • “Detail-oriented veterinary assistant with 3+ years of experience in providing support to veterinarians and skilled in surgical, medical, and restraint procedures in taking care of patients. Well-versed in soothing and sterilizing veterinary instruments, cages, and familiar with the organization’s respective cleaning standards.”
  • “Experienced veterinary assistant with 6 years of experience in animal treatment and assisting veterinarians in all manners. Strong sense of duty in ensuring the safety of animals in the service area, using proper equipment and handling techniques. Well-versed in treating a wide range of animals of different sizes and behavior.”

What are some great vet assistant skills to put on a resume?

The skills section should show your capabilities in taking care of animals. There are two formats suitable for listing veterinary assistant skills on a resume. Let’s have a closer look:

1. Simple Bullet List

✅. Pros: It is concise and easy to read.

🚫  Cons: You cannot cover details, which have to be further explained in your work experience section or cover letter.

Here is a quick example:

  • Sample Collection
  • Administrative Duties
  • Client Counseling

2. Expanded Bullet List

This type of skills resume format for a veterinary assistant displays a skill with details.

✅. Pros: It includes an explanation and goes in-depth regarding key skills.

🚫 Cons: It takes up more space in your vet assistant resume.

Here is a quick example:

Client Counseling

Skilled in interpersonal relationships and can address pet owners when they are in distress regarding their pet’s health condition.

Equipment Maintenance

Well-versed in sterilizing and upholding sanitary standards.

3 elements to keep in mind when writing your skills in the veterinary assistant resume:

  • Include hard and soft skills.

Make sure your skills section is balanced in your veterinary assistant resume by including personal skills and technical skills relevant to the job position.

  • Keep it organized.

Have your skills section presented in an organized and consistent layout.

  • Double-check the job description.

Make sure to check the job listing again to make sure the skills on your veterinary assistant resume match the job description.

Here are more examples for the skills section in your vet assistant resume:

Hard Skills  

  • Animal Examination
  • Test Diagnosis 
  • Sample Collection 
  • Animal Restraint 
  • Euthanasia

Soft Skills

  • Flexible 
  • Time Management 
  • Detail-oriented 
  • Conflict-Resolution 
  • Adaptability

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How to make a veterinary assistant resume with no experience?

If you are making a vet assistant resume with no experience, look at the following 5 suggestions we have for you:

Advice 1: Choose the right resume format.

There are four types of format you can use for your vet assistant resume, including the chronological format, functional format, combination format, and targeted format.

💡 Tips: A chronological format is widely used by veterinary assistants making a resume with solid experience. Since you are still to gain experience, it is best to use a functional format that focuses on displaying your relevant skills and competencies, instead of work experience.

Advice 2: Emphasize your education.

Education is the most relevant aspect for fresh graduates or career changers that lack work experience in the desired field they are transitioning in. Be sure to mention your highest degree, academic awards, and any relevant courses while writing your veterinary assistant resume.

Advice 3: Use a career objective.

A resume summary is usually suitable for candidates making a veterinary assistant resume with solid experience. Instead of a summary statement, use a career objective/resume objective to demonstrate how your personality and career goals align with the organization’s values.

Advice 4: Write a vet assistant cover letter.

A veterinarian assistant cover letter is a great tool to reach out to employers by explaining why you are a good candidate in a sincere way. You can describe your skills and motivation for the job vacancy in a more personal way.

Advice 5: Create a personal site or blog.

Having a customized website can show that you have invested some time in your job search in ways a veterinary assistant resume cannot.

Veterinary Assistant Resume Sample

Frida Niehorster

Veterinary Assistant with 5 years of animal care experience

Email: [email protected]

Professional Summary

Experienced and caring veterinary assistant with solid experience in veterinary medicine. Proven track record in working with veterinarians with examinations, sample collection, diagnostic assistance, and anesthetic procedures. Well-versed in providing knowledge and education to clients and pet owners. Enthusiastic team player with keen attention to detail and a love for animals.

Work Experience

Veterinary Assistant
Toko Animal Services

Jul 2016 - Nov. 2019

  • Assisted with surgical, medical, and diagnostic procedures.
  • Communicated with over 500 clients regarding the status of animals, based on veterinarian’s directions.
  • Performed administrative duties, such as answering phone calls and other related reception tasks.

Veterinary Assistant
Wesley West Animal Center

May 2015 - Jun. 2016

  • Maintained cleanliness in hospital areas and followed disinfection procedures.
  • Restrained a wide array of patients of different sizes and temperaments.
  • Complied with hospital regulations and standards.


High School Diploma
Miami Springs High School   

May 2010


Hard Skills:Soft Skills:
Lab Work Teamwork
Animal StabilizationCommunication
Clerical DutiesAttention to Detail
Equipment MaintenanceLeadership
Sample CollectionConflict Resolution

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